6 Best Nerf Ultra Guns/Blasters (Guide 2023)

Best Nerf Ultra GunsAre you looking for a new and exciting way to have fun? Do you want to be the envy of all your friends? Then come check out this selection of best Nerf Ultra guns and take your Nerf battles to the next level. These amazing toys are sure to provide hours of entertainment for children and adults alike.

These sleek new guns are said to be the farthest flying Nerf darts ever. The reason for this is the new aerodynamic dart design. They also come with a new barrel attachment and an advanced receiver. The big question on everyone’s mind is, are they worth the price?

Due to the increasing popularity of the game, people often decide to buy new gear to play the game on weekends or picnics but oftentimes feel difficulty in choosing the right product. Recently my friends and I came across Nerf blaster guns on Amazon and bought a few sets, and these turned out to be the best nerf ultra.

Therefore, for the ease of the newbies, we are writing this article in which we will thoroughly review all the products that we have personally tried and tested. We are satisfied with the products ourselves and therefore recommend you as well.

Top 6 Nerf Ultra Guns in 2023best nerf ultra guns

Nerf Ultra One Motorized Blaster
Nerf Ultra One Motorized Blaster
NERF Ultra Two Motorized Blaster
NERF Ultra Two Motorized Blaster
NERF Ultra Three Blaster
NERF Ultra Three Blaster
NERF Ultra Pharaoh Blaster with Premium Gold Accents
NERF Ultra Premium Gold Accents
NERF Ultra Five Blaster
NERF Ultra Five Blaster
NERF Ultra Select Fully Motorized Blaster
NERF Ultra Select Fully Motorized Blaster

1. Nerf Ultra One Motorized Blaster:Nerf Ultra One Motorized Blaster

The gold standard in Nerf dart blaster provides you a great experience. You can shoot at a great distance with precise accuracy.

The Nerf blasters are built using the latest technology and have unique designs and best possible features.

The darts have a great flying off the range and can be shot up to 120 feet away. We tried this product and were totally amazed by its accuracy and precision.

Its shooting range is great and the player can easily shoot the dart and hit the opponent, no matter how far he is. This is also great in a sense that the player does not have to run to chase the opponent and therefore, does not expose himself in this quest either.

Another important feature of Nerf guns is the dart drum and its storage capacity. The more darts a dart storage drum can store, the better it is. This Nerf ultra dart drum has a storage capacity of 25 darts which ultimately makes it one of the best Nerf Ultra One.

Moreover, this gun is lightweight – the players can carry it conveniently and run throughout the game without getting tired. Moreover, the lightweight gun does not make it difficult for the players to shoot the darts and is very easy to handle.

  • Lightweight
  • Stable
  • Sturdy
  • Reliable
  • Plastic Body
  • 120 feet shooting range
  • 25 darts storage drum
  • Not recommended for kids under 3 years
  • Batteries not included in the package

2. NERF Ultra Two Motorized Blaster:NERF Ultra Two Motorized Blaster

If you are looking for a Nerf dart blaster that lets you experience extreme accuracy and the darts can be shot off to longer distances then this NERF Ultra Two dart blaster is going to be the best choice for you.

It has foam darts, which are very convenient for players of all age groups. Foam darts are light in weight, they can be shot up to longer distances and do not hurt the player when he gets hit.

The shooting range is another feature that is very important for the Nerf blasters. The longer distance a blaster can shoot up to, the better it is.

This Nerf ultra blaster can shoot the darts up to a range of 120 feet which makes it one of the ideal Nerf guns. For convenience of the players to reload the dart cylinder, it is doubly motorized.

This makes the reloading swift and easy. The package includes 6 darts which have an innovative flight tip, are lightweight, and have been manufactured using the aero fin technology. These blasters, however, are only suitable with Nerf blasters and not from a different brand. Given all the features of this Nerf blaster, it is one of the best Nerf gun and you must try it out to experience ultimate fun.

