8 Best Nerf Modulus Guns (2023 Guide)

Best Nerf Modulus GunsAre you the kind of player who likes to customize his/her equipment? Do you like innovation in the gear you are going to use during the game?

Are you more interested in playing games that can be made more competitive and engaging with a hint of a tweak?

If your answer to all these questions is yes then we have a piece of awesome news to share with you! Hasbro and Nerf recently launched their new modulus collection which we all friends have bought and tried personally, and trust us when we say these, these are the best Nerf modulus guns. 

These have great design, have been manufactured using brilliant technology and all the guns can be customized & comes with Best nerf modulus attachments.

The package includes all the accessories required for customizing the gun. Now we are writing detailed reviews for these best nerf modulus series guns so you can choose whichever gun you want by looking at its features, pros, and cons. The detailed review of all these product is given below.


Top 8 Nerf Modulus Series Guns in 2023Best Nerf Modulus Gun

NERF Modulus Regulator
NERF Modulus Regulator
NERF Modulus Longstrike
NERF Modulus Longstrike
Nerf Modulus Stryfe
Nerf Modulus Stryfe
Nerf Modulus Mediator Blaster
Nerf Modulus Mediator Blaster
Nerf Modulus Tri-Strike Blaster
Nerf Modulus Tri-Strike Blaster
NERF Modulus Demolisher 2-in-1 Motorized
NERF Modulus Demolisher Motorized
Nerf Modulus N-Strike ECS-10
Nerf Modulus N-Strike ECS-10
Nerf Modulus Recon MK II Gun
Nerf Modulus Recon MK II

1. NERF Modulus Regulator Gun Blaster:NERF Modulus Gun Regulator Blaster

Nerf Modulus Regulator has been manufactured using the SiwtchFire technology which is not only latest but great in functioning and makes the players’ experience 10 times better.

The blaster gun is equipped with 3 different modes of firing and the players can switch between either or use the combination of 2. These firing modes are burst-fire, single-fire, or continuous-fire mode.

Like all other modulus guns, this gun too can be customized. Players can customize their guns with the storage stock, the swivel handle, and 2 different kinds of barrel scopes.

Not only this, the gun has two 12-dart clips and the package includes 24 Official Nerf darts which make it one of the best Nerf gun for such grand storage capacity. When the player runs out of darts and the clip darts get empty, it blinks which alarms the player that he needs to refill the gun. This feature is great and convenient for the players.

  • Two 12-dart clips
  • 24 Official Nerf darts in the package
  • This gun can be customized
  • 3 different modes of firing
  • Switch fire technology
  • 4 C batteries are required for operating this blaster
  • Batteries not included in the package
  • Not recommended for kids younger than the age of 8

Why should you buy this?

For an outstanding Nerf blaster experience that has different modes of firing. The storage capacity of the dart clip is great and darts are also of great quality.

For a phenomenal gaming experience, you must try this blaster gun which is one of the best Nerf gun.

2. NERF Modulus Longstrike Gun Toy Blaster with Barrel Extension:NERF Modulus Gun Longstrike Toy Blaster with Barrel Extension

If you want to bring innovation to your blaster gun and want to add new components such as a barrel extension, a scope, or a bipod, then check this product out.

Nerf Longstrike Modulus comes with all the components and equipment required for customizing the Nerf gun and helps players have the game their way. the package includes 18 Nerf Official darts too so the players do not have to separately buy these darts.

The best part of this Nerf gun is how the gun is equipped with not one but three dart clips. The capacity of each dart clip is 6 darts.

Or quick reloading and smooth shooting, the players can load all the clips in advance but insert one in the gun for firing while storing the other 2 in the shoulder stock for later use.

The blaster is equipped with a bolt-action mechanism which makes the darts shoot smoothly and speedily. The packing of the blaster is recycled and environmentally friendly. All in all, it is one of the best and you can have a great experience with this product.

  • Great speed
  • Great dart storage capacity
  • Bolt-action mechanism
  • Lightweight
  • Sturdy and reliable
  • Precise and accurate in functioning
  • Must be kept away from kids younger than 8 years

Why must you buy this?

To customize your gun the way you want, and experience simultaneous speedy blasting, we recommend this product as it has all the features the blaster players usually look for.

3. Nerf Modulus Gun Stryfe Blaster:Nerf Modulus Gun Stryfe Blaster

If you want a blaster gun that is equipped with an advanced motor to speed up shooting, then we recommend this amazing Nerf Modulus Stryfe. The motorized dart blasting lets players launch darts with one-handed blasting and have absolute fun.

By holding down the acceleration trigger, players can power up the blaster’s motor, take aim and release darts with great speed and accuracy.

This blaster too can be customized because the package includes all the essential accessories and the blaster is unassembled. The shooting range of this gun is about 90 feet which is a great speed for any Nerf blaster.

The blaster is equipped with a 6 dart clip and the package includes 6 Official Nerf Modulus darts which are of great quality and material. Players can customize their guns using the dual-rail barrel and drop grip. The gun operates on batteries, so the players do not have to fret about the speed or fast functioning of the gun.

