Nerf Rival Kronos XVIII-500 Review (Guide 2023)

Review of the Nerf Rival Kronos

If you are the type of player who is more invested in the looks of gaming equipment then high-five because I function exactly like that. Personally, my goal has always been to add all kinds of the blaster to my blaster collection and I have been very successful at that so far.

Most of the Nerf blasters in the Nerf and Mega series are large, which justifies all their features and functions but if you are bored of large blasters and are looking for a compact one, then this blaster will be perfect for you.

Nerf Rival Kronos is a compact-sized blaster that has a smooth and efficient performance and is very effective given its size. Another interesting fact about this Nerf blaster is the history of its name. The Hasbro manufacturers named this blaster after a Greek God, Kronos – the God of time.NERF Rival Gun Kronos XVIII-500

The brilliant design of Kronos holds the power to stop the clocks of time. In the following article, I will speed you through the amazing design and great features of the Kronos blaster. I will also shed light on its perceived pros and cons. Read through the guide to learn in detail about the blaster.

How Does Nerf Rival Kronos Function?

Hasbro released this blaster in 2018. Although it has been 4 years since this phenomenal piece got released, the model and functioning of the blaster are as advanced as the recently released blasters. The Nerf Rival Kronos XVIII-500 is a spring-powered blaster and this is perhaps the best part about this as you do not have to rely on batteries to operate your blaster.

As I mentioned in the introduction section, the Kronos blaster is compact and small in size. The blaster is pistol style in the Nerf Rival blasters series which was initiated by Nerf in the year 2015.

Given the size and design of the blaster, it is very easy to guess the features it has. Firstly, the Kronos blaster fires only in single-fire mode. Its firing capacity is also limited and goes up to 5 high-impact rounds only.

How does Nerf Rival Kronos Function?

The internal magazine of the blaster is efficient and spring-loaded. But due to the small size of the blaster, it can hold a small number of darts only.

When you order the blaster from Amazon, the package arrives at your doorstep in a few days. The package includes the Kronos blaster, the instructions manual, and 5 rounds.

I have always been fond of blasters that come in different colors as they give you a choice to choose from. My own blasters’ collection is nothing but a bundle of Nerf blasters in all possible colors. So this is one thing about blasters that always excite me.

The Nerf rival Kronos also comes in different colors and players can choose the color as per their choice. Furthermore, they can also choose different colors to play in the form of teams, with players on one team having one color and the other team having blasters with the same color.

The color variations of Kronos include Red and Blue colors. There are also special edition Kronos blasters that include the Phantom Corps Sets and the Deadpool edition too. These special versions make the making more exciting and fun for enthusiastic players.

Nerf Rival Kronos Features:

Nerf Rival Kronos Features

Now that I have described the basic things about this blaster, in the following section I will be focusing on the main features of the Kronos and how they function.

  1. Reloading Mechanism:

The Enrf Kronos blaster has an efficient reloading mechanism. Reloading is a must in all blaster games, especially in longer games because the players run out of ammunition pretty easily as the game goes on for a long time and have to refill their blasters.

So this factor is common to all games and equipment, but what matters here is how convenient the reloading process is. If reloading takes a longer time and is a bit of an exhausting process, the player will spend more time refilling the blaster and will be in a vulnerable position of getting tagged by the opponents.

Hasbro manufacturers have been very considerate here as they made the reloading process simple and easy.

The Kronos blaster has an internal magazine that is spring-loaded. The round capacity of this magazine is only limited to 5, which means you have to constantly refill the magazine if the game is long. But ideally, this blaster is great for short games where you do not have to refill the ammo over and over again.

However, you have to follow several steps to reload the blaster.

First of all, locate a small orange door located at the top of the blaster and flip open the door. The slide back to the top section of the blaster which is also the same procedure as how you prime the Kronos blaster. By doing this, the blaster will reveal a tiny hole wherein you have to feed the rounds.

Slide the top section of the blaster back into its original position after you are done loading the rounds into the internal magazine and now you are ready to shoot darts.

The sliding section of the blaster serves dual functionality which is very smart of the manufacturers. When you take the first look, the blaster looks like a pretty meek pistol that is neither too big nor bulky. But when you slide the top section back, you will be surprised to find a good-sized hole in the blaster that allows you to fill rounds into it with convenience and without wasting your time or energy.

This feature is particularly beneficial for people who have chubby fingers like me.

Moreover, this feature adds a layer of security on top of the flip access door that stops any potential issues such as the rounds falling out of the magazine. This can happen in the case where the door opens accidentally while you are playing.

But when you close the door it makes a very satisfying click that is a sign that the door will not open so easily which is an indication of the sturdiness of the Kronos blaster.

  1. Priming:

In the previous section, I mentioned that to fill the internal magazine with rounds, you need to slide back to the top section of the blaster. This is equally applicable to the priming of the Kronos blaster.

The sliding action is very easy and not at all heavy and any player can do it efficiently. On either side of the Kronos blaster, two black fins are very cool looking. The function of these fins is to enable you to grip the blaster more tightly and easily slide it back using your fingers only.

I found this feature to be smart and clever that also minimizes the bulkiness of a blaster.

Most of the other slide-action blasters are larger in size and a bit bulky. The chunky slides indicate where you need to keep your hand and what to grab or slide. But the drawback of that design is that all the additional plastic makes the blaster heavier in weight, which further makes it difficult to holster, and if you have smaller hands, you will face lots of difficulty in handling it.

At the back of the Kronos blaster, there is a small priming indicator. So once you see the small orange dot, it means the blaster is primed and ready to shoot.

  1. Single Fire Mode:

The Nerf Rival Kronos has only one fire action mode and it is the single-fire action mode. The firing speed of the blaster is about 90 feet per second, which is a pretty great speed for a blaster.

During my test sessions, I got close to the above-mentioned firing speed. For a pistol-style blaster like Kronos, this speed is really impressive despite being lesser than 100 feet per second which has become very common in most of the Nerf rival blasters.

In the Kronos blaster, the single-fire mode is the only firing option available but the priming action of the blaster (the smooth sliding of the top section), makes it easy and fun to have. You can do this without any fuss and enjoy the process.

To help the players from misfiring their blasters, there is a small safety lock located on the right side of the blaster, just above the trigger.

Bottom Line:

In the above guide about the Nerf Rival Kronos review, I went through every feature of the Kronos blaster in great detail. It is a great blaster by all means and you must not miss out on the smooth priming action this blaster offers.

It is compact and does not weigh a lot, which does not affect its performance. On the contrary, it is a smooth functioning mean machine that enables you to take out your opponents with great ease and precision.

I hope you find this article helpful. Let me know in the comments what you think about this guide, and whether you plan to buy it or not, and if you, which color.

Thank you for reading!

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