Nerf Microshots Blasters (Guide 2023)

Review of the Nerf MicroShots

Have you ever played with tiny blasters that can only shoot one dart at a time? If you have, then you would have definitely enjoyed playing with them. Because I have, and I totally loved the experience. They make the game feel like a game and not a competition and there is no pressure to win or take out a large number of opponents and secure your win.

The essence of the games is to enjoy ourselves and have fun with our friends or family members and create memories we can cherish later. It is important if we stick to this once in a while, where the sole purpose of the game is to have fun and nothing else.

Hasbro released a Microshots series in 2018 and has been gradually adding new blasters in the series. All blasters are up to the mark, have great quality, brilliant design, and outstanding performance.

In the following article, I am going to talk about the Nerf MicroShots and how cool they actually were. Moreover, I will also be discussing my most favorite top 6 Nerf MicroShots and shedding light on their features in detail. Keep reading the article to learn about these amazing tiny blasters.

Nerf MicroShots:

Few years ago they released a Microshot titled Nerf Jolt EX-1. It was a really tiny pistol style blaster and personally, I had a great time playing with that blaster. You might have played with it too or seen it around since it had become the talk of the town.

It could only shoot one dart at a time but it was so much fun to play with. All the players seemed to be enjoying the game in the arena and that was the best part of it.

If you are the one who has had some experience with the Jolt blaster and liked it, then you will also appreciate the Nerf MicroShots I am going to discuss in this article.

The Nerf Microshots blasters are basically remakes of Jol blaster, but differnet in basic design, style, and functioning. In simple words, they are the miniature versions of the already existing Nerf blasters.

They are also similar in functioning to the viral Nerf Jolt blaster. You put one dart in the chamber, prime the blaster, pull the trigger, and take aim. It is as easy and simple as that.

This is all you need to learn or know about Nerf MicroShots. They are the small copies of Nerf blasters, but in functioning and mechanisms, they are the ditto copy of Nerf Jolt.

6 Nerf Micro Shots Blasters

In the following section, I shall be talking about my favorite Nerf MicroShot blasters.

You might be wondering why anyone would bother to spend money on a Nerf Microshot, as it is small in size and shoots only one dart at a time. You are right if you are thinking this, but let me tell you something interesting.

The Nerf Microshots are desired bot because of their accuracy or the performance, which is subpar if I am being honest. The main reason to buy the Nerf Microshots blasters is to simply have fun, and add it to your Nerf blasters collection.

It might sound a bit bland of a reason but if you are a Nerf blasters fan, then you will understand that such items are a collector’s souvenirs and they love to add it to their interesting collections.

Now let us dive deep into the functioning and performance of 5 best Nerf MicroShots blasters.

1. Nerf MicroShots Zombie Strike Crossfire Bow:

Nerf MicroShots Zombie Strike Crossfire Bow

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Hasbro released another blaster series in 2014, and named in the zombie Strikes series. The blasters in that series, as is obvious from the name, had gotten their inspiration and had their themes based on zombies.

This was a fun series with very interesting blasters. I also tried my hand on some of them and added them to my collection. This Nerf MicroShot Zombie Strike also derives its name and has its design based on the Crossfire Bow blaster, a member of that series.

The miniature version that is the MicroShot has small flip-out bows built on its sides. The bows do not serve any specific function but are fun to have and look cool.

Now you might be wondering about the design and features of the blaster. Well, to be honest, they all are purely cosmetic. Their main purpose is to make the tiny blaster look exactly like its predecessor Crossfire Bow blaster.

Firing a dart from this miniature blaster is super easy and follows the same mechanism. You load a dart into the blaster from its front section, prime the handle given on the top of the blaster, and then pull the trigger to shoot that dart. It’s simple as that!

When you order this miniature Crossfire Bow blaster from Amazon, it arrives at your place in a few days. The package includes all the necessary parts of the blaster, an instructions manual, and 2 Zombie Strike Darts.

2. Nerf Microshots N-Strike Elite Stryfe

Nerf Microshots N-Strike Elite Stryfe

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This blaster is a brilliant one. From its color to its design and the performance – all aspects are great. As the name indicates, the blaster is a miniature version of Nerf N-Strike Elite Stryfe blaster.Hasbro released the predecessor blaster in 2013.

Whereas the original blaster is almost a decade old at the time of wriitng this review, it is not at all an outdated blaster and if you use it, you will realize how advanced blasters Hasbro was manufacturing such a long time ago.

The main components and the features of this miniature blaster are based on the design and style of original Nerf blaster. Moreover, its features and additional parts are also for cosmetic purposes. These parts include the magazine attachment, and barrel etc, because the blaster does not hold the capacity for more than 2 Elite darts.

The cosmetic components of the miniature blaster are also not functional. Their sole purpose is to make the blaster look cool and a bit bigger like its real counterpart.

The N-Strike elite Stryfe miniature blaster is a perfect and highly detailed replica of the original N-Strike blaster, albeit some of its proportions are a bit off.

