7 Best Nerf Mega Blasters (Guide 2023)

7 Best Nerf Mega Blasters 2023

The Nerf N-strike Mega series is like a dream come true. All the blasters in this series are bigger in size and much better in performance. Everything you do with them is super-efficient and you can have a lot of fun whilst playing a competitive game.

Of course, the quality comes first, irrespective of the type of blaster you are planning to buy. Even when a new blaster comes out or when I have a specific image in mind and want to purchase a piece of gaming equipment, I do thorough research and then buy one of the best possible products.

I think this is also the main reason why my blaster collection is so sturdy and top-notch in terms of quality and performance. Because I analyzed each feature for a good time and did my part in finding the best things for me.

Since you might know that Hasbro has released multiple blaster series in the last two decades – each series with the type of blasters it had not previously released – this gives you plenty of great options to choose from.

If you are looking for the best Nerf Mega Gun blasters, then this article is going to be of great help to you. In the following guide, I will walk you through some of the best Nerf Mega Gun blasters and you can decide for yourself which one suits you the best.

I will also talk about the pros and cons of the blasters, along with their prominent features in great detail. So keep reading to learn more!

Top 7 Nerf (N-Strike) Mega Blasters in 2023

Nerf N-Strike Mega Bigshock
Nerf N-Strike Mega HotShock
Nerf N-Strike MegaCycloneShock
Nerf N-Strike Mega RotoFury
Nerf N-Strike Mega Megalodon
Nerf N-Strike Mega Mastodon
Nerf N-Strike Mega MotoStryke

I am now going to explicitly mention the name of some of the best Nerf Mega guns. I have found these blasters to be brilliant in all aspects – the design, the sturdiness, the performance, and the quality, are all great.

1. Nerf N-Strike Mega Bigshock

Nerf N-Strike Mega Bigshock

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I have friends who love playing with Nerf blasters but want something light and easy to handle for their kids. This is where the Nerf N-Strike Mega BigShock comes in. It is a great mini blaster that serves as a piece of great gaming equipment for kids who are getting on with the blasters’ games.

Since the starting period of the game is a bit tough for new players to get on with, this Mega Bigshock is a perfect companion for kids who can enjoy the game while learning its basics. The most interesting thing about this mini blaster is that it is not necessarily a copy of Nerf blaster, but gives off such an idea.

The Nerf N-Strike Mega BigShock is a hybrid copy of multiple blasters in the Nerf series. The prime blaster is the Nerf N-Strike Elite Jolt,  that not only offers a solid compact body but also the ability to fire whistling dart that makes the kids’ experience more fun and thrilling.

The color scheme of the blaster is equally amazing. It comes in cobalt grey, traditional red, and Nerf orange color that has been previously used in the series and is very cool to look at. The variety of colors also gives the players options to choose their favorite color from and this makes their experience more mesmerizing.

The priming mechanism of the blaster is very simple and easy. The priming handle is located at the bottom of the blaster and you only have to pull it to feed the darts into the magazine of the blaster, before you are ready to shoot.

One point I would like to mention is that if your child is too young, but you still want him or her to have a decent but powerful Nerf blaster experience, then this blaster is a perfect choice. The kid will love playing with it and you will notice the improvement in them in no time.

Basic Features:

The basic features of the Nerf N-Strike BigShcok blaster are as follows:

  • The N-strike Mega Bigshock blaster has a firing velocity of about 75 feet per second and it is in this case ultimate dart blaster performance.
  • The blaster uses vortex discs that can bend the rules of battle as these discs can ricochet, bank, and curve.
  • The fireVision sports gear glows brightly in the dark, all due to glazing Microprism technology.

All these features indicate how awesome and compact this mini-blaster is. If you choose this for your kid, you will never be disappointed because both the quality and performance of the blaster are outstanding and this blaster is worth buying.

Although it is a great gun for kids, it does not have enough substance for older, adept players who usually prefer carrying a stealth weapon into the arena. But the younger players can make do with whatever they are proud of since they are more invested in the fun of the game and not the results of the competition.

2. The Nerf N-Strike Mega HotShock

Nerf N-Strike Mega HotShock

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If you are an adult and are looking for something solid, that has more substance and can provide you the requisite support on the battlefield, then check out this Nerf N-strike Mega HotShock blaster.

