18 Different Types Of Laser Tag Games

what is the laser tag games types and formats

Laser tag games is a recreational sport, and as the name suggests it involves the use of guns that emit infrared light. The laser tag guns do not use laser light, but low beam infrared lights, and these are used to tag or hit the target players. Two or more teams can play this game, and the one with the highest score wins the game.

Different Types Of Laser Tag Game:

People of all age groups love to play laser tag games because apart from being a fun activity, it also keeps people physically fit. Infrared emitting games and IR detecting target vests make this game like a real-life Sci-Fi adventurous movie.

It is similar to paintball to some extent, but it also offers a thrilling and simulated combat experience with equipment that is safe for all age groups.

Laser tag game is very versatile in the sense that you can play more than 40 different game formats depending on the size of your team. Apart from solo matches and standard team matches, there are many other special matches too which are equally intense and engaging.

If you are a newbie to laser tag game and don’t know much about this game, then here are the different types of laser tag games you can play with your friends:

Different Types Of Laser Tag Game

1. Base Flags:

The base flag is a type of game that players play in the form of teams, and each team tries to tag its opponent’s base.

Base flag game starts when the players start at their base and get one life. After the warm-up, players try and tag other teams’ bases to score a point without getting hit or tagged.

If they get tagged, they are made to return to their base and get re-energized. For a fun-filled laser tag experience, players can play multiple rounds.

2. Capture the Flag:

In the Capture the Flag game, players are divided into two teams and each team has a unique “flag”. Each team aims to capture the flag of the opponent team and win a point by taking it to their base, hence the name of the game “capture the flag“.

However, there is a condition that the players can only capture their opponents’ flag if their flag is present in their base.

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Depending on the type of equipment and technology used, this game type varies in many laser tag venues. Some venues change the name a bit by assigning an in-field target that acts as a flag whereas others assign each team a King that needs to be protected. If one team’s King gets hit, the other team is considered the winner.

3. Elimination:

Elimination is the game in which members of both teams focus on eliminating each other by tagging the members of the opponent team. Each player gets a specific number of lives in this game. A player loses one life when he/she gets tagged.

This is why a player is given multiple lives because this way, a player can be tagged many times before he/she is officially eliminated from the team and cannot play anymore.

Once a player has lost all their lives, they have to step aside while the remaining players continue to play the game. A team loses the game when all its players get tagged.

4. Dead Aim:

Dead Aim is a very thrilling game in which players of both teams get limited ammunition to defeat the opponent team by hitting or tagging its players. If a player misses a shot, it is considered a loss; however, if an opponent gets hit, the player gets a bonus shot.

The format of this game is tactical and intriguing as the players struggle to gain shots and win the game. Different formats are played in the laser tag game. Each format is unique and intriguing in its way and brings fun and joy to the players.

5. Fly the Flag: 

Fly the flag is very similar to capture the flag game. In this game, you have to seize the flag of the opponent team and bring it back to your base.

While running back to your base you have to make sure that you do not get tagged, or you will lose a point. In Fly the Flag, you have to capture the enemy’s flag and bring it into your base in a fixed time to be the winner.

6. Bag of Tricks: 

In the bag of tricks laser tag, sneaking, and ducking are not enough. The arena is dark, and you have to walk while being blinded down. Flickering lights depict the target areas and you have to walk accordingly.

7. Protocol Life: 

In most kinds of laser tag games, the purpose of each player is to save the VIP or ahead figure while taking shots at the opponents. Players have to protect themselves from getting shot while skillfully tagging the enemies. Players either build a human wall, huddle around, or simply hideaway the VIP of their team because when a team loses, its VIP gets defeated.

8. The Mighty Action: 

The mighty action laser tag is based on a character from the Marvel series. Players attempt to eliminate the opposing player from the juggernaut or the center position till the point that he/she gives up their position and another player occupies the place. This is a full-force action game and players have a great time playing it.

9. Protect the Homeland: 

In Protect the Homeland laser tag, players use tactics to save their base area while attacking their enemy camps. First of all, players of one team assemble and try to get hold of important positions, while eliminating as many students as possible. The players then sneak unannounced into the opponent team’s territory or take them from the front with full range.

10. Game of Thrones: 

Some laser tag games include a domination match strategy. In domination matches, one player from each team besieges an area or stays in a place for a given length of time. The longer a player stays, the heavier his point bag becomes. Players stay in the same position until the ending bell of the game rings and whoever has more scores is considered the winner.

