How Does Laser Tag Work – Laser Tag Technology

How Does Laser Tag Work - Laser Tag Technology

The laser tag game is not new, and many of us have grown up playing this game. It works like a paintball game, except in laser tag, the players play with guns that emit infrared radiation.

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Players shoot or tag their targets with these infrared guns. The exciting twist here is that all participants wear costumes that have an infrared-sensitive device on their vests, so just when a player gets tagged, that infrared-sensitive device beeps, and everyone becomes aware that this player has been tagged.

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How Does Laser Tag Work

The infrared-sensitive device on players’ vests is connected to a receiver box, so it sends signals to that box that announces on a huge projector visible to all the players in the arena. That projector announces to everyone who is still alive and who has been shot.

Apart from this, the player who gets shot also raises his hand immediately to let his team members know that he has been tagged and now he is out of action. Even if the tagged player does not signal, it is still considered a tag.

The tagged players can be respawned too by their team members. In some laser tag games, a player can be re-spawned a limited number of times, mostly five. While in others, the player can be resurrected countless times.

It all depends on the type of Laser Tag game you are playing and its rules. However, in some laser tag games, the shot player can go back and forth to the resurrect room and join his team members in the arena.

The special costumes or the vests that players wear during the game have two sides, and both sides are considered separate. The player is considered shot when at least one side of his vest gets hit by the laser tag gun.

This means that although it is a very fun game and players enjoy themselves, they should be careful nonetheless and be aware of the rules. Apart from these basic rules, each player in laser tag also gets access to a rapid-fire button.

The rapid-fire button shoots three infrared beams in succession. This button is usually used when the player is running through an open area, and there is zero chance of hitting somebody else.

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This option also lets you run behind other players and shoot at them. A player can also use this button when attacked by an opponent.

How Do Laser Tag Guns Work?

How Does Laser Tag Work

You might be wondering how does tag works. To your surprise, not all laser tags use lasers; most of these laser tag guns use infrared radiation.

So when players shoot at each other, it is the infrared light emitted from their laser guns. Furthermore, these laser tag guns also work as flashlights when the light is extremely straight and thin.

This is because the sensors in the gun are built to absorb the light rays, and they use optical filters to detect this light.

Why do Laser Tags use Infrared Light? Laser Tag Technology

There is an interesting reason behind using infrared light in the laser tag guns instead of a real laser. One reason is that a laser can be dangerous for the player using it and the opponent who is getting hit at.

In addition, laser light poses a serious threat to the eyes, so even if the power of the laser is low, it is still not very ideal to be used for games.

The second reason is that laser light can distract the players because the laser tag gun is usually played in the dark.

Another reason is that laser light cannot record a shot. This is why infrared light is used in laser tag guns because a player gets a complete record of his performance at the end of the game.

That record shows him how many opponent players he shot at and how many times he got shot. So the laser light does not provide this data at the end of each game.

This makes infrared light more reliable and convenient to be used in laser tag guns. In addition, getting to know how laser tag works make the game much more exciting.

How to win at a laser tag?

Although laser tag gun is a very simple and fun game, not all players are equally lucky. Furthermore, some players get frustrated by constantly losing the game, so in this section, we will discuss some simple and easy winning strategies.

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These are:

  • Keep moving. It does not matter whether you are constantly shooting the opponent players or not; what matters the most is that you keep on moving. Since this game is played in the dark, you must move because moving saves you from getting tagged. So it is equally important to avoid getting tagged.
  • Try moving to the second story if your laser tag arena has two stories. Use that height to your advantage. A bird’s eye view might help you score big in this game. Once you are above your opponents, it will become much easier to pick on them and shoot them from there while simultaneously saving yourself.
  • Laser tag game for adults demands adults to be a bit cautious. It is not like hunting; they must keep this in mind. You cannot make your presence known by carrying bright colors on you. So if your arena is dark, you must wear dark colors to blend in and not get identified by your opponents.
  • It would be best if you learned about the arena you will play in. Although it is dark there, you still must know where the obstacles are and where it’s a smooth and open area. This will help you aim at your opponents and tag them while saving yourself. This is an ultimate winning strategy.
  • Another winning gimmick is to keep on shooting. It increases the chances that you might end up hitting your opponent. It is also better than waiting to identify the opponent, aiming at him, and finally tagging him. It is time-consuming, and there is a possibility that you might miss the chance, and they may hit you instead. So it is better if you keep on shooting.
  • It is common knowledge that if you are a rookie, your opponents will have plenty of chances to take you out. So we advise that you better learn how to make yourself smaller as this will help you against your opponents. For instance, you shall master the sideways crawl. If you see something similar to a crab or something that looks like a crab in the laser tag arena, you should know that it is a player trying to make themselves smaller and save their life. It would help if you learned to get an expert at turning sideways when you are about to get shot. This might save you from getting tagged. It will also make it much harder for the opponent player to target your vest’s sensory device so that it will save you.


 In this article, we talked about how laser tag works and some of the tips you can follow to secure wins in the laser tag gun game.

Laser tag guns use infrared lights because infrared light can be detected easily by the sensory devices on players’ vests, and this light poses no threat to the health of players.

On the other hand, a laser is quite harmful, and it does not provide complete records of players at the end of the performance as well. So this is the reason laser tag guns use infrared lights to function and not laser lights.

It is always exciting to know about the basic functioning of the equipment of the game you love to play. Laser tag guns are fun, and everyone loves to play them. We are hopeful you learned from this article and enjoyed reading it.

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