Review of the Nerf Rival Prometheus MXVIII-20K

Nerf Rival Prometheus MXVIII 20K reviews

Nerf Rival Prometheus was released on June 1, 2018. Although the blaster came out 4 years ago, its advanced technology and performance make one doubt its date of release and the time in which it was manufactured.

Lately, Hasbro has added a great shooting range it all of its blasters and that makes the whole Nerf series very ideal to play with. Especially on weekends, or with friends after a long day when you want to wind off.

You just need to remember one rule while playing this game; all the players must be older than 14 years old as the gun operates on battery and is rechargeable, so given the safety precautions, it is advised that kids must stay away from this equipment.

How does Nerf Rival Prometheus work?

When I bought this Nerf Rival Prometheus, I was looking for a Nerf blaster that operated on batteries. And right then it came out. I read about its features and it had all the features I was looking for.

The blaster was manufactured using the latest technology, its design was advanced, and it was easy to handle due to its lightweight. One can experience the intensity of the game with this Nerf rival Prometheus as it has an advanced acceleration system that enables the player to unleash 8 rounds in one second.

The shooting gun is equipped with an easy-to-load hopper which is a game changer. Not only this, the rechargeable battery makes the blaster a complete package to own, as you never have to worry about collecting batteries or being conscious of the charging.

Why should you buy Nerf Rival Prometheus?

Rival Prometheus MXVIII-20K complete review & guide

There are numerous reasons why should you buy this amazing Nerf blaster. If you are into quality blasters that turn the gaming arena into a real battlefield, then I suggest you must try your hands on it at least once for it possesses all the great qualities.

Advanced Acceleration System:

One of the most advanced features of Nerf’s rival Prometheus is the advanced acceleration system. This system allows the player to unleash at least 8 rounds of darts in one second. Features like these spice up the game and make it more competitive, which the players enjoy more.

The blaster is fully motorized. Motorized guns are very beneficial in many ways. They free the player from sweating about the charging, collecting new batteries that are compatible with the blaster, and since they are not hand-powered, they do not consume too much time or energy the player.

As they function more automatically.

The hopper of the Nerf rival Prometheus is equally great in functioning. It is easy to load and can hold up to 200 rounds in it. You can imagine how exciting the game will get if you own a blaster that can unload up to 200 rounds.

Shooting Range:

The shooting range of this Nerf blaster is 100 feet or about 30 meters per second. The gun is swift in loading and can shoot the darts at a faraway location, taking out the target no matter where he is hiding. The blaster is equally precise and accurate, making the player feel like a pro at this shooting game.

The gun is practically equipped with all the essential features that make a Nerf blaster great. It comes with a shoulder strap, so the player can handle it extremely well and not solely rely on holding the blaster with hands.

The shoulder strap gives enhanced reliance and balance.

It also has a trigger lock, that can be locked or unlocked as per your choice. The tactical rail is also available. To make it all more interesting, the blaster comes with different colored team flags as well. These are red and blue.

Rechargeable Battery:

I have a sufficient experience with Nerf blasters so I say from firsthand experience that if you have to choose a Nerf blaster that operates on batteries, go for the ones that have rechargeable batteries and not the other way around.

The battery this Nerf blaster requires to operate is a 1 x 9.6-volt NiMh battery, which is rechargeable.

The package includes this rechargeable battery and the portable charger as well. It means you can charge your battery anywhere you prefer. The weight of the gun is only 5 pounds, so you can carry the whole equipment set that includes the charger and the blaster in the arena and relax there as the battery gets charged.

Bottom Line:

Whenever we are looking for a Nerf blaster gun or any other gaming equipment, we make sure it has all the requisite features we are looking for or even the advanced ones. So that our gaming experience becomes better, and have a great time in the arena with friends or family and those moments spent together to pay it off.

So it is given that all the players can handle the equipment well.

Now that we are on the topic, it is important to mention that this blaster and its entire equipment must be kept away from children younger than 3 years old as there is a choking hazard for them.

For the convenience of players, Nerf Rival Prometheus has a shoulder strap in its package. It is specifically added so the blaster can be rested on the player’s shoulder, or hung by the support of the shoulder.

This is a great feature that frees the player from always holding on to the gun and being conscious about it whilst running and hiding, etc.

I liked the strap feature a lot as not many guns are equipped with this strap. And most of the time, the strap is specific for one blaster gun only. Overall, I liked this blaster a lot and recommended it to all my friends, and I would do the same with you as well.

I hope this review helped you make up your mind about the Nerf Rival Prometheus. Thank you for reading!

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