  • Gun can be handled with one hand
  • 6 darts available in the package
  • 6 dart clip
  • Motorized gun
  • Accurate and precise
  • 90 feet shooting range
  • Batteries are not included in the package

Why should you buy this?

For a great speedy action, you should try this gun out and know for yourself how great it works. The motor is motorized and the gun operates on batteries.

However, the batteries are not included in the package and the player has to buy them separately.

4. Nerf Modulus Mediator Gun Blaster:Nerf Modulus Gun Mediator Blaster

Nerf Modulus Mediator Blaster is equipped with pump-action blasting which helps the players unleash multiple darts at once. If the players want to, they can unleash 6 darts at once at the opponents.

The blaster also has a slam-fire action mechanism that increases the speed of darts being fired. For the players who want to customize their blaster guns, multiple options have been provided.

Attachment points and tactical rails are included in the package that is helpful to the players for customizing their guns for different missions.

The gun is also equipped with a dart clip that can store up to 6 darts. The package also contains 6 Official Nerf darts which are of great quality and sturdy.

Hasbro has done a phenomenal job with the blaster gun by introducing foam darts that not only have a great speed but also are harmless for players of all age groups. However, for playing this game, eyewear is recommended which is not included in the package so the players have to buy it separately.

  • Reliable and sturdy
  • Pump-action blasting
  • Slam-fire action mechanism
  • 6 dart clipboard
  • 6 Official Nerf darts included
  • Eyewear is recommended which is not included in the package
  • The package contains small parts so it is recommended to be kept away from kids

Why should you buy this?

For an amazing game experience full of thrillers and excitement, get this Nerf blaster gun and make great memories with your friends and family members.

5. Nerf Modulus Gun Tri-Strike Blaster:Nerf Modulus Gun Tri-Strike Blaster

The best part of this blaster is that it has a missile launcher stock available in the package. You can customize the blaster in 3 different ways, for different games and enjoy it a lot.

All the accessories required for the construction and customization of blasters are included in the package and if you are truly invested in it, you can construct up to 1000 different combinations.

The blaster can be shot in 3 different ways, either separately or two modes can be united. These blasting options include the Mega dart barrel extension, a missile launcher stock, and an Elite dart blaster – choose whatever you want and aim your enemies, and win the game.

The blaster only weighs about 2.8 pounds – extremely light in weight that can be handled by players of any age group. The player can run and manage the gun simultaneously.

The blaster is equipped with a 10 dart clip and 4 Mega Elite darts are included in the package along with the instructions manual, all the essential accessories, a missile, and 2 pieces of the bolt. Since we have tried this product and have found it satisfactory, we can vouch that it is one of the best Nerf. Nerf has done a great job at providing the blaster players with this brilliant product that ticks all boxes.

  • Lightweight
  • Can be used in 3 ways
  • 10 dart clip
  • 4 Mega darts included in the package
  • Two modes of shooting can be combined
  • Contain small parts so must be kept away from children

Why should you buy this?

If you want fun and excitement in the arena and are also interested in customizing your blaster guns, we highly recommend this blaster gun as it gives you not one or two but three different shooting options.

Moreover, it is environment friendly so you do not have to worry about leaving behind its non-biodegradable packing as well.

6. NERF Modulus Gun Demolisher 2-in-1 Motorized Blaster:NERF Modulus Gun Demolisher 2-in-1 Motorized Blaster

If you are looking to buy a blaster gun for young players, such as pre-teens or kids, we suggest you try Nerf Modulus Demolisher 2-in-1 Motorized Blaster because it has foam darts. Foam darts are safe to play because when they hit the player from a distance, they do not hurt. Moreover, due to being lightweight, these blasters have great shooting speed as well.

This blaster supports two functions – it can shoot darts as well as rockets. You can switch modes as per your choice. The blaster is equipped with a banana clip and the package includes 10 Official Nerf darts.

Moreover, the blaster is operated on batteries, which means you can load the gun and shoot with utmost accuracy and speed with zero interruption.

The pump-action rocket fire helps provide the players with great shooting and accuracy. The players can load the gun, press the trigger and fill the whole gaming arena with the darts. 2 Nerf rockets are included in the package along with 10 foam darts.

The removable stock has also been added to the package so the players can customize their guns as they like. The package is sustainable and has been customized using environmentally friendly standards.

  • Foam darts
  • Double functions
  • 2 rockets are included in the package
  • 10 foam darts in the package
  • Great speed
  • Accuracy and precision
  • Sustainable packaging
  • Removable stock
  • Operates on batteries
  • The batteries are not included in the package
  • Not recommended for kids younger than 8 years

Why should you buy this?

If you are tired of playing with blasters that only shoot darts and are looking for a blaster that can be switched into supporting a different medium too, we present you this brilliant production by Hasbro that fires not only darts but rockets too. Customize it as per your choice and have a great memorable experience.

7. Nerf Modulus ECS-10 N-Strike Gun Blaster:Nerf Modulus Gun N-Strike ECS-10 Blaster

From this new collection of Nerf modulus guns, this seems like Hasbro has a new mission and it is to allow the players to be innovative with their guns and customize their guns so they can have an amazing gaming experience.

