What is the Most Expensive Nerf Gun?

Most expensive nerf guns

Nerf guns have been in use for decades, and are loved by all generations. In 1980, the first Nerf gun came out, and since then, they have been constantly evolving – from Nerf N-Strike to Nerf Rayven.

Due to constant innovation in the Nerf guns designs, the old models are now treated as collectibles, and the older a model is, the pricier it is. Different factors affect the price of a Nerf gun, such as its functionality, design, and length of time on the market.

All these factors collectively determine the market desirability of a Nerf gun. These guns are made in all colors, sizes, shapes, and designed for different kinds of purposes.

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If you are interested in Nerf guns and are looking to buy some but do not have a clear idea, keep reading this article because we have compiled a list of some of the most expensive Nerf guns.

Most Expensive Powerful Nerf Guns:

expensive nerf guns

Nerf guns were introduced in 1980 along with a foam ball. The invention of Nerf guns has completely revolutionized the toy world of kids. When it comes to the toys we grew with, the Nerf guns are their benchmark. People these days prefer plastic Nerf guns which are also available in different price ranges and functions. You can collect as many Nerf guns as you would like to, but you will have to pay a particular price for this hobby.

Some basic Nerf guns have been categorized as Nerf blasters. This feature has increased their value in the market as collectibles because of their unique functions and features. Here’s one thing you must keep in mind if you are looking forward to buying a Nerf gun, make sure you buy the one which is packed in its original box.

Because if an old model Nerf gun is found in its original box and it has not been used, it can earn you a fortune because of its uniqueness.

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If you are planning to buy Nerf blasters, you should know they come with Elite darts, Mega darts, rounds, and full rivals. The ammunition can be refilled and it is also separately available in packs. In the following section, we have compiled some of the most expensive Nerf guns you can easily purchase online.

1. NERF Star Wars Amban Phase-Pulse Blaster

If you are looking for star wars themed base gun for your kid, then NERF star wars gun is a must for you. It is made up of plastic and is very durable. It has a unique design and is built using the latest technology. It is 50.25 inches long and is the best nerf gun for kids older than 8 years old.

2. NERF N-Strike Modulus ECS-10 Blaster

NERF N-Strike gun is made up of plastic, which makes it lightweight, easily portable, and very durable. The fire vision allows you to ignite the darkness of the night and have fun with your friends. Its maximum range is 90 feet, and it runs on batteries.

3. Nerf Elite 2.0 Eaglepoint RD-8 Blaster

Nerf elite gun only weighs about 900 grams, which makes it lightweight and you kid can easily play the game and run in the arena carrying this Nerf gun. It is recommended for kids older than 8 years old because they can handle it better. The Nerf elite gun comes with an attachable scope and a barrel which helps the players create different kinds of blaster styles during the game. With a range of 90 feet, it is one of the best Nerf elite guns.

4. NERF Elite 2.0 Commander RD-6 Blaster

NERF elite gun weighs only 500 grams, which makes it one of the lightest and most easily portable guns for your kids. Kids can carry this gun, handle it easily, and run conveniently in the game arena without getting tired or having difficulty playing. It covers the maximum range of about 90 feet and includes 12 NERF darts.

5. NERF Elite 2.0 Shockwave RD- 15 Blaster

With a shooting range of 90 feet, this NERF gun is one of the best Nerf guns for players of any age. It is built using the latest technology and has a very unique design. Players can customize the blaster by adding accessories to tactical rails, stock attachment points, and barrel attachment points. Another great advantage of this gun is that it includes 30 NERF darts which makes it’s a must-nerf gun to have.

6. NERF Disruptor Elite Blaster

NERF Disruptor blaster contains a quick-draw blaster which makes it a great nerf gun. It is made up of plastic, therefore, it is reliable, light-weight, and a durable gun that your kid can handle easily and will not get hurt while playing. It only weighs one pound – another advantage for the kid. Its shooting range is about 27 meters. By including 6 elite Darts it is a great NERF gun for players of all age groups.

7. NERF Mega XL Boom Dozer Blaster

One of the best features of NERF Mega XL Boom Blaster is that it does not require batteries to run. So you do not have to worry about changing its batteries or the previous ones running out of power. Moreover, it is made up of plastic, so it is a harmless gun for your kid. This also includes 6 darts that make a whistling sound when they fly.

8. NERF Fortnite BASR-L Bolt Action

NERF Fortnite gun is made up of foam which makes it very unique. It has lightweight, with a great design and shooting range. It has great bolt action and contains a removable scope. Players can aim while looking through the scope which helps them make a clear and accurate aim.


In this article, we mentioned about 8 Most Expensive Nerf Gun which are the best NERF guns available online. These guns are manufactured using the latest technology and a great design and last for a long time.

Most of these guns are made up of plastic, so they are harmless for your children. They have a great shooting range and are a great source of fun for your children.

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