Nerf Rival Takedown XX-800 Review (Guide 2023)

Review of the Nerf Rival Takedown

The Nerf Rival Takedown XX-800 is a great shotgun blaster that adds thrill and excitement to the game when players are playing, whether in one-on-one combat or teams. In its basic functioning and style, it is a simple pump-action blaster. It is also a single-fire blaster that is medium in size and built in the style of a shotgun blaster.

Hasbro has improvised their already brilliant Nerf Rival series with the addition of this blaster. It is powerful enough to only deserve your attention, but also to make you stand apart from your rivals and win the game.

In the following guide, I am going to write a detailed review of my experience with this blaster and shed light on its pros, cons, and features that stand apart. You can easily order this amazing blaster from Amazon and it will be at your doorstep in a really short time.

NERF Rival Gun Takedown XX-800 Blaster

The Blaster’s Basics:

Now let us talk about the basic functioning and other details of this amazing blaster.

Hasbro released Nerf Rival Takedown at the end of the year 2020, which was a new addition to its Nerf Rival series. If you have any experience with Nerf Rival blasters, you must be aware of how high-performance and of great quality they are. Hasbro makes custom-made ammo for each of their blasters and all features are top-notch. The high-impact rounds make the blasters superior to their counterparts by a great margin.

For someone who has a significant experience with Nerf Rival blasters, I can name some brilliant blasters and for them, I shall always be grateful to Hasbro.

I will start with Nerf Rival Prometheus and the Nemesis. Nerf Rival Takedown, on the other hand, is a very humble blaster. It has an 8-round magazine and its firing mechanism is pump-action which is equally great.

But the term “humble” here does not imply the blaster does not help you be competitive in the arena. It is, very much, a powerful blaster as well as a high-performing model. In simple words, it is a slightly different model that serves different purposes.

In the following sections, I am going to write a detailed review of each of the amazing features of this blaster. So keep reading to learn amazing things about this iconic model.

The body of the blaster is sturdy. Since it is made up of plastic, it does not weigh much and due to this reason players of all ages can handle it well. Do not get deceived by its size.

It does not break or get cracked if you drop it or accidentally hit it on a hard surface. This resilience is the prime reason that it lasts for a long time. It is a one-time investment.

Players as young as 8 years old can play with this blaster as it is really easy to operate. However, it is advised to keep the blaster away from children younger than 3 years of age as they can swallow small accessories available in the package.

Nerf Rival Takedown

1. Cool Looks:

The Nerf Rival Takedown is a shotgun-style blaster that comes in a variety of cool colors that collectively make it a very amazing and cool-looking blaster. I am particularly fond of several Nerf blasters in the Nerf Rival series but the Nerf Rival Takedown is more of a retro-style-looking blaster that goes well with my personality.

When you step into the gaming ground and stand among all the players with their blasters, its bright and unique colors make you stand out from the crowd. I believe for this reason alone this blaster deserves great appreciation.

2. Great Firing Mechanism:

As I mentioned at the beginning of this article, the Nerf Rival Takedown has a pump-action firing mechanism and it is a single-fire blaster. In its internal magazine, the Takedown carries around 8 rounds.

It has a rather large pump handle that is built at the front of the blaster, right below the barrel. It has a very smooth and easy priming action, which is intuitive and convenient. Moreover, it does not require much of your effort so it preserves time and energy.

You can access the magazine of the blaster through a tiny hole that is located at the top of the blaster and it opens when you pull the priming handle to the back. You can easily load the rounds into the magazine, although it requires a bit of pushing in.

Once you have primed the blaster, the only task you are left with is to pull its firing trigger and shoot one round. From loading to the priming and shooting – this entire process is smooth and fun.

The best part about this blaster, I believe, is its great firing velocity that adds to the fun a player can have.

Like all other gaming types of equipment, this blaster is not devoid of a drawback. However, it goes a little easy on that. The only flaw I found in this blaster is that you cannot have the slam fire mechanism in this one and that dulls the thrill a bit but not too much because the rest of the features and functions are brilliant. But if you pay attention to the details of the design of this blaster, it should have had a slam firing action as well.

3. Ergonomic built:

When you take a first look at the Nerf rival Takedown, the first thing that catches your attention is the large and a bit awkwardly looking grip. But the truth is that it is a rather unique grip that is not found on many blasters very often and is very comfortable and great for its function.

It takes a while before you get used to this grip and all the features of the blaster, but once you do, you realize it is one of the best blasters out there. You also realize how nicely the grip fits into larger hands and no matter for how long you carry the blaster, your hands do not feel a bit tired or cramped at all.

One thing I need to mention here is that it is better to practice if you hold the blaster with both hands instead of handling it with one. Keep one hand at the grip of the blaster and the other at the priming handle. This way it will be more comfortable and easier to handle the blaster.

However, this is how I find it comfortable to hold, and is a personal opinion. Yours can differ and you can carry it the way you like.

4. The Internals:

Let us talk about the internal functioning of the blaster. Most of the time we focus so much on the main features, we overlook the minute details that keep and equipment going, and usually, these are the coolest to learn about.

As this blaster is bigger, its internal accessories are also quite larger than usual. The plunger on its inside works as a single unit along with its magazine. Both these components move back and forth in a small shell and create a small distance that enables the reloading process.

The overall performance of this blaster is great due to all the tiny components working in great sync. Although I would have liked it better had the blaster had a similar spring upgrade as was in the Kronos but its lacking is understandable too since the blaster is already under stress due to its pre-compressed spring.

5. Shooting Speed:

As the shooting speed of any blaster is of great importance, this blaster meets the criterion. Its average shooting range is about 96 feet per second. Moreover, you can shoot not one but two balls per second which is also exciting and great. You take your opponent by surprise and shock when you shoot two balls at them at once.

6. Jam Free:

One main obstacle to smooth playing a blaster is the jamming factor that many players come across. Nerf Takedown blaster is surely smooth and humble but the manufacturers also ensured that it never jams. They have made a solid blaster that is resilient and sturdy in all ways.

Bottom Line:

You must have learned from the Nerf Rival Takedown XX-800 review that I am very excited even while talking about this blaster. It only shows what a great product it is. I also believe Hasbro has done a really fine job while coming up with this fine design and unique functioning.

This blaster is full of value to me. It is slightly bigger and way cooler than the rest of Nerf Rival blasters. It is also a pistol-style blaster so you do not feel left out while you play with this one.

In simple words, this blaster possesses all the great qualities you might be looking for. The only drawback is that it does not have a slam fire option and is slightly bigger.

I hope you would have gotten plenty of necessary information from this review. Let me know in the comments what you think about it and whether you plan to buy it.

Thank you for reading!


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