This is a one-shot blaster but the body size of the blaster is much larger. I assume it is so that the players can easily hold on to the blaster while running and swiftly moving in the arena without feeling uncomfortable with a small-bodied blaster.

Moreover, the blaster has a very simple and easy-to-operate priming mechanism. The most convenient part of this blaster is that the primer handle is located at the back of the blaster instead of underneath it. So you can easily pull it with your thumb or hand without having to stop and give extra attention to the blaster body while looking for the primer.

I have to admit that it is not the best Nerf mega gun pistol, but it surely is a great stealth blaster that you can use as a backup, especially if your child is looking for something to carry that is easy to carry with a simple loading mechanism.

Basic Features:

The basic features of the Nerf Mega Hotshock blaster are as follows:

  • The blaster has a compact size. It is light in weight despite looking so large and functions very smoothly.
  • The blaster fires mega darts that whistle through the air as they leave the blaster.
  • The dart storage capacity is great and serves the player well for a short to medium-length blaster game.

All in all, this blaster is a must to have if you sometimes wish to enjoy the Nerf blaster game for what it is and do not see it as a competition between two players or parties.

3. The Nerf N-Strike Mega CycloneShock

Nerf N-Strike Mega CycloneShock

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If you are someone who takes a great interest in Nerf pistols or pistol-style blasters, then you are going to find this blaster super interesting. The Nerf N-Strike Mega CycloneShock has been designed and manufactured in such a way that it provides the players the reliability of some of the best and most famous handguns such as the Nerf N-Strike Elite Strongarm blaster, but with improved performance and great distance capacity that is the signature sign of all Nerf N-Strike Mega series.

The blaster has such features that cannot disappoint anyone. All the players in the arena having this blaster will have a great time while playing and competing with others. This blaster fully captures the essence of the game – provides fun and thrill as well as makes up for a competitive game. One can never go wrong with a weapon that is as compact and sharp as the Cycloneshock blaster.

Basic Features:

  • The CycloneShock blaster has a rotating barrel with a great capacity to hold Nerf darts. Although the rotating barrel does not play any special role in the primary functioning of the blaster, it is rather cool to rotate the barrel while inserting darts into it or checking the leftover ammunition.
  • The rotating barrel can hold up to 6 darts.
  • The ammunition capacity of the barrel decides whether the Nerf blaster will function as a primary weapon or the secondary weapon.
  • The loading of ammunition in the magazine is very easy as the blaster’s face is quite open for loading.

Most of the Nerf blasters are equipped with pop-out barrels that are convenient when it comes to the refilling of ammunition in the barrel or internal magazine of the blaster. However, this blaster does not have such a feature but despite lacking it, it is brilliantly easy to refill ammo in it.

One of the most iconic things about this blaster is that it changes up its body just to provide additional support to players who might find it too big and have a fear of accidentally dropping it while running in the arena or chasing their opponents. The change in the design of the blaster also looks great and fun to hold.

Apart from being a great blaster for adults, this blaster makes an equally good blaster for kids who want to experience something more serious and advanced than mini-blasters.

4. The Nerf N-Strike Mega RotoFury

Nerf N-Strike Mega RotoFury

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To call the Nerf N-Strike mega RotoFury an advanced or upgraded version of the Nerf N-Strike Mega Cycloneshot will not be wrong, and in this section, I am going to prove why.

The Nerf RotoFury blaster has a body that looks like a ditto copy of the CycloneShock but the internal functioning and basic features of the blaster is more upgraded than the predecessor Cycloneshock.

The Rotofury blaster is equipped with a rotating barrel with the extraordinary capacity to hold a large number of darts. This feature in particular makes the blaster more appealing than the majority of other blasters of the same series.

By holding up to 10 Nerf darts in the barrel, RotoFury allows the player to tackle the competition by firing for a longer period without worrying about refilling the ammunition or running out of it.

Moreover, the darts are whistling, which means, they whistle as they travel through the air when you fire them from the blaster. This feature makes the game very interesting and fun.

Basic Features:

Now let us talk about the basic features of the RotoFury blaster which make it such an amazing and all-rounder blaster.