11. Regal Style: 

Regal style laser tag is also called Solo Elimination. It is a battle royale match and involves the removal of players from the game or tagging them till one survivor is left. The survivor becomes the winner.

12. Thinning the Enemy Force: 

Thinning the Enemy Force also comes in the category of Elimination Matches. Elimination matches are games that involve the teaming up of players and shooting and tagging the opponent members. In Thinning the Enemy Force, when a player gets tagged a set number of times, they lose their life. The team whose all players get tagged first loses the match.

13. The Classic Theme: 

One of the most played versions of the laser tag game is The Classic Theme. In this game, players shoot at their opponent players till the time of the game runs out. Then the number of shots on each player is counted and compared and whoever has shot more wins the game.

The classic game is a great choice for beginners, especially first-timers. They can experiment and get the hang of the game without worrying about the early elimination from the game.

Game timing in the classic theme is predetermined, so when the timer runs out, all players stop. This also means you can refill your ammunition continuously as well as use the energizer to revive yourself if you have run out of life. Players in this game can split themselves into teams or they can play individually. The player with the highest score is declared the winner of the game.

14. The Depopulation Phenomenon: 

In the depopulation phenomenon, “you only live one” stands true. Players tag the opponent players and kill them on the spot. Players are not given extra lives so their team members cannot “re-spawn” them. Since the players cannot be reimbursed, as you keep shooting your enemies, their team keeps thinning. Once you wipe out all the opponent players, you are declared the winner.

15. Act it Out: 

The act it out laser tag is known by multiple names, one such name is Convoy and Role-Playing. In this game, one team acts as a caravan that has to start its journey towards a fixed one of the arena.

The other team tries to get the caravan and tag each opponent member to death. If the caravan team reaches their destination first then it is the winner, and if the opponent team tags all the members of the caravan then it is declared the winner of the match.

16. Save the Doctor: 

To save the doctor laser tag, a life-saver or a medic is chosen from each team. This medic re-fills the power and saves the lives of fellow players. Members of each team protect their medic otherwise the players are left with a limited number of lives as a whole and each player struggles to win against time.

17. On-Target: 

In the On-Target laser tag game, a jar of folded papers is passed around all players. The name of each player is written on each paper in the jar, and each player picks a paper to land their target.

The player aims to tag the member whose name is mentioned on the folded paper that he/she picked and this is how all players chase each other trying to shoot. The cycle continues until one last player is standing, who is declared the winner.

18. Swapping Partners: 

Swapping partners is both a mixture of perplexity and fun as this laser tag game jogs your memory cells like no other thrilling game. Players in Swapping Partners are supposed to fight for a team till the timer goes off.

Once the timer goes off, players randomly switch sides. Since this game and swapping of players is based on the principle of probability, players never know which side they will be on when the finishing bell is rung. In swapping partners, the confusion between players and even teammates is very common.

Different Formats Of Laser Tag Games To Play:

Different Formats Of Laser Tag Games To Play

Different formats are played in the laser tag game. Each format is unique and intriguing in its own way and brings fun and joy to the players.

  • A Great Game For Kids: Fun Laser Games

In today’s era, children are more addicted to play games on computer and mobile phones than playing outdoor games in park or even in their own backyard. So it is important to add such fun activities in their life, that improves their gaming experience and keeps your worry levels low as a parent.

Best part of laser tag game is that it can be played both, indoors as well as outdoors. This game is quite an ideal game for your kids and here is why:

  • Great Health Benefits:

Being a parent you must be concerned about your kid’s health if they spend too much time in front of TC/Computer screen or mobile phone. You might be wanting them to play a game that involves running and intense body movements so they grow physically strong. If this is the case then laser tag game is the best solution for you.

Laser tag game requires the players to run from one spot to the other in order to track their enemies. Therefore, by playing this game, your kid can get an effective cardio workout which is very beneficial for his/her health. Playing this game on a regular basis can help your kid emerge as a fitter and stronger person.

  • Highly Entertaining:

This game is highly entertaining, where players of one team are required to shoot their opponents with the help of a laser tag gun that emits infrared light, which is not at all harmful. If the players of opposite teams come in contact with each other during the game, there is a penalty.

So we can also say this game is very safe even if you compare it with paintball, and given this assurance it is completely safe and healthy not only for your children but for you as well.

Laser tag game is designed to be realistic which brings immense thrill and joy to the kids.

