Nerf Rival Curve Shot Helix XXI-2000 Review (Guide 2023)

Nerf Rival Curve Shot Helix

Nerf Rival Curve Shot Helix was released by Hasbro on 1st August, 2021 and since then it has been selling like crazy mainly because of its great performance and quality.

Nerf rival Curve Shot Helix is made up of plastic, so it is safe to be used by anyone. In most Nerf guns, the material of the gun is of the utmost importance as the weight of the gun, the ability of the player to move swiftly on the ground while carrying the Nerf gun and run or chase the opponents – all these factors rely on the core material of the Nerf gun.

This Nerf gun is light in weight, which again proves my point of the gun being convenient for the player. The more convenient the Nerf gun is, the more the chances of the player winning the game. Nerf Rival Curve Shot Helix XXI-2000 only weighs about 3.05 pounds – the weight that can be carried by players of any age group, with ease.

Multiple factors in the gaming arena determine the competition of the game and the efficiency of your equipment. The product’s ability to save your time and energy is one of these many points.

This Nerf gun has been designed with utmost preciseness and the final result meets the standard of all modern, latest, and robust Nerf guns. Hasbro has done a great job at manufacturing this gun which has eventually become one of my favorite Nerf guns to play with.

In the following section, I am going to thoroughly review this gun as I had a great experience with it and want you all to know about it too. This is also beneficial in the sense that if you are looking to buy a Nerf gun, you can learn about its features here and make a decision.

How does the gun work?

The Nerf gun works smoothly and easily. The players can choose their curve during the game so it becomes easier for them to fire around the objects which helps them with the strategic advantage.

The players can always explore the functioning features of the Nerf guns and have exciting games with their opponents.

The muzzle of the Nerf gun also rotates by 360 degrees so you can easily use it to select your curve and blast the rounds right, left, down, and straight. The rotating muzzle options have been added to enable the players to customize their aim as per any situation.

Nerf Rival Curve Shot

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Why should you buy this?

As per my experience, I am going to mention the features that I found too good and suggest you also buy this Nerf gun to have an amazing gaming experience.

20 Rounds:

The hopper of this Nerf gun has a capacity of 20 rounds which ultimately makes it much easier for the player to load the rounds. You only have to lift the hopper door of the gun and drop inside the Nerf Rival rounds.

For your convenience, the package also includes 20 official Nerf rounds so you do not have to look for rounds on your own – as they may or may not be compatible with the Nerf gun.

More rounds also mean the game will last for a longer time as players will have increased time in the arena. It is an ideal way to spend your weekends with friends and family and create memories.

The easy-to-load hopper also saves the player’s time and energy and this feature is especially my favorite one as I did not have to worry a lot about being chased while filling my gun.

Pump-Action Blasting:

The speed and shooting range of the Nerf gun matters the most in Nerf shooting games. The greater speed of Nerf guns implies that players can take a shot from the distance and take out their opponent.

This is also advantageous for the players as they do not have to compromise their position or risk getting shot by their opponents.

I enjoyed a great time on the playing ground because of this one feature, although other features are equally great. The shooting range of Nerf Rival Curve Shot Helix XXI-2000 is 90 feet per second.

This shooting range falls to the standard of all the advanced and robust Nerf guns being manufactured today. So in case, anybody invests in this gun, they shall be never at loss and will thoroughly enjoy their investment in the form of great playing time.

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Light Weight:

As I mentioned earlier in this review guide, the weight of the Nerf gun matters a lot. All players in the arena are of different ages, and just as their age differs, so does their strength and stamina.

Given this, the gun should weigh less because this way, the players can handle it well and do not face trouble while running in the arena, chasing their opponents.

The weight of Nerf Rival Curve Shot Helix is only 3.05 pounds – which is an ideal weight for any gun. Moreover, if you compare this weight with the size of the gun, you will be stunned at the great job Hasbro has done at designing and manufacturing this gun.

I can personally vouch for the convenience of players that comes with a gun being lightweight because I play Nerf shooting games regularly with my friends so my experience in this field is immense.

It is nice to see your players not struggle with the equipment and genuinely enjoy the game and compete up to their full potential. This makes the game manifolds interesting.

Manual Functioning:

So many of the Nerf guns these days are functioning on batteries. I am not against that because batteries also serve a great purpose. For instance, they speed up the shooting time and convenience for the players.

But the one major downside of batteries operated Nerf guns is that the players are too reliant on the batteries. If the batteries are not included in the package, the players have to source them themselves. Trust me, it is quite a hassle.

Most of the packages include batteries. It is quite helpful but then again, the batteries have a limited age, and players have to be conscious of their lifetime. I find this quite a difficult thing to keep up with.

Therefore, I prefer guns that can function manually, and hand power is sufficient for them. This is why I am so fond of this Nerf gun as it does not need any batteries and you can play for as long as you want, without worrying about charging or the batteries.



The bottom line is that Nerf Rival has many advantages. It is a piece of great equipment for entertainment for teens above 14 and can be easily operated. The building material of the gun is plastic – which is harmless for the player, long-lasting, and makes the gun robust.

The best thing about plastic being the core material of the gun is that it never gets rusty so you never have to worry about not playing in the rain; or running indoors when the weather gets cloudy, worrying that it might rain and ruin your equipment.

As I have emphasized a lot, the gun is lightweight, which is a great thing. And I have described this point in detail in the above section.

The shooting range is ideal. You can shoot with the speed of 90 feet per second and intimidate your opponents, in case they are not using the same model of Nerf gun. And if they use the same gun, this will spice up the game and make it more engaging and competitive.

Rotate the muzzle as per your liking and customize your shots to suit the situation. You can shoot to your left, to your right side, downward as well as upward and in a straight direction – all as a result of rotating muzzle at 360 degrees.

During the intense competition, select your curve and fire around the objects which will ensure you win the game. And even if you are not the ultimate winner, you will be in a position to give a great competition and go down like a hero.

The hopper of the gun can be loaded up easily and players can have a go at 20 rounds quite easily. The ease-to-load of the hopper determines the efficiency of this gun and how the manufacturers were concerned about saving the time and energy of the players.

This feature, particularly, is one of my favorite ones, and have recommended many of my friends this Nerf gun for this reason alone.

Whereas the Nerf Rival Curve Shot Helix XXI-2000 has many great benefits, it also has some drawbacks. Such as, the gun is not recommended for players younger than 14 years old because it might get difficult for them to operate the gun.

Moreover, it is recommended that the gun must be kept away from children younger than 3 years old as there is a choking hazard for them due to small parts of the gun before assembling them into a complete, functioning gun.

All in all, it is a great gun. If you feel satisfied with this review, you should buy it and experience its greatness and robustness yourself.

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