How Much Does Laser Tag Cost? (Play Per Person)

How Much Does Laser Tag Cost

Laser tag game is a great source of fun and creating memories with your friends and family. It makes a perfect pastime activity for weekends, the family gets together, and holidays. Whether it’s cold outside, raining, or on a hot summer day, you can always play a laser tag game.

Apart from being a source of thrill and excitement, it also makes for a great workout substitute. The best part of laser tag is that it can be played by all kinds of players; kids, teens, adults, and even old family members.

Whoever can run and tag their opponent is eligible to play laser tag and burn off some energy. It has been a common practice for many adults to throw laser tag-themed parties where everyone plays this game because it is such a blast for everyone.

But have you ever wondered how much does it cost to play a laser tag game? If yes, then keep reading this article because we are going to talk about the intricacies of laser tagging prices and how much does laser tag cost per person.

How Much is Laser Tag Prices:

If you have played laser tag at gaming centers, you might have some idea about the pricing. The standard industrial costs differ for both indoor and outdoor laser tag games. Most gaming centers charge $1 per minute for indoor laser tag and .50 cents per minute for outdoor laser tag games.

The difference between the indoor and outdoor arena charges is due to the air conditioning that is provided in the indoor laser tag, while the outdoor game is usually played under the direct sun.

Most of the gaming centers divide the laser tag games into 15 or 20-minute sessions. Depending on the venue, lots of players can also purchase laser tag packages. For example, if the venue is outdoors, you can easily purchase four 15 minutes laser tag games for $30 or $60. However, some establishments also offer deals to their players.

You can play smart here and enjoy discounts as well in the sense that if you purchase more games, the prices get better, and sometimes, free games are added to your package as well. And there are plenty of options available for all laser tag players depending on the playtime they want to get in. The prices get better if the number of players in each group increase.

History of Laser Tag Game:

History of Laser Tag Game

Laser Tag was introduced by a man named George Carter III in the ’70s. When George Carter watched Star Wars: Episode VI in 1977 he was inspired by the movie and this is when he was bit by the idea to introduce a game with a similar theme.

This also makes sense because the Star Wars franchise has also created countless off-shoots given the love of people for movies and this series was immense. George loved the plot of the movie so much, he set out to invent a real-life version of Star Wars that people can play anytime, anywhere.

Although the concept of laser tag came out in the ’70s, it wasn’t till 1984 that the first laser tag company was commercially opened to the public. Because in 1977, the technology required for laser tag guns was still used by the armed forces for military purposes.

The first toy laser tag gun that emitted infrared light was first made commercially available for the general public in 1979. That gun was named the Stat Trek Electronic Phaser Gun. And this is how major movie production houses and television productions weaved their way into the gaming industry, and laser tag history, in particular.

The first laser tag facility was opened for the public in 1984, in Austin, TX and it was named Photon. But Photon faced stiff competition in 1986, by a rival named Worlds of Wonder.

Equipment and Technology:

Equipment for laser tag

If you want to play laser tag games correctly, you must use the special equipment which is formulated using the latest technology. Laser tag games cannot be played accurately without a special setup, and given below are some of the items that are used for playing laser tag in most of the facilities.

Laser Tag Rifles or Handguns:

During the laser tag game, you can choose either a rifle or handgun. In some facilities, players are only allowed to carry one type of laser tag gun, either rifle or handgun. This practice is carried out to promote a game of fairness for all players. So depending on the type of facility you have at your disposal, you are either given a laser gun that is operated using both hands (rifle) or only one hand (handgun).

Both kinds of laser tag guns emit infrared light which is detected by the sensor on the laser tag kit as a ‘kill’ every time the infrared beam hits the vest sensor.

Laser Tag Vests:

Laser tag vests are used to detect infrared light every time it hits the sensor on the vest. If you have been shot by some other player, the sensor gives out the signal and it is registered as a ‘kill’. Different laser tag games have different rules when it comes to “tagging” or “killing” the players. In some games, you can kill a player a certain amount of times and the player can be “re-spawned” by their team members.

There are different types of vests. Most of them can be wrapped around the front body and these are strapped in the back. Some vests are slide down type which you slide down over your head and shoulders and the straps of the vest are tied to the body at the bottom of the unit.

Enclosures and Barriers:

Laser tag game is made more fun by the presence of different obstacles which are laid across the arena floor. Depending on the venue you are playing the game in, some laser tag arenas have actual buildings and enclosures that increase the fun of the game.

Most of the indoor laser tag venues have integrated inflatable and huge obstacles which are quite similar to the obstacles shown in the television show American Gladiators.

Utilizing all parts of the equipment is very important because the game cannot be played without the gear. Different companies make laser tag equipment using the latest technology and finest material, and this equipment is widely available for the public.

But you do not always have to take your equipment to the laser tag arena because if not all, then most of the venues rent out their equipment to the players. Most of the places also include equipment when pricing their arenas for the laser tag.

Special Laser Tag Games:

Several specialty games are included in the laser tag category, and these are played in all kinds of venues that are used to play similar games, such as paintball, airsoft, laser tag, etc. This keeps things interesting and players do not get bored of playing a single kind of game over and over again. Given below are some of the specialty laser tag games.

  • Protect the VIP:

In this game, each team selects a “VIP” from amongst the players, and they hide this VIP for a set time. Each team’s goal is to find the VIP of the opponent team and tag hit/her with the laser tag gun. In some variants of this game, the VIP performs specific actions to get evacuated from the opponent’s side.

  • Capture the Flag:

Capture the flag is a very interesting laser tag game. Each team chooses a specific flag, and the opponent team tries to venture into the other team’s base and find their flag or “capture” it. But the team wins only if they capture and bring the opponent team’s flag into their territory.

  • Base-Centric Matches:

In this version of laser tag, each team uses the players and protects its base and the opponent team protects theirs. Each team divides the members into two halves, one that protects the base and the other half who fights or tags the opponent members.

  • Stealth Matches:

In the indoor laser tag arena, most of the opponent players can be easily detected because of the lights on their vests because it is dark inside the arena most of the time. In the invisibility match, the players turn off the lights of their laser tag vests so no one can be spotted by an opponent player. This is why this version is named Invisibility match because players try to see each other in the dark arena with zero visibility.

  • Elimination Games:

Elimination games are a version of a laser tag game in which each player gets a “set” number of lives. Once the player gets shot that many times, he’s out and cannot be re-spawned by his fellow team members. The Battle Royale setup is often used in many of these games while mixing the domination style game which prevents the players from camping. The Battle Royale is also called every man for themselves game.

Bottom Line:

All games cost some amount but when it comes to laser tag How Much Does Laser Tag Cost ?, it can be considered a relatively cheap game. If you plan to have a fun weekend with your friends or coworkers lazer xtreme prices, you can choose a laser tag course, find out about their deals, and then divide the bill equally by chipping in the required amount and enjoying the game.

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