Do Dave and Busters have Laser Tag Games?

Do Dave and Busters have Laser Tag Games?

If you have ever walked into a Dave and Busters before, you must know how it greets you by brightly colored arcade games and lit up bowling lanes. Dave and Busters also provide you a chance to play virtual reality, but all of this might not amuse you if you are a laser tag person.

But this does not mean you have entered the wrong place. Dave and Busters have an amazing laser tag set up that you must check out because we are sure it will not disappoint you!

There is no such thing as the wrong time to visit Dave and Busters. It is always great to visit this place because you get to practice your target skills here with a team of laser tag players all the while enjoying plenty of perks such as unique games, discounts, and unlimited video gameplay!

Now if you are intrigued that do Dave and Busters have laser tag or not, and if yes, how does this work, then keep reading this article because we are going to give you a detailed review of Dave and Busters and the laser tag experience you can have there.

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Do Dave and Busters have Laser Tag Games?

Dave and Busters

If you are thinking about what kind of games are available at Dave and Buster’s, then you are a bit wrong here because you should be asking instead, what games are not available at Dave and Buster’s?

It is the place that has stocks of all kinds of games, even your favorite ones. If you plan to visit this store, we assure you, you are going to find at least one new favorite game. They have everything in stock, from your favorite classics to the latest arcade game. You should visit Dave and Busters at the earliest possible to have one of the best times!

Laser Tag:

Laser tag is the most commonly played loved game all around the U.S. and is also the real star of Dave and Busters. They have it decked out in the front row, in bright backlight giving it the highlight it deserves. If you decide to play the laser tag game at Dave and Buster’s, you will have a great visual experience along with a physical one.

The best thing about Dave and Busters is that they provide everything to the players. You do not have to do anything, as it is already has been set for you. You are told the rules if you are not aware of them already, and they also provide you with all the high-quality equipment. Dave and Busters provide plenty of great background music to keep the players’ spirits up.

Like usual indoor laser tag games, the laser tag game at Dave and Busters also has a maze-like format, so it induces the feelings of a soldier in combat, trying to find the enemy and sneaking around to save himself. Overall it is a great and fun experience.

Billiards and Bowling:

If you ever feel competitive and get the urge to beat your friends or family in a few rounds of bowling or billiard then again, you should visit Dave and Busters. Their bowling has often been described as an “over the top experience” because of the multi-media show, the backlights, and the latest music videos to entertain the players.

Do Dave and Busters have all kinds of Games?

Do Dave and Busters have all kinds of Games?

You might be wondering what kind of games do Dave and Busters have? Or do they have all kinds of games? Well, the truth is they host a huge section of games in their store. These games can be played in team forms, with your friends or siblings, and some of these games are played alone.

The classic arcade games like Coin Crash and Pac-Man are the highlights of Dave and Busters as these keep you entertained for hours. They also have more interactive games such as Hungry Hungry. In this game Hungry Hungry, the players sit on giant colored hippos and catch the balls! It is as much fun in playing as it is in reading, so you must try it out at least once!

Dave and Busters also provide you with a great virtual reality set up which is fantastic. By hyper-realistic virtual set up you can transport yourself in the Star Wars world or the Terminator game which is exclusively available at Dave and Buster’s location only.

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Birthday Presents at Dave and Busters:

If you want to throw any kind of party, Dave and Busters is the best place to do it. They are famous for accommodating huge groups of friends or folks who want to enjoy or throw a party, so you can take your friends and siblings, and even co-workers there without worrying about the availability of space.

If you or anyone in your friends’ group has a birthday coming up soon, you can choose Dave and Busters for the party. Given your status as the guest of honor, they will also give you tickets for extra gameplay so you can have more fun in the meantime.

Dane and Busters also provide cutlery, plates, napkins, and other necessary utensils so you can serve the birthday cake to your guests. One rule you have to keep in mind before celebrating a birthday party at Dave and Busters is that if you do not buy a store-made cake, they do not let you take the cake into their premises.

Dave and Busters also only allow you to do the birthday decoration as long it does not involve any silly glitter, string, confetti, or candles that do not belong to the birthday cake. Keep it fun and sophisticated without making an unnecessary mess!

Can other parties be thrown at Dave and Busters?

Apart from birthday parties, you can have other celebratory events at Dave and Busters as well. For instance, if you want to throw a bash for your company or a youth social event, you can choose Dave and Busters as your venue. Not only this, if you want to relax with your friends or the work-life has gotten too stressful, you can take a break and relax here. This place has you covered at all fronts!

