Nerf Ultra Pharaoh Blaster Review (Guide 2023)

Nerf Ultra Pharaoh complete review

Nerf Ultra Pharaoh was released on 1st October 2020, and this amazing bolt-action blaster won the hearts of countless players right away. The technology that has been used in manufacturing this Nerf blaster, its latest unique design, and phenomenal functioning – all make it one of the greatest Nerf blasters that have ever come out of Hasbro.

I heard about this new Nerf shooting blaster from my friends and placed an order on Amazon right away. My order was at my doorstep in a few days and I was completely satisfied with what was my impulsive purchase.

Although I keep buying Nerf guns from time to time, this one shooting blaster is so great in quality and performance, that I keep going back to it even after two years. One just cannot get enough of it.

There are multiple reasons why I admire this product so much. First of all, it comes semi-assembled in the package, and the person faces no frustration while assembling the rest of it. It is a complete package on its own.

Moreover, the manufacturers have done a great job at choosing its core material, which is plastic. I am a huge fan of plastic shooting guns since, in my experience, they last much longer than the majority of shooting guns made up of varying materials.

Some guns are made up of metals, which are equally great in functioning but I am not very fond of them because they are slightly heavier in weight as compared to the ones made up of plastic.

Another of my observation is that plastic guns are quite harmless for the players, irrespective of their age group. In case the player trips and falls over in the gaming arena, the plastic gun proves to be robust and resilient and does not break or crack easily.

There are many more reasons for my liking and preference for plastic Nerf guns, and I shall be explaining all these points in the revi9ew I have given below.

Go through this review to find out more about this product if you want to buy this one and are curious to learn about its functioning and quality. Hopefully, you will have made up your mind by the end of this review.

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Why should you buy this Nerf gun?

There are plenty of reasons why one should choose to buy this Nerf gun. Its shooting range, core material, its weight, size, scope, and clip storage, all add to the greatness of this Nerf gun. The package comes to your doorstep in 2 to 3 days and contains the special edition of gold Nerf ultra darts.

The clip storage also has a great capacity. It can store up to 10 darts, and it is removable which provides immense convenience to the player, and wastes no time.

Reasons why should you buy this Nerf gun?

Nerf Ultra Pharaoh guide

As I have mentioned before, there are numerous reasons why should you buy this Nerf gun. Such as:

Bolt-Action Blaster:

The best advantage of a bolt-action blaster is that the players can shoot the darts with great suddenness and speed. This can make the game very engaging and competitive as the opponents have to stay alert the whole time. Nerf Ultra Pharaoh is a bolt-action blaster and is equipped with a 10-darts removable clip. The clip-storage stock is also included in the package so the player has all the essentials at hand.

One thing, however, you need to keep in mind is that the clip and the blaster function only with the Nerf ultra darts.

Moreover, to facilitate the smooth functioning of a 10-darts removable clip, the package includes special edition gold-colored ultra darts. These darts work only with the Nerf Ultra blasters.

The darts have an innovative flight tip and scream through the air as they are shot from the blaster, thereby making the game more intense.

Special aero fin technology has been used in the designing and manufacturing of Ultra darts. These darts are lightweight and are of extremely great quality so it’s a great investment.

Great Shooting speed:

I always emphasize that the shooting range of the darts is one of the most important features that affect the quality of the game and the level of competition the players are going to feel.

Therefore, it is necessary for the darts to have a great shooting range and fly off to a great length. For instance, these gold darts have a shooting range of 120 feet or 36 meters, which is an ideal shooting range for foam darts.

Their lightweight facilitates this large distance shooting, and the screaming whistle they produce through the air adds to the thrill and fun of the players during the game.

A game only becomes fun when it is super engaging and competitive and this whole equipment set ensures you have the best time in the arena.

Environment-Friendly Packaging:

Given the unprecedented times of climate change and global warming that we are living in, we must choose such products that are harming our environment in any way. Many companies are now focusing on producing environmentally friendly products.

Given this need, Hasbro has introduced environmentally friendly packaging for this Nerf Ultra Pharaoh blaster and the packaging material is recyclable. It is easy to open, does not consume too much of your time and energy, and saves you the frustration that many of the packages impose by being too difficult to open.

Although Hasbro has used plastic in the manufacturing of this Ultra Blaster, it is because the plastic is light in weight and lasts for a great deal of time. Moreover, when players enjoin the game in the arena, they all belong to different age groups. So it is important that convenience is chosen for all players, irrespective of their physical strength and age group.

Nerf Ultra Pharaoh



Whenever we choose a shooting blaster, we spectate all parts of our equipment and how long they will last. Their longevity depends on their robustness, so it is important we choose that which will last for a good period. Given the core material of the Blaster, it can be vouched that it will last for a good time, and is easy to handle in the arena while running, chasing the opponents, or saving oneself from being shot by the opponents.

Similarly, the weight of the gun is only 4.39 pounds, which again reiterates my point of the gun being accommodating and great equipment to be used by anyone in the gaming arena. It has been specifically designed for players older than the age of 8 years, so it ensures that a wide array of people can have fun at the same time.

The size of the shooting Nerf gun is 3.13 x 35 x 11.75 inches, which is a great size for any Nerf shooting blaster and is great to intimidate the opponents, in case they are having blasters of different brands or sizes.

The shooting range of this shooting blaster is 12 feet or 36 meters which is quite an ideal range for any shooting Nerf blaster. The darts are branded, golden in color, made up of foam, and built using aero fin technology. The darts screaming through the air sprinkles thrill in the game and make it more engaging so the players enjoy shooting the darts from their guns and taking out their opponents.

Last but not least, the Nerf Ultra Pharaoh requires no batteries to operate. This Nerf shooting blaster functions manually and is hand powered.

In short, you do not have to worry about compiling a stack of batteries at home that is compatible with your shooting blaster. Neither do you have to worry about the battery’s charging running out and your blaster gun refusing to function during the middle of a competitive game?

Hasbro ensures it is all sorted out for you. Despite all the great points, you have to be careful about one aspect of this equipment. it is that the darts are quite small in size and there is a hazard of small children swallowing them or getting them stuck in their throats. So to avoid causing this difficulty, it is advised to keep the whole equipment away from the access of children younger than 3 years old.

I have been using this Nerf blaster for the last two years and my experience with has been phenomenal so far. It is easy to handle, made up of great material, and its functioning is smooth and brilliant.

It has a great shooting range and the accuracy of shooting is so precise you can take our your opponent hiding at a large distance from you, with quite an ease.

I still keep going back to this gun because of all the features it has and the great game it offers. I have had a great time with this and reviewed it in great detail so if you are thinking about purchasing this, you should go ahead with this decision as you will not regret it.

Hope this review was sufficient in convincing you that. Thank you for reading!

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