And we love this feature as this makes the whole process of ordering the gun and customizing and layer playing much more fun and thrilling. The guns are equipped with great technology, advanced design, and great features.

The shooting range of Nerf N-Strike Modulus ECS-10 Blaster is 90 feet and the darts are constructed of plastic – making the game more competitive and tough for serious and ambitious players.

This blaster gun has a banana clip and the package includes 10 official Nerf darts which are of great quality. The package includes all the essential accessories required to build a blaster gun and the players can customize up to 30 different combinations of guns.

The darts whistle as they fly through the air. The gun also operates on batteries which means it is very efficient in working. However, these batteries are not included in the package. 4 AA batteries are required for this blaster gun. The gun is not recommended for kids younger than 8 years of age.

  • Lightweight
  • Reliable
  • 90 feet shooting range
  • 10 darts included in the package
  • Players can customize their guns
  • Blaster gun operates on batteries
  • Batteries are not included in the package
  • Choking hazard for kids younger than 3 years
  • Blaster is not recommended for kids younger than 8 years

Why should you buy this?

If you are an innovative player and love to customize your blaster guns for different gaming missions, we recommend you buy this amazing gun and improve your experience with manifolds.

8. Nerf Modulus Gun Recon MK II Gun Blaster:Nerf Modulus Gun Recon MK II Gun Blaster

For the players who love configuring their blaster guns, this is a great opportunity. Get your hands on this amazing product and see for yourself how it is a game-changer.

You can configure 4 different guns with Nerf Modulus Recon MK II Gun. The shooting range of the product is equally great – about 90 feet. If you are a Nerf blaster player you must be aware of how awesome this range is.

Imagine shooting a dart with a velocity of 90 feet per second. It is splendid! The package also includes the barrel extension and the stock. It is all for the ease of players so they can configure their guns the way they like and have a great experience in the game field.

The Nerf gun is recommended for kids older than 8 years old because there is a choking hazard for kids under 3 years. After all, the gun accessories include small parts. The clip of the gun can store 6 darts, as well as 6 Official Nerf darts, which are included in the package too.

Players can enjoy the ultimate blaster performance using this gun and the darts have a whistling sound so every time the player shoots them, they scream through the air. This increases the fun and thrill of the game. The gun is lightweight too so players of all age groups can handle it well and play easily. Moreover, the gun is not operated on batteries so you do not have to worry about stocking up on batteries.

  • Lightweight
  • Sturdy
  • Can be customized in 4 different ways
  • Package includes all accessories
  • Package includes instructions assembly
  • Great shooting range
  • 6 Official darts in the package
  • Choking hazard for kids younger than 3 years old
  • The gun is not recommended for kids younger than 8 years

Why should you buy this?

This Nerf gun in particular allows the players to customize their guns and enjoy an amazing and competitive game where they can shoot darts at the speed of 90 feet per second.

The quality and performance of this Nerf gun are so great that it is easily considered one of the best modulus gun. 

Buyer’s Guide:

Best Nerf Modulus blasters Gun


Although you will have gotten an idea of what features to look for in a Nerf blaster gun while buying, in this section, we will give you some key tips you must keep in mind for an easy and better shopping experience.

Also because this way you will end up with a good product and not waste your money. We believe it is important to be aware of a few components that are essential for a better gaming experience so we are going to drop those tips here!

  • Dart Clip:

 Always look for the storage capacity of a dart clip while buying a blaster gun. the more the capacity is, the better game you can play without worrying about constantly refilling the blaster.

Most of the Nerf blasters have clips with 6 darts capacity while clips with 12 and more than 20 darts capacity are also available but they are a bit costly. So depending on what you can easily afford, you can choose a gun accordingly.

  • The essential accessories:

Since customizing the blaster is totally up to you, make sure you buy a product that has all the essential components. Usually, all the required accessories are available in the package,

But just to be on the safe side you can see the description of the product and see that it should have a removable stock, official Nerf darts, rails, and many similar accessories.

  • Size:

 Make sure the gun you buy is compact so you can handle it easily. Apart from the size of the gun, its weight is also important so make sure it should not weigh more than 4 pounds if you want a great experience.

  • Precision:

The precision and accuracy of the blaster gun matter as much as the shooting range. If the blaster has a great velocity, it is of no use if the precision is not on point. So make sure it has this feature so you can shoot your opponents correctly and ensure your win.

  • Darts:

Given the age of the players, you can choose the material of the darts. Darts are either made up of foam or plastic.

Foam darts are great for speed and are also harmless if they strike the player from a large distance. Therefore, if the players are young, you should choose foam darts, otherwise go for plastic darts.

These are the few points you must keep in mind so the product that ends up in your hands is up to mark not only in quality but performance too.


In this article, we reviewed all the Best Nerf Modulus Guns in great detail. We mentioned our experience, pros, and cons of the products.

We are hopeful you will find this guide helpful. Let us know which product you plan to buy the products and which feature you find the most beneficial.

Thank you for reading!

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