Laser Tag Age Limit (What Age Is Laser Tag Appropriate For?)

Laser Tag Age Limit

The adventure and fun that comes with playing laser tag game is the reason for its popularity and widespread likeness. Laser tag is a great choice for parties and also a good game to learn about team-building activities.

It provides for a great combat adventure due to flashing lights and space phasers as you run through the arena with your laser tag gear.

Whilst it is a very popular game, many people often wonder what is the appropriate age to play laser tag. If you have a similar question Laser Tag Age Limit, keep reading this article because we are going to discuss what is the age limit for laser tag games.

How Old to Play Laser Tag:

How Old to Play Laser Tag

Laser tag game, in all actuality, is an appropriate game for all age groups allowing players to have fun with their friends, colleagues, and family members. However, when it comes to children, there is an age limit for laser tag.

Children under six years should not be allowed to play laser tag in the arena because they might not be able to carry the laser tag guns or handle other equipment throughout the game period.

Moreover, the fog in the arena might create visibility problems for them. But most importantly, age limits depend on the venue in which laser tag is being played.

Now let’s explore which age bracket is the most suitable to play laser tag games and what age kids cannot play this game.

Laser Tag for Children Aged 3 to 5: (Laser tag for 5-year-olds)

When it comes to the age for laser tag, a simple yes or no does not suffice. Since ages of the same age are often built differently and grow at different rates, some kids within this age bracket are more mature than others, and can better handle the laser tag equipment than other kids of the same age.

Typically, if a kid in this age bracket wants to play laser tag, it is preferred that he plays the simplified version of this game. Moreover, these kids should also be accompanied by their parents. Such kids should also be kept away or laser quest age restrictions from the dark side of the laser tag arena because kids can get frightened by the dark.

Laser Tag for Adults:

Laser Tag for Adults

Just like all other games, both kids and adults can have great fun playing laser tag. Moreover, laser tag is really helpful for adults because it involves lots of moving and running. Given below are some of the benefits adults can have while playing laser tag.

  • Laser tag fosters physical fitness. The constant physical movements, running, crouching, and other tactile motions make for a great cardio and help you burn excess calories while enhancing flexibility.
  • It builds the team-building spirit as members partner up in teams against the opponent team.
  • Laser tag is helpful in sound sleep because once you are physically tired, you fall asleep easier and the sleep quality is also better. This is also another reason why adults should play laser tag because adults often struggle with sleep so this game is really helpful.

Points you should consider before letting your kid play laser tag: Laser tag for Toddlers

It has been established that laser tag is a relatively safer game for kids, and there is nothing much that can go wrong, nevertheless, you should take some precautionary measures so your kid’s safety is assured. Here are a few points you must always keep in mind every time you let your kid go to the laser tag arena.

* When and where the game is going to be played. You must have been aware of the venue, and whether the arena is indoors or outdoors because, in the case of an indoor laser tag arena, your child can get scared of older intimidating children as well as the darkness of the arena. Because the indoor laser tag arena is a dark place, all the lights are turned off to create thrill and adventure, but this is not very suitable for younger kids.

  • You should also be aware of the equipment that is going to be used in the laser tag game that your kid is going to participate in. This is important because you will be needing to weigh the equipment to ensure whether it is light enough for your kid to handle easily. After all, in the laser tag arena, kids have to wear and carry the equipment while running. This is not an easy activity for all kids because they all are built differently.

Moreover, some equipment is too delicate and some kids often drop such items and break them. so it is important to know beforehand whether the given equipment can be handled by your kid or not.

  • Last but not the least, you must be aware of the time when the game is going to get started. Outdoor laser tag games that are played in amusement parks have a fixed playing time, and all the players have to follow their schedules. If your kid is a beginner at laser tag, it is better if you choose off-peak periods for him so he can enjoy the game more and does not hesitate.

Bottom Line:

At the end of the day, the purpose of sports and games is to ensure physical fitness, create memories and have fun. Any game is suitable for your child as long as he is enjoying, learning, and growing laser tag for toddlers. There are no hard and fast rules in laser tag and you only need to figure out the right way that can help your kid.

If your child is too young to play laser tag in the amusement park or center, then you should consider buying personal laser tag guns and vests and play this game in the backyard. This way your kid will learn about the game rules and his safety will also be intact. You will also have fun along with your child.

But if your child is old enough, let’s say 7 or more than 7 years old, then the factors mentioned above will be helpful in fully experiencing the laser tag and having fun.

Hopefully, this article will answer all your questions.

Thank you for reading!

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