One of the best features of Dave and Busters is that it offers great team-building activities. Different games that revolve around team-building skills such as Arcade Relay Racer, Midway Showdown, Dave’s Epic Quest, Mission Impossible, etc. All of these corporate team-building activities include a skill focus rating that helps you pick up the game that fits what you are trying to get out of the activity.

If you are looking forward to strengthening your communication skills, then we have figured out the solution for you. The Midway Showdown, a multi-player game, and each team include 3 to 6 players, is one of the best games to strengthen the communication skills of players.

Are you facing time management issues? Do you want to work on time management skills and learn to become punctual? You can go to Dave and Buster’s and play the Arcade Relay Race game. Different teams compete in this game in a series of games relay race style, and it has proved to be a great source for improving time management skills.

A laser tag game is also a great activity that teaches you team-building and strengthens your communication skills. It helps you work on your coordination, leadership skills, and strategy by pairing up and gradually bringing the opposing teams down and taking out the weakest player first. Slowly, the players get tagged depending on their skills to defend themselves and the more skilled opponents are left behind, un-defeated.

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Unlimited Play at Dave and Busters:

Yes, you have heard in right. Dave and Busters offer you an unlimited video gameplay option. You are charged only a few extra dollars for this amazing package, but one thing you have to keep in mind is that this offer is only applicable to their non-redemption games.

You might be thinking about what a non-redemption game is. Well, a non-redemption game is one in which players do not earn points, prizes, or tickets for playing. Skiing, car racing, and shooting are some of the examples of non-redemption games, and you can enjoy these with the Unlimited Video Game Play. Whenever you go to Dave and Buster’s, do not forget to take advantage of this amazing offer.

Are Wednesdays half off at Dave and Busters?

Are you too excited to visit Dave and Busters and want to know more about their amazing deals? Here is another interesting tip for you. Every Wednesday, Dave and Busters offer you to play all of their games for half discount from the opening to closing time. So take advantage of this offer as much as you can.

You can visit Dave and Busters after work or school for affordable entertainment and unlimited fun. You can also take your friends along to increase the fun and entertainment. The downside of this reality is that this half-off Wednesday deal does not include their photo booth, virtual reality, or laser tag, because technically, laser tag is not a virtual game.

But it does not mean in any way that you cannot play laser tag on Wednesdays. You just have to pay full charges for it. Go to Dave and Buster’s on a Wednesday, play a few rounds of laser tag games with your friends and then play some arcade games at discount and complete your visit.

Free Dave and Busters:

Everyone is curious to learn ways to get some free packages from their favorite stores. If you are on a budget but still want to have fun, then there are ways you can take advantage of Dave and Buster’s great deals.

Power Card:

By getting Power Cards, you get back 10% of how much you spend in-store. For instance, if you spend $100 in one night on drinks, food, and games, you will get $10 to use in the games when you visit next time.

Isn’t it a fantastic deal? A power card can work like a debit card too. You can use it by recharging it at Dave and Busters by charging kiosk or simply on their app with money, which then gets converted into tokens for you that you use on their games.

You also get monthly email savings, this way you can jump on any good deals the minute they become available to the public.

Power Tap:

You get free 25 tokens right when you sign up for Power Tap. Dave and Busters Power Tap is a token-free, cash, and contactless way to play games. It is quite similar to a Power Card because you also charge your Power Tap with whatever amount of money you want to play with. It saves you from fumbling around for tiny tokens or loose change!

Rewards at Dave and Busters:

Dave and Busters rewards refer to signing up for their email program that includes a ton of free perks for you! You can get lots of exclusive offers and free gameplay which means great savings! Moreover, you first sign up, you get even more free gameplay.

Dave and Busters rewards email programs only take a few seconds to sign up, and it is completely free. So sign up right away to enjoy all the great offers.

All-Day Gaming Package:

Dave and Busters also offer an All-Day Gaming Package, and it is exactly how it sounds like. You get a whole day of unlimited non-redemption video gameplay and 18 game chips for a fixed amount. This is a great offer for people who wish to spend the whole day playing games and living in virtual reality.

One thing you must keep in mind is that the All-Day package does not offer any prizes. You get to play non-redemption games at a set price, but there are no additional prizes, you play to have fun and entertainment.


In this article, we talked about Do Dave and Busters have Laser Tag and all the offers and amazing packages they provide. If you want to have fun while being on a budget or wish to avail yourself of great deals, sign up for their email program and have all the fun.

Thank you for reading!

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