Review of the Nerf Rival Roundhouse

Nerf Rival Roundhouse review

To say Hasbro did us a favor by releasing Nerf rival roundhouse on February 1, 2020, will not be wrong. The way this blaster gun has been designed and manufactured is brilliant. It has all the amazing features that make a player an ultimate winner of the game, given he knows the strategy to win the game and beat his opponents we have today practically check and provide Review of the Nerf Rival Roundhouse.

Most of the time players compare the blaster they are about to buy with other viral blasters of that period. This is understandable as they do not want to be at a loss so they do the complex maths. So if you have similar queries then I am going to answer those as well.

The Nerf rival roundhouse is larger than Kronos, which is considered the gold standard in rival pistols. Moreover, this Nerf blaster has three times the capacity to hold ammunition than the Kronos. So this blaster is not a loss in any way.

Why should you buy Nerf Rival roundhouse?

Now if you are a pro at choosing Nerf blasters for yourself and have a knack for the best products out there, then you are going to get all the references I am going to mention in this guide. For a more elaborate description, I might be comparing it with some other top-notch blasters.

Given this, the Roundhouse blaster will have you thinking you are playing with the Maverick blaster. This is mainly due to its revolving cylinder that is composed of 6 chambers. And the best part is that this revolving chamber works in a really neat manner.

My experience with Nerf rival roundhouse has taught me that overall it is a great and effective blaster, especially for reloading and steady firing. However, if you did not pay attention at first and ended up firing all of your ammunition, reloading the 5 chambers separated into parts 3 might feel like a tedious task especially when there is a competitive game going on. So it is better to be mindful and use the ammo consciously.

Nerf Rival Roundhouse Features:

Nerf Rival Roundhouse Features

1. Magazine:

Since this blaster is composed of 3-ball magazines that total 5 in number, so collectively they are quite beneficial to the player and eliminate the time consumption associated with refilling the magazine with darts. The final space of the magazine is located at the top and it is the barrel.

The entire blaster has a clear loading mechanism, and the balls feed backward in the magazine. The balls then, are rotated up to the barrel so they can be fired one at a time. When you move the black sliding cover forward, it enables you to load the balls. In each magazine, you can load up to 3 balls only. The total capacity of the magazines is, however, 15. The third ball in each magazine is added with a tight squeeze.

In simple words, from your perspective, the loading mechanism would work in a clockwise direction, and the loading will begin from the upper right barrel first. Given the functioning and design of the magazine, you can have an idea of how cool and awesome this blaster is.

The plus point of this blaster, and maybe also the best one is that you are not obligated to use the complete magazine. Instead, you can also use the blaster as a single-shot pistol by loading only one round into the magazine chamber given at the top.

2. Great Performance:

A blaster is known for its performance. The better it performs, the higher it ranks, and the more the players promote it as being a great piece. Hasbro has done a great job and got this feature correct because apart from the design and size, this Nerf blaster has got a great performance.

This reason is primarily why the Nerf rival series is so famous because they perform amazingly well. Their blasters shoot much farther than many other blasters typically do. Moreover, their magazines are well-built as I mentioned before in this section.

The priming mechanism of this blaster is very smooth and easy to handle. It is a spring-powered pistol, which functions on manpower so you do not have to rely on batteries that are a hassle to collect.

However, Kronos is a bit easier to operate in terms of priming mechanism because it has a simple and basic magazine while the Nerf rival roundhouse is a bit more complicated and highly functioning magazine. Otherwise, it is a great blaster to play with.

If we talk about the downside of this blaster then I believe its complicated spring mechanism is the only feature that can give players a bit of a tough time. But once you get hold of its functioning, it’s a great blaster in functioning.

3. Great Design:

Since this roundhouse is considered more of a pistol, its size is a bit too big for that. But given its functioning, its size can be easily justified. Firstly, it can hold up to 15 rounds that are high impact in nature and fires the balls with great excellence.

There is not many Nerf blaster available in the market that is as great in performance and of compact size as this one.

This blaster is not built to support a slamfire action mechanism, but at best you can easily shoot up to 2 balls per second so that is equally exciting and competitive.

Nerf Rival Roundhouse Features

4. The tactical rails:

The Nerf rival roundhouse has two tactical rails and both function in a different manner for the increased efficiency of the blaster. One tactical rail slides forward on the barrel and its basic purpose is to clear the jams. The other rail slides on one side of the barrel.

In this blaster, user safety is kept as the priority which is present as an ambidextrous lever present above the trigger.

When it comes to the basic construction and feel of the blaster, you can feel that it has been designed and manufactured to meet the standard of its counterpart Nerf blasters. In other words, it is built brilliantly as is obvious from its different features.

The Nerf roundhouse has a large handle which is very comfortable to use and provides the players with a better grip over the blaster. The firing mechanism is as smooth and solid as from set-ups similar to the Kronos.

The hand guard of the blaster, however, makes the player a bit uncomfortable as it often gets in the way while trying to fit in the holster. This feature especially bothers the more serious players, but on the bright side, it is not a vital feature so you can skip this one without worrying.

5. The Internal mechanism:

The Nerf rival roundhouse is built in a very efficient manner and attention has been given to the tiniest of details. There is a plunger tube in the blaster that is specifically built to trigger the rotation mechanism. The plunger itself, however, is in a very different shape.

If you view it from the front angle of the rod, it does not even appear to be a plunger but rather a plunger that has a sled on one side. It also has a catch surface attached to its bottom. These features are particularly helpful in making the blaster reliable. The stronger spring and the stock are just added to this reliability stock.

One thing, however, the players need to keep in mind is that the orange-colored section of the tactical rail is the large latch and its main function is to keep the barrel closed. When the players press the flexes down the plastic out of their way, they allow the barrel to open and resulting in clearing up the jams.

In case you plan to do anything with the magazines out of your curiosity or in the quest to better understand their functioning, then you should be mindful that the orange plate on the front of the barrel is partially welded into it and will not be easy to remove.

Therefore, there is no serious need to detach or remove it in the first place.

Bottom Line:

Hasbro has done a brilliant job from designing this Nerf blaster to manufacturing it we have detailed discuss above Review of the Nerf Rival Roundhouse. It has used the latest technology to make this product that delivers the best possible shots in the arena.

The players can have all the fun with this giant pistol, which is spring powered, and functions smoothly.

If the game is going to last for a long time, you can utilize all 15 shots and have a great competitive game. Moreover, the shooting range is ideal too. You can shoot at a distance of about 90 feet per second and take out any opponent that you want to.

I have had a few mishaps on a few occasions such as the rotating clear piece getting stuck during its travel so I had to complete the travel by my hand to complete its cycle. But I also think it is a very minor flaw and can be overlooked.

Hopefully, you will find this guide helpful. Do let me know in the comments what you think about it.

Thank you for reading!

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