How to Win at Laser Tag – 13 Winning Tips

Laser tag game, no doubt, is one of the best past times for people from all age groups. It is not only young ones who want to have fun and enjoyment with their friends by playing thrilling games, but grown-ups also need such activities to freshen up from daily hectic routine and work stress.

Laser tag game is consistently unpredictable, fun, challenging which also accounts for their popularity and enormous likeness. Due to all the excitement and thrill it involves, it is the best solution for adults who are looking for a weekend getaway.

You just need to gather your friends, colleagues, or family members who are as much interested in the laser tag game as you, get the laser tag gear, wear the vest, and grab the laser tag gun. Enter the arena fully prepared in the laser tag equipment, run, walk, crouch, and shoot your enemies to win this adrenaline-pumping game.

Although simply playing the laser tag game is equally fun whether you win it or not, using different strategies to win the game makes the whole experience much more exciting and awesome. The last standing player earns the bragging rights and he can boast his win until the next match.

But here’s the best part, there are lots of ways to win the laser tag game, and no, these are not the means to cheat. It doesn’t matter whether you are a newbie or pro at laser tag games, these tricks work for everyone and help them win.

How to Win at Laser Tag (13 Tips):

How to Win at Laser Tag - 13 Winning Tips

1. Never Stop Moving:

Laser tag is all about moving. Even if you are doing nothing during the game, make sure you do not stand at one spot, because it will most likely get you tagged. Keep moving constantly because it has two benefits.

First, sitting or standing in one place or hiding in a corner so your opponents do not see you getting bored after some time, but if you keep moving, you will not get bored. Surely, hiding has its benefits as it can make you the last player standing but it will also get you bored, and the main purpose of playing laser tag is to have fun, not get bored.

Secondly, if you are constantly moving, it becomes much more difficult for your enemies to spot and tag you.

But if you keep hiding in one spot, you might win the game at the end but your score will be embarrassingly low. So it is also better to keep moving so you don’t have to face the awkwardness of low points.

2. Take Advantage of Height:

A laser tag game needs you to play smartly and take advantage of your surroundings. If the game arena has two levels, choose the upper level to stay on. The birds-eye view helps pick your opponents out, spot them, and tag them.

Because the higher place you are at, the easier it is for you to see clearly and tag others, while they cannot do the same. But you also need to be careful, because they can apply the same strategy for tagging you.

3. Stay Low:

In the above section we recommended that you choose the higher level to play on so you can spot your enemies easily and shoot them, but staying low can save you from getting tagged. In other words, when you are moving from one spot to another or changing levels, crouching, and staying low are very helpful.

It saves you from being seen, spotted, or tagged, so you stay alive, and often become the last player standing.

Whether you are on the first floor of the laser tag arena or the second, staying low and crouching will keep you hidden. You can use this motion technique to spot your enemies because it will be harder for them to spot, but your chances of finding them and shooting them will increase simultaneously.

4. Use Tactile Movements:

A laser tag game is one in which all players can use the same techniques to take each other out, so if you think you know a trick they might not know, you might be wrong then. No matter how smartly you play, your opponents will get many chances to tag you, especially if you are the rookie.

So you must be prepared for the inevitable and learn how to make yourself smaller in the laser tag game arena.

For instance, you should be a pro at sideways crawl. If you spot something on the arena floor that looks like a crab and is crawling like a crab, there are greater chances of it being a player who is trying to get away from the opponent player.

Moreover, when you are unable to avoid someone’s shot, turn sideways, and be swift at it. This way, it will become much harder for the opponent player to hit your vest sensors as you will be offering them a narrower target to hit, and you will save a life.

13 Winning Tips for laser tag

5. Blend in with the Surroundings:

One thing players must keep in mind is that laser tag game for adults is not like hunting, you cannot make your presence known to your opponents by wearing bright or flashy clothes with noisy shoes. You should stick to dark-colored themes, such as navy or blue, so you easily blend in with the surroundings if you are playing indoors laser tag arena. Indoors laser tag arenas are dark so the dark-colored clothes help the players blend in.

Apart from these general tips, you should also become accustomed to the arena’s walls, area, floors, and obstacles. Before the game starts, you should roam around the arena and find some convenient and safe hiding spots. Although you will not be hiding all the time during the game because it will lower your score, you will need to hide from time to time to avoid getting tagged and to take a breather.

