Nerf N-Strike Mega Megalodon Gun Review (Guide 2023)

Review of the Nerf N-Strike Mega Megalodon

If you are more concerned about the fun you can have while playing a game than the intense competition, then I have a piece of great news for you. I hold somewhat similar views too because I believe games are more about the fun you can have with your favorite people and the memories you can create than the competition and losses or wins.

Nerf N-Strike Mega Megalodon is not only a fun blaster but also has intimidating looks. The best part about this blaster is that you can enjoy all the perks of a heavy blaster while having great fun in the arena.Nerf N-Strike Mega Megalodon

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The blaster is equipped with a rotating dart drum and supports about 20 high-impact rounds. The blaster is top-notch when it comes to looks and colors, and is equally great in the performance department.

In the following review, I am going to write about Megalodon in detail whether it is only a nice-looking blast that is a great option to have fun or does it give great performance and has great features. So keep reading to learn more about this amazing blaster.

How Does Nerf N-strike Mega Megalodon function?

Nerf N-strike Mega Megalodon Features

This Nerf blaster has been named after a shark that exists no longer and this is why this makes the name so iconic. Hasbro team is really smart when it comings to picking the names for their gaming equipment. given the qualities of this blaster, they so accurately named it after an extinct shark.

It was released in 2019 and given its time in the market, we can say that it is a relatively new blaster. Moreover, the blaster shares an uncanny resemblance in looks with another blaster named Mega Mastodon, another blaster in the same Nerf Mega series. The only major difference between these blasters is that Megalodon does not operate on batteries.

Hasbro introduced the Mega series of blasters in 2013, and since then has been gradually introducing advanced and up-to-date blasters in this series, thus making it more exciting. The Nerf Mega series is a sub-series of Nerf N-Strike series. Hasbro created the Mega series to feature blasters that had an improved firing range of about 100 feet per second as compared to the Elite counterparts.

The blasters that are included in the Mega series use the Mega dart-type darts, which are red and much larger than the regular darts. This Megalodon blaster aptly represents the Mega series.

You can say that it is a mean machine, that offers great performance along with excellent quality. When you receive the package containing the blaster, you also receive 20 mega darts with it. The instructions manual and a detached cylinder drum are also included in the package.

Now that I have described the outline and main structure of this blaster, let us focus on its major features and how they work.

Nerf N-strike Mega Megalodon Features:

How does Nerf N-strike Mega Megalodon function

Some of my favorite features of Megalodon are as follows:

  1. High Capacity Dart Drum:

The first thing that will capture your attention as you hold the Megalodon blaster is its large-sized cylinder drum. The exciting and convenient thing about this drum is that it revolves. The revolving cylinder is also located at the front of the blaster so you can more easily analyze the ammunition you are left with.

Whereas this cylinder drum might look crazy big, it does not weigh as heavy, and this is the plus point of Megalodon. If you hold the blaster in your hands, you realized it is very well-balanced and Hasbro has done a great job.

The dart cylinder drum has a great capacity to hold darts. It can carry up to 20 darts at once, and given the size of mega darts, which are larger than regular darts, you can understand why the size of the cylinder is so big.

An interesting point I must mention here is that you have a choice when it comes to filling the cylinder with mega darts. You can also use AccuStrike darts instead of mega darts as they are designed to be more accurate in their aims. So you have higher chances of winning if you choose the latter however the former work equally great.

As you fire the blaster, the dart-rotating cylinder rotates and as it has a great capacity to hold up to 20 darts, you do not have to reload the cylinder very often during the game.

It is also important to mention that the rotating cylinder is present in the package as a separate component, but once you attach it to the blaster, it should not be removed. In simpler words, the rotating cylinder is not detachable so once you have fixed it on the Megalodon blaster, it remains fixed and you cannot separate it and re-use it with any other Nerf blaster.

  1. Great Priming:

Priming is the most essential aspect of every blaster. The greater the priming mechanism is, the easier it is to operate the blaster, and gave greater and easy fun. Megalodon blaster also excels in this characteristic as it has a great functioning primer.

This is perhaps the second most significant characteristic of this blaster and it is the size of its priming handle. It is large, its shape is inspired by the boomerang, and the priming handle is located at the top of the blaster for the convenience of players.

If you ask me, it is a very unique priming handle as these are not seen very often. But I do not say this with a negative connotation, because this handle is advanced and great in its functioning, and takes very little time in getting used to it.

Whereas the blaster and its priming handle give a very bulky look, the priming mechanism is very smooth and you will love how efficient it is. And this is the main reason why firing with Megalodon is so much easier and fun.

One thing I would like to highlight here is whereas the priming mechanism and shooting of the Megalodon blaster are very smooth and fun inducing, the blaster itself is not very ergonomic and it is a tiny flaw by the manufacturers. It might also be due to the reason that I am very invested in blasters that have an ergonomic build, and this one lacks that. So if you are not too fond of ergonomic blasters, there it might not even qualify as a drawback for you.

The lack of ergonomics is not a surprise because it can be judged by taking one good look at the shape of the Megalodon blaster. But I think this info still goes in the review.

But the lack of ergonomics is not much of a big deal since the megalodon blaster is not designed or meant to be a primary blaster.

  1. The Fire Action Mode:

The best part about the Megalodon blaster, I believe, is that it gives you two firing action modes. You are allowed to use the single-fire action mode as well as the slam-fire mode.

If you want to use the single-fire mode, you simply have to pull the primer handle back and forth only once, and then pull the trigger slowly.

In case you want to use the slam fire action mode, you do not have to use the trigger each time you want to shoot a blaster. Instead, it fires all 20 mega darts at once as you press the trigger once while continuously priming the blaster.

Both firing mechanisms are very easy to execute and very fun to do as well. The fun this blaster gives you is the primary reason that makes it worth a purchase.

After all, it does not hurt to have a fun-inducing blaster in your otherwise serious and sturdy blaster collection. Moreover, the Megalodon blaster is also really great at its job so it is not like you are risking anything by buying this blaster.

If you talk about performance, the Megalodon blaster surely does not disappoint. It is a powerful blaster but if you compare it to other blasters in the Mega series, the Megalodon blaster is surely subpar and does not perform as well especially as far as its firing mechanism is concerned because the rest of the blasters are outstanding.

Final Word:

In the above article Nerf N-Strike Mega Megalodon review, I describe the main features of the blaster. I also emphasized the fun factor because some machines are such giants that they turn you into competitive players who only care about shooting their opponents and winning the game. To have is their last priority.

In this regard, the megalodon blaster is great because it has been manufactured with the essence to have fun as that is the prime purpose of games. Moreover, you do not face lags or jams with this blaster so it is a win-win in all aspects.

I hope you find this article helpful in gaining requisite information about the Megalodon blaster. Let me know in the comments what you think about it and whether you plan to buy it.

Thank you for reading!

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