How To Play Laser Tag At Home – Tips, Rules and Tactics

How To Play Laser Tag At Home

Laser Tag is a form of tag where each player has a gun that’s fired by infrared light. When you’re shot, your vest will send a signal to the receiver box telling it that you’ve been hit. That box tells everyone in the arena and is set up on an overhead projector so everyone can see who’s alive and who’s been hit.

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When a player is hit, they must raise their hand immediately to let the other players know that they have been “tagged” and are now out of action. If you don’t say anything, it’s an automatic TAG – you’re out! When a person has been shot in some games, they can go back and forth between the arena and “respawn room” as many times as they wish.

In some games, players can come back to life after a set time limit or whenever another player “resurrects” them. The only way you can be tagged is if someone shoots at least one of your five vests (the front and back of the vest are counted separately) which means that you have to be very careful how you play!

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When playing Laser Tag, all players have access to a rapid-fire button, which shoots about 3 infrared beams in quick succession. This is used when running through open areas where there’s no chance of tagging anyone else – it helps to move faster so you can get around behind other players and tag them from behind!

The rapid-fire button is also used when an opponent is attacking you – this gives you a better chance of tagging your foe.

In most Laser Tag arenas, there are two zones where the rapid-fire feature is available – they are called “forward fire zone” and “rear fire zone.” The forward-fire zone is usually an open area with no cover, while the rear-fire zone is usually a smaller area that you can hide behind. It would be best to use these zones wisely to get around your opponent.

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Does Laser Tag Hurt?

Laser Tag is not hazardous to your health! Yes, you will be running around with bright lights flashing all over you and the arena, but it’s completely safe. Laser Tag equipment has been independently tested by several organizations worldwide that have deemed Laser Tag perfectly safe for players of all ages.

People often worry about getting hurt by the infrared beams in Laser Tag, but the safety mechanisms have been set too high to allow this. The power level is well below that required to cause any damage. The biggest danger is actually from the players themselves – when running around at high speed; it’s easy to get hit by someone else! The arenas are fitted with super bright strobe lights to help players navigate the complex, but this is perfectly safe again.

Tests have shown that when people are in a well-lit room, Laser Tag has no adverse effect on their eyesight or night vision. That said, it’s recommended you don’t play too often.

What Are The Different Types Of Laser Tag Games?

What Are The Different Types Of Laser Tag Games?

There are three main types of Laser Tag games: Free For All, Team Play, and Missions. Some arenas have specially designed missions that players can partake in – these usually involve completing a series of objectives to win the game. There are also several types of Free-For-All games, including “Capture The Flag” and “Vampire.”

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Most Laser Tag arenas have a set of rules for each game. It’s important to read these because they’ll tell you what you can and can’t do in the arena. For example, it may say that players are not allowed to “camp” – this means that you’re not allowed to stay put in one place for more than, say, 10 seconds. The staff will tell you to move on and not camp there if you do this.

Free For All (FFA):

This is where everybody plays against each other, and all players try to tag everyone else in the arena! Matches usually consist of either a specific time limit or several tags before a winner can be declared.

Team Play:

This involves one team getting a few minutes to try and tag the other players before the other team defends itself. Usually, once someone from a team is tagged, all their teammates get “killed” too.


In specialist arenas, players often have missions to complete during a game. These usually involve a particular objective that all players must work together to achieve.

10 Tips For Laser Tag:

10 Tips For Laser Tag


It’s a good idea to wear dark colors when you’re playing Laser Tag – it makes it harder for people to see you. Be The Hunter, Not the Hunted – When you play, try and find a position where you have a vantage point over most of the arena so that other players don’t know where your base is. Don’t let other players get a head start by finding a good position first.


This is used when running through open areas where there’s no chance of tagging anyone else – it helps to move faster so you can get around behind other players and tag them from behind! The rapid-fire button is also used when an opponent is attacking you – this gives you a better chance of tagging your foe.


You can go back and forth between the arenas and “respawn room” as many times as you wish whenever another player “resurrects” you or when a set time limit has passed, and you can re-enter the arena.

