How To Cheat At Laser Tag – Winning Laser Tag Strategy

How To Cheat At Laser Tag - Winning Laser Tag Strategy

Laser tag is a recreational sport, you can think of it as paintball, but in this game, participants tag their designated targets using shooting guns. These guns emit infrared lights.

All the players wear costumes that have an infrared-sensitive device attached to them. So when a player gets hit, these devices send signals to the receiver box, announcing that you have been hit.

The receiver box, in turn, is set up on an overhead projector that is visible to everyone in the arena. This way, everyone can see which player has been hit and who is still alive.

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While playing laser tag, the player who gets hit immediately raises his hand to announce to fellow players that he has been “tagged,” so now he is out of action. It is considered an automatic tag if the tagged player does not give a signal.

Another interesting rule of this game is that when a player has been shot in some games, he can go back and forth between the arena and “respawn room” as many times as he wishes.

While, in some games, players can come back to life only for a limited time or when some other player “resurrects” them. The vests that players wear have two sides, front and back, considered separate.

A player is considered “tagged” only when at least one of his vests gets shot. This implies that although this game is extremely fun, players should be careful if they want to win.

Each player gets access to a rapid-fire button during the Laser Tag game. The rapid-fire button shoots 3 infrared beams in succession.

A rapid-fire button is used when the player is running through an open area, and there is no chance of tagging somebody else.

It is also helpful in a way that it helps you move behind other players faster and tag them. This button can also be used when an opponent is attacking you.

Rules Of Battlefield Laser Tag Tactics:

While playing a laser tag game in the arena, players do not get hit by the “projectiles”; rather, each player begins with 100 health points. These points are written down as damaged points that the players receive from enemy fire.

Because there are two teams in this game, one team is the opponent or enemy to the other team. If you are not familiar with this game’s rules, then remember the following points:

  • Each participant and their weapon are allotted 100 Health Points at the start of the game. In most cases, each player gets 5 lives too.
  • When a participant gets shot by his enemy, he loses one health point. One successful shot results in 10 damage points. But these points are not fixed; they vary depending on the type of weapon being used.
  • Once a player has received 100 Damage Points, he is eliminated and loses one out of his 5 lives. That player is unable to play again unless he is “re-spawned”. That participant’s gun begins to flash red and makes a “man down, man down!” sound to announce that the player is aware that he has been eliminated.
  • The participant’s gun also provides different information throughout the laser tag game. The signals this gun gives out include “double kill”, “target eliminated”, and “triple kill” if it’s a really good shot. These guns record all individual and team stats – such as their kill to death ratio and kill count, etc.
  • Once a participant has been eliminated, he runs to the nearest respawn point, where a staff member respawns him and puts him back into the combat zone.
  • Once a participant has exhausted all of his five lives, he can no longer get respawned.

At first, the laser tag game seems a bit complicated, but once you learn all the rules, it is fun and easy to play.

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How Long Does This Game Last?

How Long Does This Game Last

A laser tag game can last somewhere between 15-20 minutes. Playing a mobile laser tag operation game lasts for a very short time, such as 3 or 5 minutes only.

Similarly, outdoor laser tag games can last up to 30 minutes or even longer. These games can last for longer hours if the rules or weapons are tactical. Recently, a survey was conducted within 8 countries to study laser tag game timing. The top 3 popular times were 15, 20, or 10 minutes.

  • 36% of respondents reported that a 15-minute game was the most popular.
  • 23% of respondents said that a 10-minute game was the best one.
  • While 17% of players said that a 20-minute game was the best.

So the game timing varies from region to region and depends on the type of players and the arena type.

How To Cheat In Laser Tag?

Not all players want to play fair or enjoy an honest game. Most of them find the cheat codes more thrilling, especially if you constantly lose the game and get beaten up by your opponents.

Repeated downfall might want you to consider cheating. But not all methods are cheating; some involve twisting the rules a bit. If you play laser tag with your friends and lose often and want to enjoy an unfair win over them, keep reading because we will give you some tips about how to cheat in laser tag. 

Get up personal and close: Laser Hack

Most of the laser tag sensor sets are quite accurate from long distances. But they easily lose some of their accuracies when you see them from up close.

If you are close to your opponent, you can easily file pretty much anywhere, and it will be a guaranteed shot since there are close to zero chances of a shot going wrong from the proximity.

