16 Laser Tag Rules – General and Safety Rules for Beginners

Laser Tag Rules

Laser Tag:

Since the invention of the laser tag in 1979, it has been a popular activity for children and adults. It is a game and an interactive form of entertainment that people worldwide can play.

Particularly with its release in 1989, when it became legal to play indoors, laser tag has been increasingly popular among gamers.

As a result, laser tag has evolved from being mainly a physical activity to encompassing mental challenges. You must-have strategy, skill, and coordination to win at laser tag if you want to take home victory!

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By holding a laser tag game in an arena, this is called “arenasports”. The basic idea of the game is to eliminate your opponent by tagging their vests, which are equipped with sensors that will emit sounds when they are hit.

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The arena can have different obstacles to walk through or hide behind. The arena can also have slides or climbing obstacles to provide another way of quickly getting from place to place.

The arena’s size is usually between 500 and 1000 square feet, which will require approximately 8-16 players for it to be an enjoyable game. But some areas are as large as 4500 square feet!

Rules of Laser Tag Game:

  • Players wear vests that score points when hit by an infrared beam
  • The games take place outdoors in a closed field with varying sizes and obstacles
  • Each player is given a number and lasts until they’re out of life, or the game time expires
  • If the game time expires, players are ranked in order of score
  • Games last 15 minutes each

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Basic Laser Tag Rules: (Laser Quest Rules)

There are a few basic rules to laser tag that everyone should follow to have a fun and safe game.

1. Make sure you always have your vest on when you are in the arena.

2. Do not touch other players’ vests or equipment with your hand.

3. Only shoot at other players if they are in range, and you are sure you will hit them.

4. Do not run with your gun pointed at the ground – this is unsafe and can cause accidents.

5. If you are hit, call yourself out and leave the game.

6. Never play alone – it is always recommended to have a spotter watch your back.

7. If you are hurt, remove yourself from the game and get medical attention if necessary.

General and Safety Rules for Laser Tag:

General and Safety Rules for Laser Tag

When you play laser tag, there are some safety rules that you need to remember. First of all, never point the laser gun at someone’s eyes. It can cause permanent damage. Secondly, make sure to keep your finger off the trigger until you are ready to shoot. If you follow these rules, you’ll have a safe and enjoyable game of laser tag!

  1. Always stay aware of your surroundings.
  2. Never leave the arena without permission.
  3. No physical contact with other players outside of the game situation.
  4. Respect the equipment and property of others.
  5. Keep all voices down to a whisper when in the game area.
  6. Do not touch the game obstacles or props without permission from an authorized official.
  7. No climbing on or hanging off of game elements or walls.
  8. Do not break, damage, deface, move, steal, or destroy any game elements in your area.
  9. No food or drink is allowed in the obstacle area.
  10. If you need to leave the obstacle area for any reason, go to the designated changing areas for bathroom breaks and equipment checks.
  11. When an official asks, always tell the truth about your time and number of attempts performed on a particular obstacle.
  12. No spectators or onlookers allowed in the game area.
  13. If you must leave the arena for any reason, go to the designated exit.
  14. The bottom of an obstacle is considered out of bounds (OOB).
  15. Stay on designated paths and under supervision at all times.
  16. There is no banging or hitting props or equipment in your area with a weapon.

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