LASER TAG vs AIRSOFT (Guide 2023)

laser tag vs airsoft

If there is a birthday party coming up or any event that you have to plan and organize, then make sure it is based on entertainment so the children and adults can have fun.

Now you might be thinking what are such activities that both adults and children can participate in. well, LASER TAG vs AIRSOFT is a game that people from all age groups can play and have fun with.

But many people get confused between both games and cannot choose one when t comes to organizing events with similar themes. If you are also facing a similar problem, keep reading this article because we are going to compare both these games and find out the pros and cons of both laser tag and airsoft.

Laser Tag:

Laser tag is a very old game that is popular among adults, oldies, and even children. It can be played both outdoors as well as indoors. The rules vary slightly for indoor and outdoor games, but the laser tag equipment manufacturing companies have used the latest technology to make advanced gear that makes both games equally entertaining.

In laser tag, players use laser tag guns which emit infrared radiations. Each player wears a vest that has a sensor on it. every time a player gets hit by an opponent, the sensor detects the infrared beam and makes an announcement. Resultantly, the one getting hit loses a point.

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Indoor Laser Tag:

Laser tag games can be played both outdoors and indoors. If the arena is built indoors, the game is termed indoor laser tag. The indoor arenas are equipped with high-end laser tag gear and this place is designed for the laser combat of two or multiple different teams.

Outdoor Laser Tag:

There is not much difference between indoor and outdoor laser tag except that in outdoor laser tag, the guns often have an increased shooting range. There is no air conditioning in the outdoor arena and no darkness either, and the players are under direct sun oftentimes.

The outdoor arena setup is also much different than the indoor arena. Since laser tag guns are used in both outdoor and indoor arenas, these games are safer for children as well as older people. The laser guns emit low-range infrared radiation that is harmless to the eyes and the players do not have to wear additional protective gear during playing.

Players in laser tag games are not allowed to have physical contact. This is applicable for both indoor and outdoor laser tags. If a player bumps into another player, especially the opponent, it can lead to disqualification or penalty.

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Airsoft is much different than laser tag in terms of playing rules and equipment. Players in airsoft engage in military-style combat and use military-style weapons and strategies.

It is also said that airsoft is much similar to paintball because players are organized into teams in airsoft just like they are in paintball. Players play airsoft in an outdoor arena where they try to hit and eliminate the opposing players.

Types of Airsoft:

Just like different types of laser tag, there are different types of airsoft games as well. Some of these are:

  1. Skirmish:

 Skirmish is one of the most popular airsoft games. Multiple teams are involved in this game, and opponent players shoot at each other following military-style combat. The team that standstill last is declared the winner.

  1. Milsim: 

Milsim is similar to skirmish but the players and the game theme is more focused on the military simulation of the game. In the milsim type of airsoft, players divide themselves into groups, organized like a hierarchy, where each member is assigned a definitive role. Games in milsim are more realistic and last for a longer time than in skirmish or any other airsoft game.

  1. Speedsoft: 

Speedsoft is the only version of airsoft in which military-style is not followed. Players are more concerned about shooting their opponents as fast as possible. As the name of this game indicates, the players’ goal is to shoot down the opponent team in the shortest possible time.

Difference between Laser Tag and Airsoft:

The main difference between laser tag and airsoft is that airsoft is more military-style combat than laser tag. Contrary to paintball guns, airsoft ammunition is difficult to distinguish from real weapons because they have been designed and manufactured using real arms as the sample.

Moreover, teams are more concerned with dressing in the right style in airsoft than they are in laser tag.


Theme parties are fun as there is a lot of physical activity involved and all kinds of players can participate. These parties are also fun because you can have fun with family members or friends and make memories. But the theme of this party depends on you and your guests’ preference.

If you or your kid is more inclined towards LASER TAG vs AIRSOFT then you should base the party on a laser tag theme, otherwise airsoft because both games are harmless for the players and they do not have to wear the additional protective gear.

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