  • Safe for kids
  • Foam darts have a great speed
  • Doubly motorized
  • Aerofin technology
  • Great precision
  • Does not have a great storage capacity for darts

3. NERF Ultra Three Blaster:NERF Ultra Three Blaster

If you have small kids and you are afraid they might get hurt while playing Nerf game then we have brought you a brilliant solution.

You should not worry about their safety anymore as Nerf also provides NERF Ultra Three blaster guns that have foam darts. These darts not only have a great shooting range but are also very safe for kids as these do not hurt when they hit the player.

Again, like all other Nerf guns, this blaster gun too has a great precision and accuracy which makes the experience phenomenal. Apart from great shooting range, the accuracy, and precision, this gun also has a great storage capacity. The gun has a dart clip that can store up to 8 darts in one go.

The players can choose to either shoot each dart individually or all at once through a pump action blasting. Another amazing feature of this Nerf blaster is that it is really light in weight. Players can carry this gun conveniently and run throughout the game time without getting tired or feeling exhausted.

Moreover, due to being lightweight, it is very easy to shoot darts with these guns as players can handle very easily. Another interesting fact about this gun is that it includes 8 official Nerf darts in the package which is very exciting for Nerf darts lovers.

  • 8 darts included in the package
  • The player can shoot 8 darts at once
  • Thrilling and exciting features
  • Easy to handle
  • Reliable for all players
  • Great precision and accuracy
  • Not recommended for kids under 3 years

4. NERF Ultra Pharaoh Blaster with Premium Gold Accents:NERF Ultra Pharaoh Blaster with Premium Gold Accents

If you want to spice the game up in the game arena and want to own equipment that has special gold darts, then you must check Nerf Ultra Pharaoh Blaster.

This gun has a removable clip that can store up to 10 darts as well as has the clip storage stock. The clips and blaster, however, are only functional with the Nerf darts and you cannot use a different brand equipment to make it work.

This Nerf gun has a unique design and has been built using the latest technology. The innovative flight tip makes it one of the best Nerf gun and the aero fin technology helps darts fly off to greater distances.

Nerf blaster guns are all about their shooting range and storage capacity. Given this, it is a great gun as its removable clip can store 10 darts at once. It is also easily re-loadable and the player does not have to spend too much time refilling it during the game. The maximum shooting range of this gun is 120 feet, which is a great distance for any Nerf gun. Therefore, it fulfills all the requirements of an ideal Nerf gun.

  • Aerofin technology
  • 120 feet shooting range
  • Lightweight
  • Great accuracy and precision
  • Operates on batteries
  • Batteries not available in the package

5. NERF Ultra Five Blaster:NERF Ultra Five Blaster

If you are looking for a Nerf gun set to look for your kids who is around 10 years old, you must look for a NERF Ultra Five gun that has foam darts.

This way you will not have to worry about the safety of your child because the foam darts do not leave marks neither do they hurt the player. Another great benefit of foam darts is that these have a great shooting range and players can easily take out their opponent without exposing themselves.

Shooting range of this Nerf dart blaster, as we mentioned just right now is 120 feet which is the ideal shooting range for a dart blaster. To say this great range is partially due to the darts being made up of foam will not be wrong.

The storage of this Nerf dart blaster is quite limited. Its clip can only hold up to 4 darts at once which the player can either shoot at once or individually. But the reloading of the darts should not be worried about because the gun is very swift and works smoothly so it can be easily opened up and the darts can be loaded.

  • Sturdy gun
  • 120 feet shooting range
  • Reliable
  • Easy to hold and operate
  • Safe for all age groups
  • Limited storage capacity of the dart drum

6. NERF Ultra Select Fully Motorized Blaster:NERF Ultra Select Fully Motorized Blaster

Are you looking for Nerf blaster gun for adults? Is it for yourself or your group of friends who are not afraid of being hit by the plastic darts?