  • Perfect for Birthday Parties:

Planning a child’s birthday party is never an easy task for parents, because there is so much work to do and things to take care of and organize and most importantly, the theme of the party which is the most important element. So if you are organizing a birthday party for your child and don’t know what theme to choose, laser tag birthday party is going to do wonders for you.

Your child can have a great time by playing this game with their friends on their great day which will definitely result as a memorable and scintillating experience.

  • Great for Team Work:

Laser tag game is a perfect sport for developing team working skills in your kids. This game involves multiple players who divide themselves into different teams, and the members of one team are united against the members of the opponent team. To defeat the opponent team, players complement actions and coordinate tactics.

In this way, laser tag game promotes team work spirit in children. Bonding and cohesion are crucial requisites to be a successful individual in life and your child can easily develop these traits by playing this game with his/her friends. Apart from enhancing good values, it keeps your children physically fit so it is one of the best games for kids.

  • Safe:

Many parents show concern at whether playing laser tag game is safe for their kids or not. We did our research and have come to a conclusion that it is a very safe game for kids, for two main reasons. First, although the name is laser tag, but not real laser guns are used in this game.

Instead, low radiation infrared light is used which is very safe for people of all age groups, especially kids. Secondly, it keeps kids away from TV and computer screens which also protect their vision and mental health at a young age. So, laser tag game is a great game for kids.

Equipments For Laser Tag Game:

Players wear a laser tag vest, that has a built-in infrared sensitive signaling device. These vests register the score every time a player gets hit, and often times these devices are also connected to huge projector screens inserted in one corner of the arena that display the scores of each team.

A player leaves the arena after getting tagged, but his teammates can resurrect him and can play again.

How to Play Laser Tag Game At Home & Outdoor:

How to Play Laser Tag Game At Home

Laser tag is a game in which each player wears a laser tag vest, that is covered in infrared-sensitive sensors, and every time a players gets tagged by a laser tag gun that emits infrared light, these sensors on the vest detect it.

When the infrared beam hits the sensor on the vest, that player who has hit either gets a point or eliminates the opponent player he just tagged and temporarily stuns him.

Laser tag game is played both in indoor as well as outdoor arenas, which are specifically designed for this game. Lights are dimmed in the arena to make the game more intense and realistic. To ensure a total victory, play smart and coordinate with your team members in the arena.

Here’s how you can play laser tag game with your friends:

1. Find a venue

Find a laser tag arena in your area to play this fun game and enlist some of your friends to play this game with you. Mostly, laser tag arenas are parks that are specifically designed to play laser tag games. These parks can also be rented out or you can also show up with your friends and get in line to wait for your turn.

You should also check ahead of time if the arena has an open play before you go, so you may not end up wasting your time. Visit the area that you find cool and take 6 to 30 friends with you to play the laser tag game.

The cost for playing a laser tag game per person is usually $10 to $50.

2. Laser Tag Equipment:

You can purchase your personal laser tag equipment and use it whenever you have to play. When it comes to laser tag equipment, you have plenty of options available as you can buy it online as well as from any games store.

Almost all companies manufacturing laser tag equipments are reliable, safe, and lightweight which means the gear is easy to carry and manage.

People often play laser tag games in areas with unique layouts so the game becomes more fun and exciting. Laser tag game is also often played in the dark and the dim lighting in the arena makes it all look like an adventurous Sci-Fi movie.

3. Dark Clothes:

Since laser tag game is often played in the dark background and the lighting is dim, we advise that you should also play dark clothes to blend into the background and make it much more difficult for your opponent to identify you and tag you.

So it is better if you wear a navy blue or black shirt, with a set of navy or black athletic jeans or pants. By dressing in these colors, you will blend into the dark background of the arena and it will become much harder for your opponents to spot you.

4. Shoes:

Always wear those shoes while playing laser tag game, that you are really comfortable in. Preferably tennis or gym shoes, because you have to do lots of running and constant to and fro movements, so it is important if you wear a pair that is comfortable and it is easier for you to run in it.

5. Split your Friends:

Since we mentioned earlier that you should take 6-30 friends with you in the arena to play with you, so before the game time starts, split your friends up into 2 teams, with equal number of members in each team. Some arenas have more space and 4 teams can play in it at once, so if your arena allows for it, further split your teams into small squads for a more competitive and exhilarating game.

You can separate the members into multiple groups on your own or you can also select team captains who will draft players for their teams.

