Types of Nerf Darts Ultimate Explained (Comparison)

Different Types of Nerf Darts


It’s no secret that Nerf guns are some of the most popular toys on the market. They’re perfect for kids and adults alike, and can provide hours of fun. But did you know that there are different types of Nerf darts?

Race into action with the ideal Nerf dart for you. Choose from a variety of different types, each with their own unique benefits to help you gain the advantage in battle. From long-range accuracy to rapid-fire speed, there’s a Nerf dart out there that will fit your playing style perfectly.

In this blog post, we’ll take a look at the different types of Nerf darts so that you can make an informed decision about which one is right for you. So, stock up and get ready for some intense Nerf action!

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Different Types of Nerf Darts:

Nerf Darts

Before we go into comparison, let’s find out what are the different types.

Suction Darts:

suction darts

These darts stick to flat surfaces like walls or doors. They’re great for indoor use, but don’t fare so well outdoors. If you’re looking for a dart that can stick to targets, then suction darts are a good option. However, they’re not as accurate as other types of darts, so if you’re looking for precision, you might want to consider another option.

Mega Darts:

Mega Darts

As the name suggests, these darts are bigger than traditional darts. They’re designed for use with Mega Nerf guns, and can travel up to 50 feet. If you’re looking for maximum distance, then mega darts are a good option. However, they’re not as accurate as smaller darts, so keep that in mind when making your decision.

Foam Darts:

Foam Darts

These are the most popular type of Nerf darts. They’re made of soft foam, which makes them safe to use. Foam darts are also very accurate, making them a good choice for those who want to hit their target with precision.

Rubber Darts:

Rubber Darts

Rubber darts are similar to foam darts, but they’re slightly harder. They’re still safe to use, but they can cause bruising if they hit sensitive areas like the face. Rubber darts are a good choice for those who want a bit more power behind their shots.

Plastic Darts:

These darts are the hardest type of Nerf dart. They’re not recommended for use by children, as they can cause serious injury. However, if you’re looking for maximum power and accuracy, then plastic darts are a good choice. Just be sure to use them with caution.

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Different Types of Nerf Darts in Comparison (1992 – Till Now):

Sharpshooter Dart:

Sharpshooter Dart


Sharpshooter was the first ever Nerf Dart introduced in 1992. Before Sharpshooter Nerf dart, there were balls that were used. The Sharpshooter dart is a type of ammunition that had quickly surpassed the use for Ballistic Balls.

It came with Nerf Blasters and you couldn’t buy it separately. So everybody was very cautious about not losing it because otherwise you would have to buy the whole Nerf Blaster package to get Sharpshooter Darts. It had a suction pump on the end of it which caused it to stick on the objects. The suction pump made it easy to fire and load. It also had great accuracy for a Nerf Dart.

It came in three-pack refills, but why it was replaced with these standard Mega Darts remains unknown to this day; however, they can still be found from time-to revelation if you’re lucky enough!

The Product has been discontinued now.

Mega Dart:

The Mega Dart was one of the first types introduced in 1993. It took inspiration from Sharpshooter Darts released just a year earlier, and featured longer ranges with slightly bigger diameters for increased power– making them ideal when you need to hit your target at farther distances but don’t have much room on top or below it!

There were two different versions created; these had similar appearances so they’re hard (but not impossible) to tell. One difference between these? Type 1 has better durability than type 2 though both will still travel about 30 feet before breaking on impact against a hard surface.

It also had a suction tip on the end of it to stick to objects and was compatible with more than 25 blasters. Moreover, it came in 9 different color combinations making it a unique experience for people to pick the best color combination for themselves.

Product has been discontinued.

Micro Dart:

Micro Dart

During the early 1990s, Nerf fascinated audiences with its high-quality foam dart guns. The most popular type of ammo at this time was still the Mega Darts which had been introduced back in 1993 but there were other options like Micro darts that came out soon after and surpassed it as more people began shooting these lighter weights for shorter ranges due to their accuracy; also called “Rip Rocket”.

The popularity saw it as opposed successor (and contemporary) Mega Darts – which also had limited lifespan because they were more durable than regular foam counterparts.

The name “Micro” comes from its smallest stature when compared to all other types of Nerf darts. After 10 years in 2003, Micro Darts were succeeded by N-Strike Micro Darts. However, the original 1993 Micro Dart has been discontinued.

Nerf Whistler Darts:

Nerf Whistler Darts

The Nerf Whistler Darts was released in 2003 and instantly became one of the most popular types of darts on the market due to their whistling sound when fired. Whistler Darts are variants of the Nerf Micro Dart.

These darts whistle as they fly through the air, making them perfect for games of tag or other outdoor activities. The whistling sound also helps to bring more excitement to Nerf battles. As a result, the Nerf Whistler Darts are a great choice for anyone looking for a fun and safe way to enjoy Nerf battles. But only if you have these darts available from any second-hand store or website because the product has been discontinued.