This is very ideal of Hasbro to put so much effort into manufacturing these minature blasters, because the details are great and give them a great look of a real blaster otherwise the miniature blasters would have looked like counterfeit toys and nobody would have found them cool or interesting.

When you receive the package for this blaster, it includes one miniature blaster, an instructions manual, and two Elite darts.

3. Nerf MicroShots Zombie Strike Hammershot:

Nerf MicroShots Zombie Strike Hammershot

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This Nerf MicroShot blaster derives its theme and design from a Nerf blaster, initially released in 2013. The name of the predecessor blaster is Zombie Strike Hammershot and it is a part of the iconic Zombie Strike series by Hasbro.

Again, as is the case with all other Nerf Microshots, the proportions with this Nerf miniature blaster are also off. But Hasbro has done a brilliant job at manufacturing and designing this blaster in a way that it looks like a bigger brother of the original Nerf blaster.

One thing I found really funny with the miniature Hammershot blaster is that once you are done loading the dart, you might instinctively want to prime the blaster by sliding the top section of it using your thumb. But each time you do it on impulese, you fail because it is a replica and its components are only for cosmetic purposes.

This Nerf Microshot, like all other Nerf Microshot blasters, comes with two Elite darts in the package.

4. Nerf MicroShots N-Strike Elite Strongarm:

Nerf MicroShots N-Strike Elite Strongarm

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If you have had a sufficient experience with Nerf blaster, then you must know that Nerf Strongarm is one of the most iconic and classic blaster to ever come out of Nerf series.

Having said that, it is totally understandable that the manufacturers felt the need to product a miniature version of the amazing blaster. The MicroShot blaster based on Strongarm is also a brilliant miniature blaster and is a very good replica.

The similarities between the miniature blaster and the original Nerf Strongarm blaster are very obvious, and also spectacular.

If you have some experience with the Strongarm and remember how great it was, then you will surely get tempted to buy its miniature version. Although the additional components on the miniature blaster are just for cosmetic purposes, they give this tiny blaster a very iconic look.

The blaster can only fire one dart at a time and its priming and loading process is very easy and smooth. The package, however, includes two Elite darts.

5. Nerf MicroShots N-Strike Elite Rough Cut 2×4

Nerf MicroShots N-Strike Elite Rough Cut 2x4

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The small Microshot blaster dervies its name and design’s inspiration from the iconic and very popular Nerf N-Strike Elite Rough Cut blaster. I have review this original Nerf blaster in great detail and this also happens to be one of my most favorite Nerf blaster guns.

The miniature blaster does not have the same shape as its predecessor blaster, which has a much longer barrel. But the overall design and basic structure of the miniature blaster gives off the lookl of original blaster and you can guess quite easily where does it derives the inspiration from.

The miniature blaster can fire one dart at a time and the package includes two Nerf Elite darts.

6. Nerf Fortnite TS Nerf MicroShots

Nerf Fortnite TS Nerf MicroShots

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The Nerf Fortnite TS Nerf MicroShot blaster is a miniature blaster inspired by the classic blaster used in Fortnite game. This is a spring-powered blaster and is a great replica of the original blaster.

It has a hand-powered mechanism and does not require batteries like all other Nerf MicroShots, which is perhaps really ideal about this blaster.

This is cool and fun like other miniature blasters and the components on it are merely for cosmetic purpose and do not serve any functional service.

The blaster is small and lightweight. You can handle it easily and have lots of fun. You can feed only one dart at a time and shoot it with great precision, which is its speciality.

It uses foam darts that are safe for everyone. The recommended age for players ranges from 8 years up to 18 years. When you receuve the package, you get two Elite foam darts in it and can use for playing.

The blaster comes in different colors and its priming, loading, and firing mechanism is very simple. All you have to do is to pull back the top section of the blaster and feed in the blaster into the internal chamber, and pull the trigger once you have pushed back the top section.

Then you are ready to fire and have fun. But since you can fire only one dart at a time and cannot fire another one without refilling the blaster again, the fun is limited and relies on your stamina to swiftly refill the blaster.

In terms of making a Fortnite replica in small size, Hasbro has done a really cool job.


I am pretty much old school and have always been fond of Nerf Pistol Style blasters, such as the Nerf Jolt blaster. Having said that, I am very impressed by how Hasbro is making an active effort to revive some of its most iconic and popular Nerf blasters in their miniature versions under the name of Microshots series.

But if it were up to me, I would have liked to see a latest Retro version of the Jolt blaster. Or simply the retro version of all pistol-sized Nerf blasters.

Nerf has done a great job over the years in producing some of the great perfoming Nerf blasters that are popular even after a decade or more than that, there still remains an empty space in the market for small Nerf pistols, which deserve a unique separate identity.

In my humble opinion, a unique retro version of the pistol-style Nerf blasters would have been epic, as opposed to these miniature MicroShots blasters based on the already existing blasters.

Despite all that, I hope you would find this article helpful. Let me know in the commenst which MicroShot blaster do you like the most and plan to buy.

Thank you for reading!


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