Nerf Rival Perses MXIX-5000 Review (Guide 2023)

Review of the Nerf Rival Perses

To have a fully automatic blaster gun is every player’s dream, and it is understandable as the blaster requires you to do very little as compared to the spring-powered blasters. They are fast, more accurate, have great shooting velocity and there is very little room for errors.

Apart from being a fully automated blaster, Nerf Rival Perses Mxix-5000 is an SMG-style blaster. In the Nerf Rival series, this is the recent hot release. The massive support this blaster has received is also because it complements the iconic Nerf Rival Prometheus and Nerf Rival Nemesis models.

My personal experience with this blaster has been amazing as well. It functions smoothly and jam was never a thing I faced every time I used this blaster in the arena. In the following article, I am going to explain my experience in detail and what impressed me the most about this blaster.

Moreover, I will also talk about its prominent features in detail so you can have a better idea of the basic functioning of this blaster and what it has to offer. I will also shed some light on the hits and misses of this otherwise brilliant blaster, so keep reading.

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How Does Nerf Rival Perses Function?

Hasbro released this iconic blaster in late 2019. Although it has been 3 years since it got released, Nerf Rival Perses MXIX-5000 is an outstanding blaster that is not only a flywheel but also functions as a conveyor blaster. If you look at the size of this blaster, you will realize it is a medium-sized blaster.

It is not too big or too small so handling it or running while carrying is not a difficult task for any player, irrespective of their age group or physical strength. Hasbro released its exciting series named a rival series and gradually introduced new and exciting blasters in it. Amongst that series, Rival Perses has the perfect medium size.

The Perses blaster is equipped with a fully automatic firing system with a great firing capacity. The blaster also supports up to 50 High-impact rounds and these are loaded by the hopper system.

If you like to play a fast competitive game, then this is the perfect blaster for you. The blaster is super easy to load, it is made up of plastic so weighs very light and the player does not get tired from carrying it for too long and has a great rate for firing as well as an efficient firing velocity that enables you to shoot your way out of trouble if you get caught in one.

How does Nerf Rival Perses Function

Now that I have explained some basic features and structure of the Perses blaster, now I am going to explain its outstanding features in detail. In the following section, you will find great information regarding the functioning and individual features of this Nerf blaster. So keep reading to learn more.

Nerf Rival Perses Mxix-5000 Motorized Blaster Features:

Although the whole blaster is one amazing production by Hasbro and you cannot find flaws in it despite trying very hard, let us discuss its features in detail that will surely amaze you with their fine details and functioning.

  1. Lightweight:

A blaster must be lightweight because the player’s ability to handle the blaster efficiently and perform well in the arena largely depends on the blaster’s size and weight. The less weight it has, the easier it is for the player to handle it and run for as long as the game demands him or her to. Moreover, the players do not get tired if the blaster is lightweight and this does not disrupt their performance and it becomes manifold easier for them to win the game no matter how competitive it is.

So Nerf Rival Perses fulfills this criterion as it is very lightweight and ensures the ease and comfort of players.

When you hold the blaster you can feel that its weight is pretty accurately balanced. This does not mean the material used to manufacture this blaster is not good, because the plastic is pretty solid and not at all flimsy.

  1. Comfortable to Hold:

Nerf Perses is also a very comfortable blaster to hold. The blaster has a compact form and structure. You can easily carry it with one hand and flip around trees and doorways for all these reasons.

There are two sling points on the blaster. One sling point is located under the barrel and the other one is under the trigger handle that allows the ambidextrous sling an attaching spot.

There is a short tactical rail beneath the barrel. Now you might be wondering what purpose all these attaching points serve and what mods can you attach without creating an imbalance in the blaster.

So let us talk about triggers first. Since this is a flywheel blaster, so it has a similar set-up as the rest of the Nerf Rival blasters. It also includes the primary trigger, the trigger lock, as well as the acceleration trigger.

The trigger lock is present on both sides of the blaster which is helpful for left and right-handed players. The layout and grip of the triggers also feel very comfortable in the hands, which is very convenient for adults as well as kids.

Nerf Rival Perses Mxix-5000 Motorized Blaster Features

  1. Fast Firing:

When it comes to firing rate and firing velocity, Nerf Perses has a really impressive range. As per Hasbro advertisements, this blaster can fire up to 8 rounds per second and has a velocity of 100 feet per second.

The blaster only shoots when it is in fully automatic mode which is also understandable as it is an SMG blaster that complements other blasters in the rival series.

The whole discussion comes down to the blasting style you prefer and its context. If you are simply racing around the house and doing some fast rounds, then Perses will serve you best.

It functions exactly as is mentioned in the tin.

A lightweight blaster with a super fast firing rate and an excellent velocity rate. However, you have to keep in mind that it is a double-edged sword. When a fast firing rate is combined with 50 high-impact rounds, it means shorter rounds and increased reloading which is a bit exhausting in the long game.

In the case of outdoor games, the game timing is longer and the players shoot over longer distances, then you might need the Nerf Prometheus or Nemesis.

  1. Easy Reloading:

Nerf Perses uses a hopper that can hold 50 rounds at a time. But the blaster is built in such a slim way that it is not easy to fill it easily and players can also easily lose their ammo by tipping the blaster.

So it is a better practice to use the sling points while refilling the ammo because it balances out the blaster. The conveyor feeding mechanism is the same as is in the rest of the blasters. The only con of the system, I assume, is you often need to shake the Perses blaster so the balls move quickly and do not get stuck else you can face a lag.

  1. No Jams:

Jamming is, no doubt, a very frustrating and painful problem if you ever witness it while playing. In the case of conveyor feeds, it is a rather recurring problem. But the compact design of Perses ensures you do not face jams. The blaster functions smoothly and is very convenient to operate for all players.

There is a large handle built on the side of the blaster that helps the players get out of the jam if they ever get into it, it also pops up the whole hopper chamber thus exposing the conveyor. By this trick, you can dislodge the rounds or anything that has got stuck inside the blaster.

  1. Great Power:

The blaster functions on a rechargeable battery that lasts for days. The battery is recharged with a standard wall charger and it adds very little to the weight of the blaster.

The truth is that rechargeable batteries are much lighter in weight than non-rechargeable batteries, especially the old alkaline ones. It’s a great aspect that Hasbro added the option of a rechargeable battery in this blaster.

The battery lock is also a very efficient feature that makes it cool while adding or removing the battery from the blaster.

It is a slide mechanism that has a button controlling it. So in case you get fired up, there is no way you can accidentally release the battery. So it is a very safe blaster for use.

Final Word:

In the above review, I talked about the pros of Nerf Rival Perses Mxix-5000. I also described in detail the great features this blaster possesses and the entire functional mechanism of the Nerf blaster.

It has all the great features and only one con that is not a con in its truest sense. If you compare the exceptional performance and convenience of playing with this blaster with any other blaster, you will realize how great it is. Hasbro has done a brilliant job at manufacturing this amazing blaster.

I hope you find this guide helpful. Let me know in the comments what you think about it and whether you plan to buy it.

Thank you for reading!

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