Nerf Rival Artemis XVII-3000 Review (Guide 2023)

Review of the Nerf Rival Artemis Blaster

The Nerf Rival Artemis XVII-3000 is one of the finest introductions in the Nerf rival series. It is great in design, performance, and quality and ensures the players have a great time using this blaster. The blaster is manufactured keeping in mind the needs and desires of players as well as the gradual upgradation to the series of brilliant blasters.

The Nerf rival Artemis is a pump action blaster, and it is a bit spunky but also chunky in its performance and design. If you are in a team vs team competition in the arena and want to go full Scarface mode, then this blaster will prove to be your ideal companion. You will surely not be disappointed in any of your gaming experiences with this blaster.

In the following guide, I am going to share my experience with this blaster in detail. I will talk about its features and what I love the most about this blaster. I will also share some of its cons so you have a neutral opinion to decide for yourself.

What is Nerf Rival Artemis?

Nerf Rival Artemis Blaster

Hasbro released Nerf Rival Artemis in the Fall of 2017, and it is a spring-powered blaster. The size of the blaster is very ideal. It ranges from small to medium-sized and is very easy to handle by any player, irrespective of age, height, or physical strength.

Hasbro released its Nerf rival series back in 2015 and has been gradually adding blasters to it, and each new blaster is advanced and superior to the last ones. The priming system of the blaster is pump-action and it holds the firing capacity of 30 high-impact rounds. Moreover, it also has a turret system at the front of the blaster which rotates when you prime it.

The blaster package includes the blaster, instructions manual, 30 rounds, and other basic accessories to help you get on with the blaster.

Nerf Rival Artemis is the first blaster of rival series that has been named after a female deity. And I must say that they chose a good name too. If you did not know about it already, then let me enlighten you now, Artemis is the name of the Greek Goddess of hunting.

If you are more inclined towards exploring the tech side of blaster design and performance, then you will be delighted to know that this blaster has a great shooting mechanism. However, if you are not that interested in its shooting mechanism, then just know that it’s a pretty cool blaster with a good-looking design and has a great firing rate as well.

Why should you buy Nerf Rival Artemis XVII-3000:

Why should you buy Nerf Rival Artemis

Now let us see why should you buy this blaster when there are plenty of others available in the market. Well, I believe, the following three points are the major reason why you should invest in this one.

Want to be like tony Montana?

“Say hello to my little friend?” you must be wondering why am I adding in a Scarface reference. Well, I truly believe that if Tony Montana was a Nerf blasters player, he would choose Nerf Rival Artemis. Remember that one incessant firing scene from Scarface, it just feels cooler if you imagine Tony Montana using this blaster to do that scene.

  • Ergonomic Material:

When it comes to shape, the Nerf Rival Artemis has an uncanny resemblance with an SMG. It has a two-hand grip that helps you in firing and prime the blaster.

Since my friends and I bought this blaster at the same time, some of them found its top to be a little bit heavy. But I believe that it is because of its overall manufacturing and the larger trigger handle is just easy to grip and helps you maintain the balance of the blaster efficiently.

Moreover, the blaster is also equipped with a safety lock button located behind the trigger. You can very easily press this button while holding on to the blaster and also press it off with your thumb from the other side of the blaster if you are right-handed.

At the top of Artemis, there is a short Nerf Rival rail but it is not a Picatinny or Tactical rail because although it looks similar in shape, it varies in size, therefore, does not serve the same purpose.

  • The Sling Points:

The Nerf Rival Artemis is equipped with two sling points that are located along the rear edge of the Nerf blaster. One sling point is on the trigger handle, and the other point is located below the back of the darts magazine. What this implies is that this blaster is manufactured in a way that can be hung vertically off your shoulder, and the barrel points down. I found this feature to be very useful as you can hang the blaster when you are not using it.

Firstly, if you are carrying one or more blasters, you can quickly push the Artemis out of your way by letting it hang on your shoulder and keep shooting with your alternate blaster.

Secondly, unlike most other blasters, this Nerf blaster does not sit up against your shoulder when you are using it.

  • Team Game:

Another great feature of this blaster is that you can buy the blaster in two different colors for being able to play in a team. You can choose one color from among the two: red or blue. The red color, top section of the blaster is red, the barrel details are orange, and the base and the handle are black.

  • Reloading Mechanism:

When you take the first look at the Artemis, it looks a lot like a typical blaster that required external plug-and-play magazines but the truth is that it is much more complex than that. The blaster functions on 3 magazines, which are incorporated into the top of the blaster and each magazine can hold up to 10 rounds.

However, there is one downside with Artemis and that is that it is only compatible with Nerf rival ball rounds and not darts or any other ammo.

There is a plastic shroud located on top slides and these reveal the re-loading holes which enable you to feed the blaster with single rounds directly into the 3 magazines. The shroud can also be pulled back by the spring to remove the tension which makes it easier for the Nerf balls to slide easily and freely into the magazine.

Once you are done loading the magazines, you simply slide the shroud forward and take it to its original position and it will reset the spring and cover up the re-loading holes.

  • Valve:

Another great feature of this blaster is the holes that have been carefully made to look like a valve. Due to these holes, you can conveniently load the balls in and the best part is that you flip the blaster over, the balls do not roll back out, especially while you are re-loading in the middle of the game.

On the contrary, it can be a bit difficult to feed balls one by one into each magazine because many other blasters have the option to collectively reload the ammo.

Some blasters also have external magazines that allow you to pull the entire magazine out and reload the whole ammo in a very short duration. But other than this tiny flaw, this is a great blaster overall.

  • Priming:

The Nerf Rival Artemis has a decent firing rate. Most of the Hasbro blasters have an average of 100 feet per second or 30 meters per second of firing speed which is pretty great. There is a sliding handle located at the front of the blaster and it is the primer. Moreover, the blaster is equipped to shoot either as a slam fire or a single fire method.

  • Barrel:

The shooting of this blaster is great. Each time you prime its barrel, it rotates and takes a round from one of the 3 magazines. This does not have any impact on your game though, and also means that there are a few chances of you misfiring the blaster but I believe it is a clever mechanism that should be appreciated for its discreet design.

  • Slam Fire:

This blaster is equipped with the slam fire option as well. This option is always fun to use in the arena. The only critique I have, however, is that the blaster is not too precise or accurate in its shooting as most other Nerf blasters are. Otherwise, it is a great blaster to add to your collection.


In this above guide about Nerf Rival Artemis XVII-3000Blaster review, I described all the features of this blaster in detail. I also described some of its cons that I disliked or found a bit redundant in the smooth functioning of the blaster. Such as the lack of precision when shooting and the reloading mechanism that consumes too much of your time.

Let me know in the comments what you think about it and what color you plan to buy.

I am hopeful you will find this article helpful.

Thank you for reading!


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