If yes, then keep on reading this because the product we are going to mention will interest you the most. Nerf ultra select fully motorized blaster has plastic darts, which means it cannot be used by children because it is not safe for them and will hurt them but at the same time,

this product has a lot of fun in store for adults. The package includes about 10 Nerf darts that players can load in their blaster guns and have all the fun.

One important thing you must keep in mind is this Nerf gun runs on batteries (1.5v) and these batteries are not included in the package. 6 batteries are required by the gun so you have to arrange the batteries yourself; but other than that, you must have it if you want great and fun weekends with your friends.

  • Lightweight
  • Reliable
  • Long Lasting
  • Great Speed
  • 10 official darts in the package
  • Does not operate without batteries
  • Batteries not included in the package

Buyers Guide:

ultra nerf gun

Nerf blaster games cannot be played without having Nerf Ultra blaster guns. It is an essential equipment that all players must have while playing this game.

Although buying a good Nerf gun set is not difficult as all the requisite information is mentioned on the equipment box and if you have further questions, you can always consult the salesman of the toy store you are buying the Nerf guns from. Even if you choose to buy the Nerf blaster guns online through Amazon, the detailed description of the product is provided.

Regardless of all these details and descriptions, someone people get confused as what to buy when they enter a toy store and come across a huge variety of gaming products. In the following section, we are going to give you some key features that you must look for in a Nerf blaster gun. These key features are:

  • Darts:

Darts are the small balls that are shot by the Nerf blaster gun. These are either made up of plastic or foam. Foam darts are usually preferred by most players as these can fly up to longer distances and when they hit the opponent player from a distance, these do not hurt.

Especially if you are buying the Nerf gun for your child, then you must choose the foam darts so the kids do not get hurt. However, if the players are teen agers or adults, you can buy plastic darts guns as there will be no concern of getting hurt by the hard shell darts.

  • Shooting Range:

Shooting range is very important in Nerf games. Since the players rely on their guns for shooting their opponents, the far off a Nerf gun can shoot, the better it is for the player. Therefore, when you are choosing a Nerf blaster gun, make sure it has a great shooting range.

The maximum and most ideal shooting ranges are 120 feet and more. Anything more than 100 feet is usually considered great. So make sure you choose something that has a great distance range. It has multiple benefits.

First, the player will not have to chase the opponent to shoot him. During Nerf games, both teams try to shoot the opponent player. When the shooting range of the gun is not far, the players often have to expose themselves to take an aim at the opponent.

Resultantly, the player has the chance to turn around and take the player out instead, so short shooting range of the Nerf blaster gun puts the player at risk. But the longer shooting range provides the player benefit in a way that he can take aim from a safe spot and does not expose himself in the process of taking his opponent out. So choose a Nerf gun that has a great shooting range.

  • Dart Clip: 

Another important feature you must look for in the Nerf gun is the dart clip’s storage capacity. The Nerf guns work in a way that a player loads the gun with darts at once, and as the game proceeds, he runs and shoots the darts at his opponents.

Each Nerf gun has different storage capacity for darts. The part of the gun that stores these darts is called the dart clip. Most dart clips have a storage capacity for 10 or slightly more than 10 darts. But clips with less storage are also available. So look for the storage capacity of the clip before purchasing the Nerf guns.

  • Lightweight: 

While playing with Nerf guns, players carry the guns and run throughout the game duration. Therefore the weight of the gun matters a lot. if the gun is lightweight, the player can carry it easily and not get tired.

However, if the gun is heavy, the player will not only have difficulty in running and managing the gun but might face difficulty in shooting too. Therefore, look for the weight of the gun before purchasing.

These are some of the tips you must remember while buying a Nerf gun so you end up with the best product possible which makes your Nerf experience phenomenal.


In this article, we thoroughly reviewed 6 best Nerf ultra guns and provided a detailed guideline to buy the best product if you are a newbie.

Our article contains all the essential information regarding Nerf guns and we are hopeful you would have found it helpful.

Thank you for reading!

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