Sonic Micro Dart:

Sonic Micro Dart

Sonic Micro Dart was also released in 2003 (the same year as whistler dart). It had a small tip and created the same whistling sound. The only difference between Sonic Micro Dart and Whistler Dart was accuracy. Sonic Micro Dart was pretty more accurate and reliable than Whistler Dart but unfortunately due to its less popularity among players across North America, the production was stopped.

N-Strike Micro Dart:

N-Strike Micro Dart

We’ve talked about Micro Dart before and now we’ve got our hands on N-Strike Micro Dart. It was the successor of Micro Dart and was released in 2003. N-Strike Micro Dart has been around for years and can still be found packaged with many of today’s Nerf blasters. It is notable for being significantly smaller than most other Nerf darts, and as such, it is often used in blasters that are designed for close-range combat or for indoor play.

The suction cup head sticks to most smooth surfaces, making it perfect for playing in tight spots or on outdoor areas that might have grass or other objects that can interfere with foam darts. The Micro Dart is also compatible with some older blasters that use the Micro Mag Clip, making it a popular choice for people. Despite its small size, the Micro Dart packs’ a punch, and it can be fired with surprising accuracy.

The Product has been discontinued now.

Tagger Micro Dart:

Tagger Micro Dart

Tagger Micro Dart was released in 2004 under the Dart Tag Series. As you can guess by the name, these darts used tags instead of suction cup. Yes, you read it right, these Micro Dart kits allow you do just that, as they come with Velcro-tipped heads soakers which means it’s easy enough stick them onto anything from Scoring Vests or competition jerseys all the way down clothing material such as cotton shirts!

They were released in Red and Blue colors. In 2008, they were relaunched in Green and Orange colors too. However, there was a downside that they weren’t compatible with Clip System blasters.

The Product has been discontinued now.

Nerf Streamline Darts:

Nerf Streamline Darts

Streamline Darts were introduced in 2006 under the N-Strike Series. As mentioned earlier, N-Strike Micro Dart was also released under the same series. Streamline Darts are meant to be universal, easy-to use with clip system blasters. Also a matter of fact, Streamline Nerf Darts were used with the first blaster (LongShot CS-6) that used modern clip system. They have a rubber “streamlined” head and long orange body that make them perfect for any blaster!

The darts have a soft foam tip that is safe for use around kids and pets, and they stick to Nerf targets for easy scoring. They also come in a variety of colors, so you can customize your game. Whether you’re playing by yourself or with friends, Nerf Streamline Darts are sure to provide hours of fun.

However, unlike most other darts on the market though they do not fire accurately all of time so keep your expectations low.

The Product has been discontinued now.

Tagger Micro Whistler Dart:

Tagger Micro Whistler Dart is based off of the Tagging micro dart or we can say it was released as the latest version of Tagger Micro Dart in 2011. They feature a blue Velcro-tipped head, which allows them to stick onto Scoring Vests and competition jerseys with ease; this new variant also has modified tips where hole location has been repositioned or reshaped so that it can whistle while flying through air at high speeds as if being shot from Nerf gun!

Later in the same year 2011, Tagger Micro Whistler Dart was chosen to be the official dart of Nerf Dart Tag League. However, it wasn’t as popular as other darts and discontinued in 2014 making it the shortest time period for any Nerf Dart.

The Product has been discontinued now.

Nerf Elite Darts:

Nerf Elite Darts

Released under N-Strike series in 2012, Nerf Elite Darts were a game changer due to their accuracy and range. We’ve mentioned before about the Streamline Darts, they were also released under N-Strike Series. In comparison, Nerf Elite Darts were way ahead.

These are the standard Nerf darts that come with most Nerf guns. They’re made of soft foam, and are designed for safety. The tips of the darts are also narrower, which reduces drag and increases accuracy. Nerf Elite Darts also have 10-20% more shooting range than the previously released Streamline Darts.

In addition, the Nerf Elite darts come in a variety of colors, making it easy to identify your team during a Nerf battle. Whether you are looking for an edge in competition or just want to have more fun with your friends, Nerf Elite darts are the way to go.

The product status is active and available on any stores or websites (like Amazon).

Collectible Dart:


A collectible dart is a type of Nerf ammunition and toy that was released in 2013 under the Rebelle series. They were Nerf Elite Darts but with different colors mostly focused on Feminine design. Collectible Darts were compatible with all blasters. They were released in 23 different color combinations and had Rebelle logo printed on them.

The Product is discontinued now.

Zombie Strike Dart:

Zombie Strike Dart

Zombie Strike Dart was also released in 2013 under Zombie Strike Series. It was influenced by Zombie theme and have green color. They are also a variant of Nerf Elite Dart like previously mentioned Collectible Dart (Rebelle series). However, there’s a little difference between Zombie Strike Dart and Collectible Dart, Zombie Strike Dart doesn’t have a suction tip.

The product status is active and available on any store or website.

N-Strike Mega Dart:

N-Strike Mega Dart was first released in 2013 under N-Strike Elite. As the name suggests, they are much bigger than regular Nerf darts. Mega Darts are larger, brighter red darts that can whistle through the air. They are also compatible with all N-Strike Elite and MEGA branded products. N-Strike Mega Darts have a soft foam tip and are designed improved range.

