Nerf Ultra One Blaster Review (Guide 2023)

Nerf Ultra One Blaster review

Hasbro came up with a blaster that looks more like a spring-powered pistol on 1st October 2019. This blaster has all the great qualities and can easily qualify as one of the best nerf dart blasters today we will discuss about the review of the nerf ultra one blaster.

The blaster is a giant when it comes to its storage capacity and due to this one reason, I have had a great time in the arena, beating my opponents and perfectly deceiving them because I was never running out of darts.

Overall, my experience with this blaster has been great albeit some of its features are a bit flawed and not very convenient for all players. For instance, it is not very conventionally built for tall players while short players can handle it quite easily.

In the following guide, I am going to review this blaster in detail and write my experience and how it functions. Moreover, I shall be comparing it to some other famous blasters for your better understanding so keep reading.

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Pros and Cons:

I think it is important that I mention the struggle I faced while writing this review. There are two aspects to Nerf ultra one blaster. One that it is a great blaster both in performance and design and if we consider its ammunition as well, then it easily beats the rest of Nerf dart blasters. This is the pro aspect of this blaster and the other aspect goes totally against it. With all its great features and proprietary ammunition, this Nerf blaster is not as inexpensive or useful as other Nerf dart blasters. And Nerf blasters being expensive is one major drawback as not all players can afford to invest heavy sums into gaming equipment.

No doubt, it is a great Nerf blaster to play with that ensures fun and excitement. However, these are some issues that if you are not careful enough with the blaster, will ruin its smooth functioning.

If you planning to use this blaster for casual use – to play with friends on weekends – then you are going to like it. But if you are on the lookout for a blaster that can support additional ammo or you require more consistency, then this is not quite the type of blaster you will feel satisfied with.

Features of the Nerf Ultra One Blaster:

Features of the Nerf Ultra One Blaster

Let’s take a look at the performance and design of this blaster.

The Package:

The Nerf ultra one blaster comes in a package that contains all the accessories you need to assemble the equipment and later have a great time playing with it. The package includes one blaster, 25 official Nerf darts, the drum that is in three pieces, and the instruction manual that helps you assemble all the pieces.

To operate this blaster, however, you need 4 ‘C’ batteries which are inserted in the yellow tray located at the bottom of the blaster, right in front of the main handle.

Color Schemes:

The color schemes of Nerf blasters vary as they come in different colors – mainly so the players can divide themselves into different teams and name themselves accordingly.

The orange, yellow, and gold colors of the blaster represent different statements such as the Rival color schemes or the typical Nerf N-Strike Elite, etc. All these statements, however, come down to one’s own preference and taste.

Blaster Body:

This Nerf blaster is made up of plastic and this is why you will find it to be a perfectly balanced blaster. Most of this plastic body has a typical thick Nerf plastic body feels. Nonetheless, there are a few exceptions in it, such as, there are a few large black pieces that include the front grip. Due to this, it might feel slightly off just as a typical inexpensive water blaster feels.

Despite all this, it is a thick plastic that makes the blaster sturdy and long-lasting. It is all great if you are looking for the same kind of blaster with a thick plastic body.

The Grip of the Blaster:

The main grip of the Nerf blaster is a bit cramped, but it is great and very convenient for the smaller hands to hold onto it. I do not fuss over such tiny features because these are quite trivial compared to the actual performance of the blaster.

Pulling the trigger of this blaster also requires some force, which the majority of the semi-auto blasters do not but you get a hold of it after a few times.

The drum cylinder is bulkier in size so if you do not have much arm strength, you might struggle to handle it or even shoulder the blaster effectively. Because it will result in you rubbing your arm against the drum and that might hurt and you will need to hold the arm at a different, uncomfortable angle.

The Darts and DRM:

The one exclusive feature of Nerf ultra blaster is its darts. These darts are brand new in construction and design and weigh about 1.4 grams each. Each dart is enclosed in a plastic pellet that is initially heated to get molded into a specific shape. Then a hollow rubber head is glued on the front of that pellet and this is how the dart is finished to be used in the blasters.

All darts are almost of the same diameter as the Megas of old school days (from the 1990s). But these darts are shorter than the latest Elite darts which are of the 2.70″ size. Those darts also have molded fins at their back and an additional small rearward protrusion that my gaming experience has taught me is of great importance.

The Ultra one blaster completely relies on the darts to see whether it is fully loaded or not. In the front of the blaster is present a small tab that is spring-loaded. It is right beside the pusher arm. Within its shell is present a small catch that blocks the pusher arm from moving forward. Once you have loaded the Ultra dart, this spring-loaded tab will help in disengaging the catch and allowing the player to finish the trigger movement while pushing the dart into the flywheels.

The system works on two simultaneous functions – consistent loading of darts and tight mechanical tolerances.

Last but not the least, these darts seem quite robust and are in their manufacturing and functioning. The material they are built from can retain all sorts of deformation, but if you go overboard with the deformation or abuse, then they will snap.

This problem becomes inevitable if you consecutively use all the darts repeatedly and then accidentally step on them. They will not be able to handle the pressure in such a scenario. It mostly happens when darts are repeatedly shot indoors because indoor arenas are closed spaces where darts drop on the floor and players step on them while running about.

Blaster Functioning:

Nerf Ultra One Blaster

Once you have assembled the whole equipment and constructed it into a single unit, you can insert the batteries into their yellow tray at the bottom of the blaster with the help of a screwdriver. Then you can load all 25 darts into the blaster cylinder, by ensuring you push them all into the cylinder one by one.

This cylinder is convenient to rotate by hand which helps in the easy loading of the darts. Once you have loaded all the darts in the blaster, make sure the jam door is down, and then pull the trigger to spin up the motors of the flywheels. Then to fire your darts, pull the trigger with full force.

Performance of the Blaster:

The average shooting speed of Nerf ultra one blaster is 90 feet per second. This is an ideal shooting range and you can have a great game with this speed. But more important than the speed is the accuracy with which this blaster is capable of shooting darts.

I have noticed that it is far better in precision and accuracy than the majority of other blasters so whereas it has some tiny flaws, it also has major advantages.


Bottom Line:

No wonder the Nerf ultra one blaster is a great and fun blaster to use. It has an ideal range, great shooting precision and accuracy, and a revolving dart cylinder.

The capacity for dart storage in this Nerf blaster is also extraordinary. It can store 25 darts at once and shoot them with great speed one by one as it supports single-fire mode.

The manufacturing and design of the blaster are robust, as it is made up of thick plastic so it is resistant to weather changes and very ideal to be used in case there is rain.

To make the blaster function in a super fast mode that does not require a lot of energy from the player, this blaster runs on batteries. 4 C batteries are required which automatically make it a very smooth functioning blaster.

I am hopeful you will find this guide helpful regarding the Nerf Ultra One Blaster Review. Do let me know in the comments what you think about this product and whether you plan to buy it.

Thank you for reading it!

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