  • The Nerf RotoFury shoots at the speed of 90 feet per second. This is a great shooting capacity for any Nerf blaster.
  • The package includes 10 Nerf darts that whistle when you shoot them from the blaster.
  • The blaster has a rotating barrel with the capacity to hold 10 Nerf darts.
  • The blaster is lightweight and easy to hold and does not require reloading after short intervals.

These features imply it is a great blaster to be used for pro players so they can have a great time in the arena.

5. The Nerf N-Strike Mega Megalodon

Nerf N-Strike Mega Megalodon

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If you are someone who prefers the performance and firepower of a blaster more than its size or design, then here is a blaster that you are going to love. It seems like Hasbro made this one specifically for the players who are experts at this game and want nothing short of fierce competition on the battlefield.

The Nerf N-Strike Mega Megalodon is a fierce blaster when it comes to its performance quality or even basic functioning of the blaster. It is a massive blaster that goes beyond all other members of the Nerf Mega blasters series.

The Nerf megalodon blaster has a rotating drum that holds the great capacity of containing up to 20 Nerf darts. You can wreak havoc on your opponents by firing such a great number of darts in a row, and take them by surprise.

The unique feature of this blaster is that it has a carrying handle on the top of the blaster. Since the size of the blaster is large, this handle help stabilizes the blaster, so the player can handle it easily. Moreover, there are multiple strap-attaching points on the blaster. These straps help the player carry the blaster confidently and never run out of balance.

The priming mechanism of the blaster is also very easy and simple. You only have to pull back the priming handle, and once the blaster is primed, you are all set to fire the darts. You can use this blaster both for yourself as well as your child who is confident and well-practiced enough in the game to handle Megalodon on the battlefield.

Basic Features:

  • The Nerf Megalodon has a rotating dart drum.
  • The dart drum can hold up to 20 Nerf darts.
  • The priming mechanism is simple and convenient.
  • The blaster has great precision for shooting.

These features show that this blaster is a great one to have.

6. The Nerf N-Strike Mega Mastodon

Nerf N-Strike Mega Mastodon

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It is believed that Nerf Mastodon is an upgraded version of the Nerf Mastodon, and this might be true because most of the time, the features of the blasters give away their predecessors.

The blaster has a rotating dart drum that can hold up to 24 darts at once. This reduces the player’s need to reload the barrel with ammunition by a great margin and increases his chances of winning as the player gets extra time to focus on taking out the opponents and taking precise shots at them.

The blaster also has a carrying handle that helps the player at maintaining the balance of the blaster as it is large in size and a bit heavy. Moreover, there is also a shoulder strap that serves the same purpose. The basic function of both these features is to increase the ease of the player at handling the blaster and perform well during the game.

The only downside of the blaster is that it requires 6D batteries to function which are not included in the package.

Basic Features:

Now let us discuss the basic features of the Nerf Mastodon.

  • The blaster has a rotating dart drum.
  • The dart drum can carry 24 darts.
  • There is a carrying handle and a shoulder strap for the enhanced balance of the blaster.

7. The Nerf N-Strike Mega MotoStryke

Nerf N-Strike Mega MotoStryke

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This is a relatively new production by Hasbro and it was released in 2020. The blaster is a great one given its features, design, performance, and technology that has been used in its manufacturing.

The Nerf MotoStryke blaster has a dart drum with a capacity to hold 10 darts and a transparent clip system that alerts you about the ammunition supply so you know beforehand how much ammo you are left with before actually running out of it at once.

The blaster has a unique, modern, and streamlined design. It is easy to use and visually appealing blaster. You only have to hold down the acceleration trigger and press the main trigger when you have to fire the darts at opponents.

The blaster is precise and accurate in its shootings. It also has a pop-out clip system, that you can replace with another clip system if you do not want to abruptly stop mid-game.

Basic Features:

The blaster has the following features:

  • It has a motorized firing system.
  • The dart drum holds 10 Nerf darts at once.
  • The transparent clip shows the leftover ammo.
  • It is precise and accurate in the shooting.
  • It is lightweight.


I have described 7 Nerf Mega blasters in great detail. All these blasters are the ones that are great in quality as well as performance. You can use these blasters either for yourself or your children if you feel they can handle them well.

I hope you find this article helpful. Let me know in the comments which blaster you plan to buy and what is the reason behind this purchase.

Thank you for reading!


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