  • All players must discuss strategy ahead of the game time, so when the game starts, there is less panic and more action. Meet with your teammates and discuss in detail about how you are going to play, what tactics you all are going to use and how are you all going to execute your plans, in advance. You must also decide who is going to take the lead.
  • Always remember that laser tag ball is all about having fun and making memories with your friends, and unless it is a tournament and there are prizes for the winner, you do not have to be too competitive. Split up your friends into teams so everyone can play and have equal fun.
  • Put on your laser tag vest, tighten the clips in the front of the vest. By pulling the straps on the side of your vest, tighten your vest until it is snug on your body. In laser tag game, when an infrared laser from your opponent’s laser tag gun strikes your vest’s detecting device, you are “hit” or “tagged”.

So if your vest is too loose, the sensors on it could accidentally go off, and make you lose points so it is better to make sure that your vest fits you tightly and you not lose any unnecessary points.

  • Sensors are usually located in the middle of the laser tag vest, on the top of shoulders, and back of the vest. It is possible that there may be a sensor in your laser tag gun as well.

Your vest should be tight, but it should not be too tight that it restricts your blood flow or cause some other discomfort. If you are having difficulty in adjusting the vest, ask for help from arena employee.

  • Before the game starts, check your laser gun thoroughly. Often laser guns have cartridges, which means that such guns have limited ammunition and need to be reloaded or recharged after intervals. So pick a laser gun up and inspect it to see if it has any instructions on it for turning it on or there is a list of the ammunition at the side of the gun. All laser tag arenas usually give the same model of laser guns to all players so it really does not matter which gun you pick up. Checking your gun for cartridges is very important because it highly affects your performance in the game.
  • As we mentioned earlier in this article, there are different types of laser tag games. Some are elimination style, where a player gets eliminated from the game he gets hit, or the game is point-based, where you score points by tagging opponent players and they are removed from the game only temporarily. Whatever the scenario, there will be a game presentation provided by the arena employees before the game begins, and they will explain all the rules and things that are allowed and not allowed.

For instance, depending on your age and the spot where you are planning to play, you may not be allowed to run during the game. And if you are not allowed to run, you will have to move by shuffling quickly and staying low to stay out of your opponents’ firing range.

Other common types of laser tag game include battle royale, in which every player plays the game on their own and there are no collective scores or points. The last standing player wins the game. So keeping all the rules in mind, play the game because it has numerous benefits, and your fun and joy is the most important of all.

Are laser Tags Being Harmful?

Many people believe that laser tag guns contain real laser beams because of their name. They feel hesitant to allow their kids to play with laser tag guns because of this one reason. Most of the laser tag guns use very low-intensity infrared radiation, often in the range of 0.9mW which is not harmful to anyone and even kids as young as eight years old can play this game.

There are countless benefits of a laser tag games. One is that it can be played both indoors as well outdoors. You can transform your garage, basement, rec room, and even backyard into a laser tag arena.

Another great advantage of this game is that people from any age group can play it, it is not restricted to a certain age. Laser tag game not only brings joy and fun for kids, but it is also safe for them too and ensure the betterment of their physical health as well.

Teens, adults, and even parents can play laser tag games. Although all the laser tag equipments has similar qualities, recently, some companies have designed new laser tag equipment using the latest technology and added new functions and qualities to the plain old gear. For instance, some vests have a water mist spray that gets turned on every time the player gets hit.

Similarly, many laser tag guns are differently colored so the players can name their teams by the color of their guns. This way, the laser tag game has become more fun and an all-time favorite recreational sport of children.

Bottom Line:

In this article, we named different kinds of laser tag games and explained their method of playing. These are some of the most common and fun laser gamers that you can play both in indoor arena as the well outdoor arena. The laser gun uses infrared radiation to shoot the players, and the sensor on players’ vests detects the infrared signal and declares the player has been tagged.

Laser tag games are a great opportunity for kids and adults alike to indulge in physical activity and shake away from the dream-like situation that their electronic gadgets offer. However, many people have expressed their reservations as well. They believe games like laser tag, airsoft, paintball, etc have inculcated violence in the personality of regular players.

However, we strongly believe that laser tag games are harmless and rather promote team spirit amongst players. The laser guns use infrared light and not even real laser so it is not harmful in any way. Players also learn the lesson of loyalty and hard work from this game. Apart from all these qualities, players also learn a knack for using tactics to work through tough and challenging situations.

So you can play this game at home with your friends or family members. You can also play any of these games in the outdoor arena in a park nearby. Some adults love to play these games on weekends after a hectic work week so laser tag games are also a great substitute for weekend getaways.

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