You should not refrain from hiding when it’s necessary because once you are hidden and there is an opponent nearby, you can jump out, tag them and enjoy the surprising look on their face.

6. Learn about the arena:

Learning about the arena is one of the best ways to win a laser tag game. As we mentioned earlier, it is a smart move if you reach the arena a few minutes before the game starts and explore the arena. Learn about all the obstacles, its floors, walls so you are aware of all its hiding spots.

This is also important in a way that you must not want to be tripping while running during the game, and falling face first, or not know about a good hiding place nearby.

You can only get all this information by taking your time and learning about the layout of the laser tag arena, whether it is indoor or outdoor. Because once you spend some time doing this, you can use this knowledge to your advantage.

7. Don’t Stop Shooting:

One fun rule of laser tag game is the more you shoot, the greater are the chances of your opponents getting tagged. This also means that there is no point in not shooting during the game because you might tag someone by shooting and if you stop, you might get tagged instead.

It is even great if your laser tag gun is battery charged because then you will not have to worry about refilling it which is also a time-consuming task.

8. Wear Comfortable Clothes:

Apart from wearing clothes whose color can easily blend in with the surroundings, it is also important to wear comfortable clothes. If the game is to be played in an indoor laser tag arena, then you must take a jacket to avoid catching a cold.

Because in the indoor arenas, there are usually running air conditioners so the temperature is quite low. Covering yourself in layers is also not very feasible because once the game starts and players start running, they sweat and it gets a bit hot for them to keep all the layers on.

So the best practice is to wear a jacket, that you can easily manage on the top of your vest. You can also keep it on at the beginning of the game but as time goes on and you keep moving and running, you can easily take it off if it gets too hot for you.

Similarly, if you playing in an outdoor laser tag arena, you should wear light-colored clothes, mostly the ones in the range of brown or mud colors that can easily blend in with the surroundings. Your clothing should be comfortable, so you can run easily. You will not be needing a jacket for outdoor laser tag because it is mostly played under the direct sun. However, you must wear full sleeves to avoid getting tanned or sunburned.

9. Loose Clothing:

This is the most important tip to keep in mind. You have to constantly move, run, and crouch in the laser tag game so you must wear loose clothes in the outdoor laser tag game.

When you run in the outdoor arena, you sweat and your clothes stick to you and make it difficult for you to move. There are also chances of your clothes getting torn, so wear loose clothes so you can move easily.

10. Take Rest:

It is always said that if you are playing a laser tag game, you must keep moving constantly, but that’s not always the case. By constantly running and moving, you can tire out quite easily. So take a few moments to rest, so you can go back in the game feeling re-energized and fresh.

This is also why learning the layout of the arena is important so when you get tired during the game, you can take a breather.

11. Comfortable Shoes:

Apart from comfortable, dark, and loose clothes, the shoes you wear to laser tag are also very important. You must not wear sandals or flip-flops as it will become very difficult for you to run in them. The best choices are sneakers or rubber boots because they are comfortable, good for running, and do not hurt your feet. So beware of the shoes you choose to wear!

12. Be Smart With Targets:

We know it is going to sound a bit mean, but if you plan to win the game, you should target the newbies or players who are not aware of the arena layout. This is how you will score more points and ultimately win the game.

Knowing what are the best hiding positions and how to take relatively new players down will help you win many games, so do not hesitate to shoot down your sibling who is not aware that you are hiding nearby.

13. Stick To Your Teammates:

Do not act like a lone warrior in the arena even it feels exciting to do so. Always stick to your team members because in the laser tag game, the more the merrier rules apply. For instance, if you get shot, you can instantly call your teammates who can easily take the shooter down and re-spawn you.

Bottom Line:

Laser tag game is immense fun and thrill, then can be played with anyone. Young, adults, teens, and kids enjoy it equally. You can also play laser tag games with friends, family, or even co-workers which implies this game is more about having fun and creating memories than winning or losing.

But How to Win at Laser Tag, we also want to win the game at times, and brag about it, especially if we have been losing in a row. You just have to wear comfortable clothes, shoes, try to blend in with the surroundings of the laser tag arena, and play smart.

Learn the layout of the arena by reaching 15 or 20 minutes earlier before all the players. Use tactile motions, shoot constantly, and move a lot. Don’t hide in one place for too long if you do not want a low score and have a fun experience.

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