How to Play Capture the Flag Laser Tag?

Laser tag game is played in many ways, and capturing the flag is one of its most common and oldest types. Capture the flag laser tag is usually played by kids worldwide. Capture the flag game is not necessarily associated with laser tag game but it can be played together with it.

Playing capture the flag game is very easy because its rules are simple and straightforward. In this article, we are going to talk about how to play capture the flag laser tag. You can learn about it and play with your friends and family and have fun.

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Laser Tag Capture The Flag:

Laser Tag Capture The Flag

Capturing the flag basically relies on teamwork and players’ strategy. When you are playing capture the flag laser tag, a winner is not declared until you and your teammates have successfully captured your enemy team’s case or some other type of container because the case keeps changing in different versions of extreme capture the flag.

The team that first brings its enemy team’s flag back into its own capital is considered the winner and it receives the bragging rights for at least a month so it can boast about its victory. Now that you have understood what this game really is, here is how Capture the Flag is actually played.

What you need to play the CTF: Play Capture The Flag With A Twist

  • To play Capture the Flag, you will needing a minimum of four players because playing CTF with 2 players is no fun and gets really boring. If you have a minimum of four people to play Capture the Flag, the game will become more fun and memorable. The truth is, capturing the flag becomes more fun the more people are there to play it. This is the best part of the majority of laser tag games, you can these games with as many people as you want and can have all the fun.
  • Capture the Flag, unlike laser tag games, cannot be played in a small arena and needs a really large space. If you have a huge garden then you can play Capture the Flag there, otherwise, you have to go to the nearby park to play this game.
  • A twist in this game is although its name is Capture the Flag, a flag is not compulsory that the players capture. It can be anything of the opponent team that the players have to capture and bring to their own base. So as long as players choose two easily differentiable things that can be considered as flags, players are good to play the game.

There are a few other things that are needed in the Capture the Flag game but these are not compulsory, such as a referee. A referee is good to make sure nobody cheats in the game but you can have all the fun without him as well.

Where to Place the Flags? Battlefield Capture The Flag

Where to Place the Flags

Oftentimes, new players do not know how to or where should they place the flags. So whenever you are playing, place the flags as far from each other as possible. The ideal distance between two flags is about 100m, and the flag of one team should not be visible to the members of the opponent team at the beginning of the game.

The main goal here is to try and capture your enemy team’s flag, so it is better if you hide your flag and they hide their flag so well that finding it becomes more adventurous and thrilling and the game becomes really interesting.

But it is almost impossible to hide your flag in a way that it becomes completely invisible to the opposing team because as soon as they will get into the radius of your team’s flag, they will be able to see it and capture it.

Start with a 10 feet Distance:

You simply cannot start from wherever you are in the arena. One most important rule of Capture the Flag is that each team has to start within a few meters from their flag because this practice ensures there is no cheating or one team cannot take advantage of the other team.

Signaling the other team:

When you are ready to start the game, it is better to signal the other team. It has been a common practice to blow a loud whistle to announce to the other team that you are ready to play. These days, you can also message or text the opponent team to let them know when you are ready to play the Capture the Flag game.

Decide the number of lives:

Just like all other rules, before the game begins you should also decide the amount of lives players are going to have. Players of both teams should agree on one amount of lives a player can have, and once he/she loses all those lives, he will get eliminated. Such agreements and strategy discussions help the players play a smooth and fun game devoid of any arguments or quarrels.

Capture the Flag:

As the name of the game suggests, the main goal is to capture your opponent team’s flag and bring it to your own base. In this duration of capturing the flag and returning to your base, you have to save yourself from getting hit by your enemy team members or your will lose your life. The team that successfully brings the opponents’ flag to their base first, wins the game.

How to have more fun in CTF? Digital Flag for laser tag

Digital Flag for laser tag

Although Capture the Flag is a very fun game on its own, there are a few tricks and by adopting them, you can have more fun with your friends. Here are a few tips to add more thrill to your Capture the Flag game:

  • Add more Players:

One best thing about Capture the Flag is that the fun you can have in this game is directly linked to the number of players playing the game. So if you have a larger group of people playing the game, the fun would be immense.

  • Add more games:

 As we mentioned earlier that Capture the Flag requires a big arena, so if you are playing in a small place, the game will be quite short and finish in a short time. So if you incorporate 3 or 5 games in your regular Capture the Flag game, it will become much more fun and both the teams will enjoy it more.

  • 4 Way Capture the Flag:

 If you finally manage to get more people to play the Capture the Flag game, then you can play 4-way Capture the Flag, which makes the overall game more exciting. This trick also makes it a more open game because in certain games of Capture the Flag, players have to completely abandon their base while trying to find the flag of the opponent team.


Capture the Flag is a very fun game and people from all age groups can play it. In this article, we talked about how to play capture the flag and some tips by which you can add more fun to your best capture the flag games.

So if you have a huge ground or a park near your home, then all you need to do is to convince 6 to 30 friends to play Capture the Flag with you, and once they agree, you all can have a lot of fun. Hopefully, this article will make everything about Capture the Flag clear to you.

Thank you for reading!

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