ArmoGear Laser Tag Review (Guide 2023)

Review of the ArmoGear Laser Tag Set

ArmoGear laser tag is not something new rather serves as a vintage in the field of laser tag guns. This set is a piece of sophisticated gaming equipment that can be used by different players for playing either as a team or as an opponent. The number of players who can play together using the ArmoGear laser tag ranges from 2 to 4.

I am using this laser tag set for the last 4 years and my experience with it has been phenomenal. Whether it’s a weekend I want to spend with my friends or a family function I want to make memorable, I take out this laser tag set and we make a team of 4 players and have unlimited fun.

The quality and great features of the whole equipment make it priceless and translate the time spent with this set into great memories for a later time. In the sections to follow, I am going to write down a detailed review of this ArmoGear laser tag that is my personal opinion because of having played with this set for over 4 years.

I hope this review gives you all the answers you need to purchase this laser set or other details about the top feature you might be looking for.

Why should you buy this laser tag?ArmoGear Laser Tag with Vests Set of 4

This is a relatively simple question that can be answered by pointing toward all the great features of this laser tag set. First of all, this laser tag set comes with infrared blasters available in the package, and these blasters are wireless. Moreover, there are target vests included for all the players that can make the game more exciting and competitive.

NessToy has done a great job at designing and manufacturing this product. It is a US-based toy company that has always introduced amazing gaming equipment in the market.

Sound or light effects are the additional features that can spark up any game. When the arena lights up with multi-colored lights emitting from the blasters, players feel more competitive thereby giving their all to the game.

Likewise, the sound effects being produced by the shooting of blasters also have a similar effect on players. Both these features make the game more competitive and thrilling and players can have a manifold exciting experience than with the equipment lacking these qualities. ArmoGear laser tag set includes blasters that are equipped with both unique lights and sound effects.

As I mentioned earlier, the package also includes the vests but I forgot to mention one thing; these vests are optional so it is not necessary to wear them in the arena while playing laser tag. Since the guns themselves are equipped with target sensors, the players don’t have to wear target vests.

Suppose you have spent sufficient time with laser guns. In that case, you will notice these ArmoGear laser tag guns are not much different from various other target guns that are easily available online.

Almost all these laser tag guns are similar in their design, as well as their features. To say that all the modern-day laser tag sets are a spin-off of a once-famous Call of Life laser tag set will not be wrong.

But this is not the complete story, there is something peculiar about the ArmoGear laser tag that sets it apart from its counterparts, and this is the blasters of ArmoGear laser tag including small vests (which are additional).

The truth is, these vests are pretty cool looking so if you want to enter the arena looking like a real-life terminator or some other player, then you must put them on to bag all the fun.

Now I will highlight the top three features of the ArmoGear laser tag that are my favorite, and I am hopeful you will love them too: 

why should buy this ArmoGear Laser Tag Set

1. Different Modes with Varying Sound Effects:

I mentioned earlier that these blasters make the game exciting due to their light and sound effects. And this is perhaps the most amazing feature of this laser tag set.

You are at liberty to use the laser tag gun in different weapon modes and take your opponents away by surprise. The ArmoGear laser tag gun can be used in the following different modes:

  1. a) Shotgun
  2. b) Rocket
  3. c) Machine Gun
  4. d) Pistol

Each of these weapon mode comes with its own unique and different ammunition levels. Moreover, the total amount of shots that can be fired by each weapon mode also varies.

By opting for different settings, you can play with the amount of damage you can cause to your opponent’s players. You can shoot them, steal their lives, and ultimately win the game.

In simple words, the heavier the weapon mode you choose, the more damage you can cause. With all the fun you are going to avail in terms of different weapon modes, you become more strategic in choosing the right weapon as per the circumstances.

Each player is at the liberty to change the weapon settings as many times as they like. However, you are required to reload the weapon each time you change the mode.

One of the most interesting features of the sound effects of ArmoGear laser tag is that it includes the voice-over effect as well. Whichever weapon mode you activate or change, the voice-over announces it to you.

Moreover, it also announces how much ammunition you are left with and other similar queries.

From my firsthand experience, I assure you these sound effects or lights are not a bit annoying rather ArmoGear laser tag has very cool sounds and lights that you will genuinely enjoy during the game.

2. Night Vision Flashlight:

Apart from the wireless vests being the amazing feature of the ArmoGear laser tag, two-mode exciting features set this laser tag set apart from most similar laser tag sets available in the market.

ArmoGear laser tag has a night vision flashlight and an invisibility mode and both of these features are quite cool to make the equipment stand out.

The night vision flashlight feature is advantageous when playing at night in a dark arena. Because of this specific feature, a light stream generated from the front side of the blaster gun is helpful to the player in navigating the arena in the dark.

The second feature, the invisibility mode enables the player to turn the lights on the blaster gun and the vest off. By turning off the lights the player can hide his or her location. When this feature is used, the player remains invisible for the whole 15 seconds.

However, if you get hit by the opponent player, you can light up the vest and the blaster right away.

Apart from all these unique features, the laser tag set requires batteries to operate. 24 AAA batteries are required for operating the set, however, these batteries are not included in the package so the player has to make some effort in collecting the batteries.

Other than that, this laser tag is one of the best laser tag sets you would have ever come across. The shooting range of the ArmoGear laser tag is quite ideal as it is 45 meters.

You can have great fun with this equipment.

3. Make a team and play:

It is always fun to divide your friend circle into different teams and play the game. With the ArmoGear laser tag, you and your friends can make up to 4 teams and have great fun with this amazing gaming equipment.

For the identification of different teams, the equipment is in different colors. This also implies that you can add more laser tag guns to your collection and collectively the team can have a great time. For instance, if you have 8 players in one team, you can simply buy 8 blaster guns and everyone can play.

To select the team that you are going to contest with, you will have to keep pressing a small button built on the side of the blaster right above the weapon mode button. Keep doing this until the team of your preference is selected.

Bottom Line:

Given all the brilliant features of this ArmoGear laser tag, you can decide for yourself that it is, indeed, one of the best laser tag sets.

The shooting range, night vision mode, and sound effects are some of my favorite features and if you decide to buy this laser tag set, you will experience this yourself how these features turn the whole game around and how engaging they make it.

Moreover, the size of the laser tag gun is phenomenal. You can easily handle the gun and move around the arena swiftly. It is not too small to look compact and difficult to hold.

Similarly, it is not too large to cause you difficulty in handling it. It is just the right size, and you can run around carrying it easily.

I am hopeful you will find this guide helpful.

Do let me know in the comment section what you think about this product and do you plan to buy it!

Thank you for reading!


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