But this is not always a feasible strategy. Nevertheless, it is a good idea if you are not very sharp at aiming. If you, somehow, get up very close to your opponent, then there is a major possibility that you may hit your opponent even if you are not very good at aiming.

1. Cover the Sensors:

It has been observed recently that most laser tag guns nowadays have sensors. You can cover these sensors very conveniently with a certain tacky, or you can use an invisible duct tape to cover up the sensors of your gun or those of your vest.

The great advantage of covering up the sensors on your vest or weapons is that it will become much more difficult for your opponents to shoot you. I mean, they might succeed in hitting you, but your equipment will not detect it, hence saving your life and ultimately helping you win the game.

This is quite an extreme method of cheating because you can’t get hit, but you can hit your opponents, and their hits will get detected by the sensors of their equipment. So if you intend to cheat, this method will help you win.

2. Try Camping:

Most players run around the arena like a chicken whose head has been cut off and is waiting to shoot others; it is not a smart approach or the best way to play laser tag.

If you aim to win, you must be clever and cautious while playing laser tag and do not make mistakes your opponent is very likely to do. This will increase your chances of winning. Remember, you cannot go in all guns blazing in this game.

Generally, I do not advocate camping because it has its own drawbacks, but it is one of the great ways to pick up some easy points. It will be perfect if you are playing with rookies who, as I mentioned earlier, like to run around like chickens with their heads cut off.

Camping is a skill to hide in a specific position and let your opponents find you and come to you. Once they get close, you can shoot them easily. This tactic is normally used in video games, but you can also use it in the arena and pick up some easy winning points.

3. Choose the Best Gun:

If you plan to play with older laser tag equipment, then there is the possibility that multiple players have used this set multiple times.

As happens with all other toys, over time, when laser tag equipment is used repeatedly and excessively, these guns and vests become less responsive, and the power of lasers decreases as well.

Therefore, if you want to have a clear advantage over people you are playing against, you must get the newest or latest laser tag gun. The newer a laser tag gun is, the more powerful its laser is. Hence, it shoots with ease and accuracy and gives you an edge over your opponents.

4. Over your laser:

You might think of this option as counterproductive, but you can cover up your laser, and it will not have even a slightest of an effect on the power of your laser tag gun. You might be thinking that how is this going to serve you?

Well, a laser does not have to be visible if we want its firing to be effective. Its visibility has nothing to do with it. But when you are using your gun, higher chances are that your opponent can see your laser tag gun and, as a result, locate your position too.

Consequently, it would become much easier for your opponents to attack you because you would be in a duck position, and they would be standing, so taking you out would become easy. You only need a little bit of tape to hide your laser on the gun, and it will serve a great purpose.

5. Go all black:

I advise that you wear all black if you are going to play laser tag gun with your friends. This is technically not a cheat code but rather more common sense or smart work.

As you know, most laser tag games are played in the dark; you will be surprised at how bright the regular clothes of your friends look. So it is better if you wear black as it will make it a bit difficult for your opponents to spot you.

6. Learn about the Kit:

This cheating tip is a little sneaky, like finding the best laser tag gun. See, all the power does not side with the best gun.

Often, certain laser tag equipment sets have different weak points. It means that some sets are harder to hit at than others. For example, if your vest is super responsive, the ideal approach is to avoid it. But, on the other hand, you are highly likely to get hit if your vest is highly responsive.

7. Fire Consistently:

I have learned from my experience that you must keep firing consistently. It’s one of the most common and popular cheating or winning tips experts give to newbies.

If you keep firing consistently, the chances are that even if you are not very accurate, you might end up hitting some of your opponents. I mean, not all of your aims can go wrong, right?

But it is better to be cautious and aware of your opponent’s strengths and weaknesses because sometimes you have to do with selective shooting.


In this guide, I talked about laser tag guns and gave some tips about How To Cheat At Laser Tag. All the tips are very easy to follow and much fun.

The key is to be cautious and aware of your surroundings, your vulnerability points, and know your kit better. You can use many techniques to win a laser tag game, some are simple, as I mentioned, but some are a bit complicated and tacky.

And I advise if you must cheat, use these fun and simple tips as these are easy to follow, and cheating takes out the fun element from the game.

Thank you for reading!

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