Can You Play Laser Tag Outside? (Outdoor Laser Tag)

Can You Play Laser Tag Outside

Every time somebody hears the term “laser tag” they do not really imagine it playing outside. Traditionally, laser tag game is usually played in an indoor arena. This game was initially introduced and played back in 1984 in Dallas, Texas.

But players often wonder and the most commonly asked question about laser tag game is whether it can be played in environments other than an indoor arena? Or can laser tag be playing outside? The answer to this question is YES. Laser tag game can be played outside and the outside venue is typically called outdoor arena.

The outdoor laser tag game is called Laser Skirmish and it can be played in different ways. Players can play it at a professionally made course as well as on a homemade course. Outdoor laser tag game can be played with minimum of two players, and maximum of hundred, or even more than that.

No doubt indoor laser tag game is fun, but outdoor laser tag is no less thrill either. In this article we are going to discuss different reasons why outdoor laser tag can be more fun.

How to Play Outdoor Laser Tag:

How to Play Outdoor Laser Tag

Laser Skirmish, or Outdoor laser tag game can be played by different methods. Typically, outdoor laser tag game has the same rules and arena set-up as indoor laser tag game. If you have ever played outdoor laser tag before, you must have idea about how competitive and more strategic it is than indoor laser tag. The truth is, most of the outdoor laser tag courses closely resemble paintball courses in their complexities.

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Outdoor laser tag is operated as a tactical and strategic military operation. If you like, you can wear came to this game, and your laser tag guns also look like real rifles. Another plus point of outdoor laser tag is that unlike paintball, this game is not painful because when the players get tagged by infrared light, they do not feel the pain.

Similar to indoor laser tag, outdoor laser tag is also played in professional courses and operates in a similar way. Each player has a laser tag gun and a vest that has a infrared-sensitive sensor on it, to detect the light every time the player gets hit. The infrared lights in the guns are programmed to each player’s identity.

Every time a laser tag gun hits the vest directly on the sensor, it temporarily disables that player’s gun for some time, and the player is disqualified from the game and leaves the course immediately and cannot return until he is re-spawned by his fellow team members.

In most of the games, a player received a fixed amount of “hits” or “tags” and then he is declared “dead”. Once the player is considered dead, his laser tag gun stops working. Furthermore, all players can be re-spawned for limited times only.

Perfect time to play outdoor laser tag Laser Tag at Night:

Perfect time to play outdoor laser tag Laser Tag at Night

The laser tag courses usually work for both, bright lights as well as dark environments. Generally, infrared beams are more clearly visible in the darkness as compared to outdoor arena which is in bright light and usually under the direct sun.

But the use of recent technology and unique designs, laser tag guns these days are equally clearly visible in day light as well. Here are some of the reasons why you should play laser tag in the outdoor arena as outside is the best venue for this game.

  1. Change up Courses Easily:

When you are playing outdoor laser tag, you can easily change up courses. You have the authority to change the location completely as well as arrange totally different obstacles on the arena floor. This is a fun way to make the game more interesting and twisting because the players never run out of new ways to explore and these keeps the game thrilling.

  1. Fresh Air:

No doubt, indoor laser tag is a great activity and very fun, because in the dark and cold environment, players run and hide and try to hit other players while trying to save themselves. But one drawback of indoor laser tag arena is that there is no fresh air availability. The crisp and fresh air in the outdoor laser tag arena makes the running, swift walking, and crouching under the direct sun worth it.

  1. Less Cheating Chances:

Many players who continuously lose laser tag matches lose heart and look up for cheating methods to win the game. Although the unique nature and science behind laser tag guns, vests, and the sensors on them make it very hard for anyone to cheat, still there are some players who use unique tactics to get ahead of others and score more points.

A player who follows around an opponent player who just got hit to take another hit on him is also a very bad sport, but this often happens in this game. So outside laser tag gives an advantage to honest players in this regard as well because bright day light makes it very difficult for the dishonest players to cheat during the gameplay.

  1. Safe and Painless:

Generally, outdoor games that involve the use of tactical rifles is similar to paintball and a bit unsafe for the players as well as painful. But outdoor laser tag game is extremely safe, painless and fun for players of all age groups. Since the infrared beams being emitted from the laser guns are only detected by the sensors on the vests, so the players do not feel anything every time they get hit unlike paintball in which physical paint pellets hit the players.

Therefore, outdoor laser tag game is a great source of fun because no physical harm is involved and all players can enjoy the game without worrying about getting injured. This is also why laser skirmish is a completely safe play for public places.

  1. Shooting Range:

Laser tag guns have a wider shooting range because the infrared lights can easily travel longer distances and hit the sensors of players’ vests. Paintball, on the contrary, has only the shooting range of 70 feet. This implies that laser tag courses are significantly larger so the players have more room to run, hide, and take aims at opponent players.

Furthermore, laser tag can also be played across multi-storied buildings as well. Rather, it is often suggested that players occupy the second floor if the arena has one, because it is easier to take aim at the opponents when you are higher above the ground.

  1. Widely available:

Outdoor laser tag game is widely available for people of all age groups, mainly because it is harmless, painless, and extremely safe. Apart from being a source of fun, it also ensures that you stay physically fit. The constant moving and running accounts for a great cardio workout so all kinds of people can play this game. Moreover, the more the number of players are included in the game, the better it becomes.

  1. Multiple Laser Devices:

Unlike airsoft, paintball, and indoor laser tag, the outdoor laser tag involves a wider variety of laser devices. Rather, laser tag game has expanded so much that it now includes some of these devices in the game as well: knives, grenades, mines, domination points, and bombs. So if you want to create a more realistic yet safe and painless tactical battlefield scenario in the arena, outdoor laser tag is the one you should choose.

  1. Shine or Rain: 

Although all players have personal preferences for weather and games, different weather conditions are not a hindrance to laser tag. Latest laser tag devices are manufactures using latest technology and the designs are smart, unique, and resistant to different kinds of weather conditions. This implies that laser tag vests can be worn in the outdoor arena in the rain and the game can be played without any disruption because the rain water does not affect the functioning of the laser tag vest.

In fact, some people often argue that outdoor laser tag during rain is more fun and resembles a real battlefield experience and this experience is worth having because one cannot feel the same while playing laser tag in sunny 70 degrees weather.

  1. Resemblance to a Military Experience:

Outdoor laser tag allows the players to have a more genuine and rugged experience. Indoor laser tag experiences are great for the shiny flickering lights and neon spectacle, which are also ideal for kids’ birthday parties. However, if you wish to have more realistic battlefield experience, outdoor laser tag provides a great experience to all players without causing injury, body aches, or some other harm.

  1. Wider Game Range: 

As mentioned earlier, shooting range is wider in outdoor laser tag so much so that you can change the location of the game play according to your liking. What we did not mention before is that in addition to wider shooting range, the outdoor laser tag course is also really big. So you can easily run around without worrying about bumping into things.

You can occupy the whole forest if you want to, divide the players into 4 teams and disperse around the trees and have fun.


Outdoor can be considered the best way to play laser tag because players can also enjoy fresh and crisp air while playing laser skirmish.

Players can play in the rain if they want to, and in the sunny weather if the prefer it. All in all, outdoor laser tag is safe, painless, and harmless game to play for all players and have fun.

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