The product status is active and available on any store or website.

Suction Dart:

Suction Dart was released in 2014 under N-Strike Mega Series. Suction Darts are also a variant of Elite Dart (like the previously mentioned Rebelle or Zombie Series). As compared to other Elite Darts, it comes with suction head type to stick to objects.

In addition, what increased the performance of Suction Dart as compared to other types of Nerf Darts that had suction head type was that the head and the body were in similar width. This made Suction Darts more aerodynamic and gave it better accuracy.

The product status is active and available on any store or website.

Doomlands Dart:

Doomlands Dart

Doomlands Dart was released in 2015 under Doomlands 2169 Series. We cannot say it is a variant of Nerf Elite Dart. But the design, size and weight are exactly the same as that of an Elite Dart. However, it has a different color scheme which makes it more appealing to people who like the Doomlands series.

The product is discontinued.

GlowStrike Dart:

GlowStrike Dart

GlowStrike Dart was also released in 2016 under Glow Strike Series. It was similar t of Nerf Elite Dart and comes with a glowing tip. The darts were designed to light up in the dark and provide better visibility during play. It was inspired from Star Wars theme and came with 2 different logos over it (Nerf and Star Wars).

The product status is active and available on any store or website.

AccuStrike Dart:

AccuStrike Dart

Hasbro’s new AccuStrike Dart released in 2017 under AccuStrike Series revolutionized the game of darts. The unique clip system design of the dart with spiraled dart head allows it to fly straight and hit the target with precision.

The oversized head and sharp tip provide maximum impact, while the lightweight material ensures that the dart doesn’t cause any damage to the dartboard. The result is a more accurate, safer and more fun game of darts. But that’s not all. AccuStrike Dart is backwards compatible meaning it can be used with all Nerf blasters that use standard darts. It came in 4 different color schemes.

The product is discontinued.

AccuStrike Mega Dart:

AccuStrike Mega Dart

AccuStrike Mega Dart is a variant of AccuStrike Dart and was released after a year i.e. 2018. As the name suggests, it is a bigger version of AccuStrike Dart with the same design but flat head. It turned out to be more accurate than Mega Dart but the range wasn’t as good as people expected. It has been released in 5 different color schemes so far.

The product is available on stores or websites.

Ultra Dart:

Ultra Dart

Ultra Dart was released in 2019 under Ultra Series. It is a completely new series that comes in Black-Orange and Yellow-Orange color combinations. The streamline head is smaller as compared to the body with 2 holes towards the top which gives it a more aerodynamic design. The unique spiral tip also provides better stability in flight. The Ultra Dart is also the lightest dart in Nerf history.

The product status is active and available on any store or website.

Fortnite Dart:

Fortnite Dart

Well as the name suggests, you know where it is coming from. However, to those who don’t know, Fortnite Dart is a collaboration of Hasbro with Epic to promote the game ” Fortnite “. It was released in 2019 and a variant of Elite Dart. Featuring purple head and blue body which represents the ” Llama ” in the Fortnite Game. The Llama is basically a treasure chest that provides you with lots of resources to help you survive in the game.

The product is available on stores or websites.

Fortnite Mega Dart:

Fortnite mega Dart

Fortnite Mega Dart is a variant of modern Mega Dart and was released in 2019. The same time when previously mentioned “Fortnite Dart” was released and for the same purpose (to promote the Fortnite Game). Fortnite Mega Dart has a whistler head type design and comes with a orange body and purple head.

The product is available on stores or websites.

Elite 2.0 Dart:

Elite 2.0 Dart

The all-new Elite 2.0 Dart was released in 2020 as a successor of Elite Dart under the same name i.e. “Elite 2.0”. It is a new and improved version of original Elite Dart with better accuracy and range. The unique streamlined design of the head provide better stability in flight. The darts are also compatible with all Nerf blasters that use standard darts.

The product status is active and available on any store or website.

Mega XL Dart:

Mega XL Dart

The Mega XL Dart is the biggest Nerf dart till now and was released in 2021. It is a variant of Mega Dart with a longer body. The head is also bigger as compared to the body which provides more impact. The design is similar to that of Mega Dart except that it has a whistling head. The result is a more powerful and accurate dart.

One more thing mention is that it is hollow from the inside and can fit in the Mega Dart in it. I still don’t know if that is the purpose of it to make it more impactful or not but well for now, it is what it is (lol!).

The product is available on stores or websites.

AccuStrike Ultra Dart:

AccuStrike Ultra Dart

AccuStrike Ultra Dart is the variant of Ultra Dart but was released under the AccuStrike series in 2021. It is a smaller in size, the design is similar to Ultra Dart but with Flat head. We can say it is an improved version of AccuStrike Dart in terms of accuracy.

The product status is active and available on any store or website.


So, these were some of the popular and latest Different Types of Nerf Darts that have been released by Nerf. I hope you enjoyed reading it and found it helpful. If you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to comment down below. I would love to hear from you.

Thank You!

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