Can You Play Laser Tag While Pregnant

Can You Play Laser Tag While Pregnant

No doubt laser tag is a really fun game, but in certain matters, especially health, safety comes first. During the laser tag, any injury or fall for a pregnant woman is much more serious than it would be for a woman who is not pregnant. Do many women ask whether they can play laser tag while pregnant? The straightforward answer to this question is no.

In this article, we are going to explore the reasons why avoiding laser tag during pregnancy is important or can pregnant women play laser tag.

Risk to Fall:

Risk to Fall During Laser Tag Game

If you have ever played laser tag, you must be aware of all the running and moving it involves. And if you cannot run, you are not going to fully enjoy the game.

Many people argue that it is not important to run in the laser tag, but the reality is that players move as swiftly and quietly through the arena as possible. This means that chances of anyone tripping and falling are relatively high, especially if the player’s center of balance is off.

And same is the issue with pregnant women, their center of balance is off because of pregnancy and they are already carrying extra pounds in their bodies.

Moreover, most of the indoor laser tag arenas are dark, with flashlights and dark corners with little visibility. It also adds to your chances of falling or getting injured if you are pregnant. Due to darkness, you can also accidentally run into a wall.

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No doubt, playing laser tag in a dark arena is very thrilling and not being aware of your surroundings adds to the fun, but when it comes to your safety, it is no fun if there are plenty of chances of your falling. One thing that needs to be made clear here is that during laser tag, anyone is at the risk of falling. It is just more dangerous for pregnant women to trip and fall.

Pregnant ladies falling on their abdomen would be very harmful as compared to the ones falling on their back. This is the main reason many laser tag courses do not allow pregnant ladies to play these games because it is too risky for these women to play games that involve strenuous physical activities.

But this in no way means that you cannot play this game. If you are in good health and feel completely comfortable in your body, and want to play laser tag you can play the game. It is just that you should be aware of the limits of your body so you do not go overboard with any of these activities.

Exposure to Laser:

Exposure to Laser

Every time the word “laser” gets mentioned, everyone gets conscious. There is no need to worry about it because the laser used for these games is not harmful. The laser tag guns emit infrared lights that have real low intensity and are not harmful at all.

To clear your doubts, here are a few machines that you come in contact with on daily basis, and which emit infrared light but are not dangerous for pregnant women.

  • Touch Screens.
  • Wii Console.
  • Surveillance Cameras.
  • Fingerprint Scanning Machines.
  • Remote Control.
  • Number Plate Recognition.

Now you see, infrared LED lights are all around us, but they are in a harmless intensity so they are not something to be concerned about.

The red light that emits out of a laser tag gun is just the visual for the identification and marking the player who is getting hit.

Activities to be avoided during pregnancy:

Apart from laser tag, there are plenty of other activities pregnant women should avoid for their safety.

These are Following:

1. Paintball Game:

Paintball is very much similar to laser tag because it involves running and actively moving too. In addition, laser tag hits are harmless and painless. Players do not even feel it physically when they get tagged or hit.

On the other hand, paintball is painful in this regard. When the player gets hit by the paintball, he can physically feel the pain. Paintball pellets are not only painful, but they are also dangerous, especially for pregnant women.

Playing paintball includes a much higher risk of injury, and it is highly recommended that pregnant women must avoid playing this game. This safety concern is the main reason why many paintball establishments do not allow pregnant women to enter their game course or play the paintball.

During paintball, women can get hit on their abdomen accidentally, or trip or fall on their stomach which is very dangerous. So better safe than sorry!

2. Airsoft:

Any game that involves the shooting of pellets at each other, is not safe for pregnant women. Other than paintball, airsoft is a similar game pregnant must avoid because it is not safe for them. If you get hit by a paintball pellet it will hurt more than getting hit by an airsoft pellet but still, for your safety you should avoid playing it too.

The truth about airsoft is, that if you get hit at the right angle, there are chances that your skin might tear. This is how potentially dangerous airsoft really is, and this is also why it is prohibited in Australia.


3. Baseball:

As we have mentioned before, any game that involves running or other active physical movements is not worth the risk when you are pregnant because the risk of you falling or getting injured is too high.

It may sound lame to you that you should avoid so many games and plays during this time, but it is all just for your safety. Moreover, there are plenty of other traditional games you can play without getting hurt, so you should try playing those if the boredom gets too unbearable.

Bottom Line:

Can You Play Laser Tag While Pregnant Taking care of your health and avoiding potentially harmful games is crucial if you are pregnant. But it also does not mean that you should just sit at home getting bored.

You can do plenty of other fun activities that are not harmful and also a great source of fun, such as swimming, spinning, walking, strength training, yoga, and aerobic classes.

Have fun adopting new and healthy hobbies!

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