Nerf N-Strike Elite Disruptor Review (Guide 2023)

Review of the Nerf N-Strike Elite Disruptor

When it comes to blasters, it is a common observation that players have all sorts of expectations and demands. And the fun part is that manufacturers meet these demands. So there is nothing you might wish for not to be available in the market.

Having said that, if you are looking for a nice sidearm-style blaster, then Nerf N-Strike Elite disruptor might be the best choice for you. I say this from my experience because I have spent significant time with this blaster and it was an absolute treat to play with it.

Hasbro has used the best features of the old strongarm model and switched it with some new features to improve the looks and feel of the blaster and provided us with this amazing blaster.

In the following review, I will walk you through all the amazing features of this blaster and also shed light on its pros and cons. By the end of this detailed guide, you will have significant information about this blaster to know whether you want to add it to your blaster collection or not.NERF Elite Disruptor Gun Blaster

How Does Nerf N-Strike Elite Disruptor function?

Hasbro released this elite disruptor in the second half of 2016 and it is a revolver-style blaster. Its size ranges from small to medium size so it is very convenient to handle by all players irrespective of their age or physique. The maximum dart-holding capacity of this blaster is about 6 darts.

To say that this elite disruptor is a fine remake of Nerf Strongarm blaster will not be wrong because whereas there have been some major key design changes, the similarities are uncanny.

The blaster has only one firing mode: single fire. It might be a con for some players who are more inclined towards super competitive and thrilling games where they can utilize the multiple-fire action mode but trust me when you use this blaster, you realize it is equally great with the features it is equipped with.

Although you can fire only one dart at once, the blaster surely provides you with the great features of slam and rapid firing. It also has a great firing capacity and holds about 6 elite darts rounds. The firing range of Nerf elite disruptor is about 90 feet or 27 meters per second.

How does Nerf N-Strike Elite Disruptor function?

Nerf N-Strike Elite Disruptor Features:

Now let us discuss the top features of Nerf elite disruptors and how they make this blaster stand apart from its counterparts. I believe it has exciting and really fine characteristics and basic features and Hasbro has done a really good job at compiling this amazing piece together.

But your opinion can vary. Read the following section and judge for yourself how this blaster stands out from others.

  1. Lightweight:

The elite disruptor has a sidearm design and has lightweight. From its design, it gives the looks of a modern laser blaster than a Strongarm blaster. If you remove the chunky plastic design that is located at the front of the blaster, the disruptor becomes much lighter and sleeker than the Strongarm, which has minute aesthetic details.

On top of the blaster,r there is a tactical rail. There are two additional sling points present too, one is built into the handle of the blaster and the other is located below the cylinder. As far as my experience with this blaster is concerned, I did not use the sling and also believe that nobody needs the slings for a blaster of this size.

Slings are more efficient for a blaster that are heavier in weight or larger in size, and you need to support the weight of the blaster and balance it while keeping your hands free so you can prime and fire the blaster easily.

The ergonomics of the elite disruptor are also great and work brilliantly. The trigger handle fits comfortably in the player’s hand and does not feel too bulky or too small to handle. Moreover, you do not have to reach too far with your fingers to squeeze the trigger. So it is an efficient and convenient design to play with.

The primer of the blaster is also chunky and very nice to handle. It is easy to grab and can be slid easily without fiddling around. When you receive the blaster, the package arrives with a blaster and all the requisite accessories.

It includes a set of 6 elite bullet rounds and the instructions manual, and there is also an option available for purchasing a kit that includes 2 blasters.

Nerf N-Strike Elite Disruptor Features

  1. Primer:

The elite disruptor is equipped with a slide-action primer, which has a strong similarity to the Strongarm blaster. The primer is located on the top of the disruptor at the rear. It has a comfortable, large grip that slides smoothly and you face no issues while balancing the blaster, especially with one hand on the trigger and the other hand on the top of the blaster.

You will also find a color-coded indicator for priming at the back of the primer. When you slide the primer, the indicator turns orange which means you are good to shoot.

One major con of the slide-action primers, especially the ones which are located on the top of the blaster, is that it is not a very natural or convenient position for the majority of people to rest their hand that is not dealing with the trigger, but again, this boils down to one’s personal preference.

However, if you have some experience or already own the Strongarm blaster, then it will not take you long to adjust to this arrangement and I did not have any problem with the slam-fire action mode or the single-fire one.

  1. Easy Reloads:

One of the major differences between the designs of the elite disruptor and the Strongarm is the design of the cylinder. When it comes to the elite disruptor, the front of the cylinder is fully exposed for convenient and quick reloading, which is very useful for a blaster that can hold up to 6 rounds at a time.

Some people who have tried their hand at the elite disruptor call this feature a cost-cutting measure by Hasbro, but I hold a different opinion. In a way, Hasbro has done nothing but add convenience for the players who can quickly slot the rounds into the blaster.

Furthermore, if you have recently worked with a Strongarm or currently are working with one, you will notice the difference as in the case of the elite disruptor, the cylinder does not swing out on the blaster. The benefit of the elite disruptor is that it has an advanced cylinder design and you do not need to stop the cylinder from flopping around as you load rounds into it.

  1. Slam Fire:

The firing mechanism of any blaster is of great value because the entire game revolves around the players’ ability to tag or shoot each other while not getting shot by their opponents. It is only possible if the blaster has a great firing range or velocity and can protect itself while tagging its opponents. Moreover, the accuracy and precision of the blaster are also of great importance because without these two features, the player cannot take a neat hit and if this keeps going on, the player can quickly run out of ammo. Then comes the reloading process, which no matter how efficient, surely takes some time and the player is very vulnerable at that time unless he or she is hiding at a safe spot while reloading the ammunition.

The elite disruptor is a single-fire blaster and has a solid firing distance. It has a firing range of about 27 meters or 90 feet per second which is a great range for any blaster.

According to my experience with this blaster, I have noticed that when you are firing with this blaster, it comes close to the range as mentioned by its manufacturers and it is not too far off either. You can achieve greater distances with new and heavy blasters as well.

For instance, if you are quickly sneaking upon someone who is not at a great distance from you, the slam-fire option is great for such a scenario as it allows you to swiftly blow off multiple shots in a row by simply holding down the trigger of the blaster and pulling the primer back each time you have to take a shot.

Bottom Line:

In the above-given article, I have described every function and feature in Nerf N-Strike Elite Disruptor review in great detail. I have also mentioned its cons which are very few and honestly speaking, they do not cause much disruption while you are playing with the blaster.

If you assess the performance and quality of the blaster, you can realize that it is one of the best Nerf blasters and is worth the money you invest in it. It is swift, lightweight, has a decent size, and has a very easy reloading mechanism.

I hope you find this article helpful. Let me know in the comments what you think about this blaster and which feature you found to be the best.

Thank you for reading!

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