4. Movement Pattern:

The most important thing to remember in Laser Tag is not to run around aimlessly hoping someone will tag you. It’s much easier if you have a plan of attack! The best strategy is to stay out of the open, using cover whenever possible. Make sure your gun arm is covered by something, then move forward into an area that has good cover, all the while checking out what’s ahead. If you are being pursued, get behind cover and check to see your enemy – then shoot him! The rapid-fire button comes in useful here.


If an opponent is attacking you, press the camera button to track them and show their location on the screen for everyone’s benefit. This is a great tactic for when you’ve been tagged, and your only chance of tagging back is if one of your teammates can tag them while they wait to respawn.


Running will make it harder for other players to hit you, so remember to run around the arena as much as possible – especially when there’s no one around to tag you.


You can hide behind obstacles to make it harder for opponents to tag you and play more of a defensive game – but remember that they can tag you from other angles, so don’t stay in one place for too long!


Remember to cover your vests (front and back) with your hands so that your opponents can’t tag you when hiding behind obstacles.


If you’re playing a defensive game and aiming to survive for as long as possible, use the crossfire zones and hide behind obstacles where necessary – but don’t run around too much, or you’ll make it easier for other players to tag you.


If you’re playing an attacking game, remember to use the crossfire zones and hide behind obstacles where necessary – but don’t run around too much, or your opponents will see your movements on screen more easily and be able to tag you more easily!

Rules To Play Laser Tag:

  1. There are two teams to play with:
  2. When you respawn, you can re-enter the arena from any point of your base area – whether it’s behind a tree, around a corner, or even through a secret door!
  3. The object is for one team to score 20 points ahead of their opponents.
  4. You can score points by tagging other players.
  5. You can’t tag your own teammates, so watch out for them!
  6. If you have been tagged, don’t forget to use your camera button, so your teammates know where the enemy is – but remember to cover your vest with one hand, or you won’t be able to tag anyone else!
  7. You can resurrect fallen players in the respawn room that lies between the arena and your base.
  8. There are crossfire zones where you can be attacked from two points at once – look out for them to surprise other players!.

How many lives do you have in Laser Tag?

Each player has ten lives within Laser Tag. Once you have been tagged, your radar flashes yellow to indicate that you are alive but unable to shoot. Your life is deducted when another player tags you again, and your radar will continue to beep until it becomes green. If the other team manages to tag all of their opponents’ vests, they will have won the match. If there are no respawns left, whoever has the most lives wins.

Is there any age limit for playing laser tag games?

There is no age limit to play laser tag games. Sometimes you can get children who are 12 years old playing, but this all depends on what your local center allows. If allowed, parents must stay with their kids at all times when in the arena. Playing laser tag is a safe activity for everyone to enjoy! However, kids 6 years old or younger will have a hard time playing since the equipment is too heavy for them. So, it is recommended not to let them play.

Best Tactics For Laser Tag:

  1. PLAN YOUR ATTACKS: You can’t win if you don’t know what to do, so make sure you know where the enemy is and how many of them there are – then think about possible attacks!
  2. USE THE COVER WELL: The best way to survive for as long as possible is to use the obstacles and cover to your advantage – get behind or beside something and wait for the enemy to come into view!
  3. SPLIT UP BUT WITH TEAMWORK: Splitting up is the best way to attack, but be careful – if you get separated, just tag each other and meet back at your base!
  4. GO FOR THE KILL: If there’s one enemy player who keeps nagging you, don’t just run away – go for the kill! Remember that it takes two tags to eliminate someone, so keep chasing them until they’re gone!
  5. STAY LOW AND STAY QUIET: Stay low and quiet by crouching or crawling! If you can’t move silently, make sure no one else is there before moving – they might be lying in wait for an easy tag!

Is Laser Tag and Paintball the same?

Laser Tag is not to be confused with paintball, which uses pellets containing paint rather than infrared beams. Laser Tag players are also equipped with a vest containing sensor nodes that flash when they are tagged by an opponent’s laser, whereas paintball players are tagged through the use of paintballs. Laser Tag also requires you to return fire at your enemy, while it is possible to avoid being hit completely in paintball.


Laser tag is a fun game to play with your friends, either in an arena where other teams are waiting to battle you or around the house in an environment where it’s one-on-one laser tag. Laser Tag is great for people who want to have a quick round of tag, but otherwise, it is a great way to get rid of any stress and just have fun. The most fun part of Laser Tag is competing with your friends and proving who the best is.

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