Nerf Elite Trilogy DS 15 Review (Guide 2023)

Review of the Nerf Elite Trilogy DS-15 Blaster

It is always worth it to have multiple and exciting options in any series of gaming equipment. This helps the players have multiple options to choose from and explore a different venues of interest and excitement they hold for the game. Such ventures also make the game much more interesting and thrilling.

Hasbro has made sure to not disappoint its customers with its Nerf blasters series. Each blaster is unique and outstanding in quality and performance. The features are different and constantly updated in every new model. The best part about this series is that all these blasters are made up of plastic that makes them sturdy and long lasting.

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Review of Nerf Elite Trilogy DS 15

The Nerf Elite Trilogy DS 15 is a shotgun blaster that can fire not one or two but three darts at once. Moreover, it is a spring-powered blaster so you have to worry less about additional accessories to make it operate. From my experience with this blaster, I feel that it is quite a unique blaster and not in one but multiple ways. In the following review, I am going to explain how I found this Nerf Blaster reliable, sturdy, and brilliant. So keep reading to learn more!

How Does Nerf Elite Trilogy DS-15 Work?

How does Nerf elite Trilogy DS-15 Work?

This blaster was released in 2019, and it is a spring-powered shotgun blaster. It belongs to the N-Strike Elite Series. As I mentioned earlier, it can fire up to 3 darts at once. It functions by shooting one shell and that shell has 3 darts. When you receive the blaster package, it contains 15 Elite darts and 5 elite shells.

Now let us talk about the name of the blaster that may sound a bit tricky to you, if not random or difficult. Well, there is a real science behind this name which is why it sounds like this. The DS in the title stands for Dart Shell, and the 15 stands for the 15 Elite darts that are included in the package. The last mystery is the term Trilogy, which refers to the three darts being fired at once. Interesting, isn’t it?

Why should you buy this Blaster?

Why should you buy this Nerf Elite Trilogy DS-15 Blaster?

Now let us talk about why would anyone need this blaster or why should they buy it. The blaster is precise, has a great shooting range, is easy to prime and load, and the whole loading mechanism is very smooth. Not only this, the blaster is lightweight and shoots foam darts that are safe for all players so no one gets harmed or injured.

It exists in different colors so you can choose the color per your liking and have great fun and thrill in the arena.

In the following section, I am going to give you some major reasons for purchasing this Nerf blaster.

1. Nerf shotgun:

First of all, this blaster looks and functions like a shotgun. Now if you are accustomed to Nerf blasters, you must know how rare the shotguns are. They do not get released very often. I am a huge fan of them and this is why I love this blaster as well.

What I mean by Nerf shotgun is a blaster that can fire 2 or more 2 darts at once. There are numerous blasters available both online and offline that look like a shotgun but do not function even remotely like one. For example, the Nerf Rival Takedown is one such shotgun blaster.

This Nerf Elite blaster, however, is a real shotgun because it can fire 3 darts through one shell. And this is primarily what makes this blaster great for what it is. Some people think that this blaster is not very practical, but if you use I even once you will realize it is very fun and that is all that serves in the arena.

2. Great firing Mechanism:

The firing mechanism of any blaster is of utmost importance. Its quality and functioning are vital because the player solely relies on this one feature in the arena. The more smooth and easier it is to shoot the blaster and tag the opponents, the more chances of winning the player has and vice versa.

Hasbro, again, ensured they excel at making this feature very fine. The Nerf Elite Trilogy DS-15 has a great aesthetic process of priming, the procedure of loading darts into shells and shells in the blaster, as well as the firing. The shell is released from the blaster upon pressing the trigger in a very fun and incredibly smooth way.

The priming action of the blaster in particular feels robust and has great sounds in-built in it that keep the player engaged. If you have a sufficient experience with blasters, you must be aware of the importance of the right sounds, and this shotgun blaster got that right.

Once you prime the blaster, there is a little door built at the top of the blaster that then opens and you can proceed to load the dart-filled shells into the blaster. The process of loading these shells into the shotgun blaster is also really easy and smooth. It is akin to dropping the shells into the blaster’s opened door. The in-built mechanism then locks the shells into their right place after you push the priming handle.

When all this process is done, you can fire the shells by pressing the trigger, and one shell containing three darts will fly out of the blaster’s mouth and fly in the direction you are pointing your blaster in.

Once you have completed these processes, then you can prime the blaster for the next round. The previously used shell of the blaster will smoothly get ejected out from the side of the blaster. If you want the previous shells to not drop on the floor, then you can hold the blaster in a horizontal position and grab the shells whilst they fall out.

Many players believe it is not a very practical mechanism, but I believe it is very enjoyable and fun. Don’t you also think so?

3. Great Quality:

Apart from the functioning and features of a blaster, its looks and manufacturing quality also matter a lot. The Nerf elite Trilogy DS-15 has equally unique looks as it is unique in its performance. You can also say it has a mean-looking design due to the wide barrel located at the front and the shells that are stocked at the back.

The blaster has orange and blue color schemes that look great as these are bright colors and stand apart from the darker bits located at the bottom of the shotgun blaster.

Moreover, the blaster also comes in different colors so you always have fun options to choose from. Never a dull day for blaster lovers when Hasbro is releasing such brilliant products in its Nerf series.

4. Performance:

Apart from the unique features this blaster possesses, it is equally brilliant in its accuracy and precision. Its shooting speed is also very impressive. You can shoot each shot after 3 seconds time interval. Moreover, the shooting range of each shot is about 70 feet per second. This means the darts you shoot with this blaster are quite powerful when they strike the target.

Another point I should mention is that the shells that do not contain darts are also shot because there are three separate air restrictor valves.

5. Lightweight:

The weight of the blaster matters a lot in the blaster games because the players have to carry the blaster in their hands and run and chase the opponent while making sure that does not get tagged in this process. Firstly, the darts that are filled in the shells to be used in this blaster shotgun is made up of foam. This way, they do not make up for much of the collective weight of the blaster.

Secondly, the total weight of the blaster is about 2.2 pounds. This is very little weight if you look at the size of the blaster and the great performance it offers. Given that, it is a fair deal to play with this blaster in the arena that is easy to handle, great to look at, and very fun equipment, in general.

Moreover, this blaster is recommended for kids who are older than 8 years so given the age limit, the weight perfectly caters to its audience.


Final Words:

Nerf Elite Trilogy DS-15 is a very fun and awesome blaster but I must admit that it is not a very practical blaster. It is, no doubt, ideal for one on one situations or closed-space arenas but in heavy team competitions, it might not be as great a shotgun blaster. The shell loading and ejection function on a very smooth and impressive mechanism. Although sometimes it gets difficult to shoot from this blaster and that, too, only happens when the blaster is being held and weird angles.

But as a shotgun blaster, this blaster stands up to its name. I hope this guide about nerf elite trilogy DS-15 helps you make up your mind about this blaster. Do let me know in the comments what you think about this.

Thank you for reading!


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