What to Wear to Play Laser Tag Game?

Laser tag is a great source to have fun on weekends and get rid of the work’s weariness. The best part of the laser tag game is that it can be played with friends as well as family, and people of all age groups can have a competitive and thrilling game. Laser tag game is quite a rush, but so many people enjoy playing it, even the ones with 9 to 5 jobs.

My friends and I work 9 to 5 and at first, we were hesitant to try this game out mainly because we were not accustomed to its rules. But once we got into the arena and had one game, we loved it as it was very relaxing and fun and overall it was a very cool experience.

But there was one minor issue with the game. Since we had never played it before, we were not accustomed to the rules of the laser tag game and had no idea what kind of gear is required to play this game and what kind of clothing deems best for it.

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What to Wear to Play Laser Tag Game?

what to wear at laser tag

So if you are curious to learn about what to wear to laser tag, keep reading this article to find some cool tips.

Indoor Laser Tag:

First and foremost, you must be completely aware of all types of laser tag games and how they can be played in different kinds of arenas. Because once you learn all about it, it would be a much more fun experience to play it.

Laser tag games can be played both indoors as well as outdoors. But the game duration and some rules differ in outdoor and indoor arenas. For instance, an Indoor laser tag game is played inside a dark, cold room that often has obstacles in it.

The indoor arena is often laden with walls, ramps, and other similar obstacles that although work as a hindrance for players, can also be used by them for shielding themselves and hiding from the members of the opponent team.

So if you are playing an indoor laser tag game, your clothing should be in complementation to the theme colors of the arena. Our recommendation is:

Dark clothes:

Dark clothes at laser tag game

If you wear neon, sparkly, or other bright-colored clothes in the indoor laser tag game, it might become very easy for your opponent players to spot you and tag you. Because these colors are not very good at absorbing lights and reflecting them easily.

Laser tag game is all about saving your life points and tagging your opponent players instead, so it is better if you wear black attire or choose something along the spectrum of dark blue so it becomes difficult for the enemies to spot you.

Another tip to keep in mind, if you have dandruff, we recommend you tie a kerchief on your head because when the dandruff flakes fall off on your shoulders, they shine bright in UV lights which can also make you stand out. So better safe than sorry!

Comfortable Shoes:

The laser tag game is all about running, hiding, and constant moving. So must be mentally prepared to do lots of running. Even if you do not plan to run but walk instead, there are high chances of you tripping over randomly placed obstacles across the arena. So it is better if you wear comfortable shoes which protect your toes.

Ladies, if you plan to play laser tag arena, it means no shoes. Either stick to sneakers or rubber shoes, so it is easy to run around without hurting your feet. Your shoes should be comfortable and make it easier for you to run faster, and it will be better if these are also in dark colors.

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Take a Jacket:

Take a Jacket Wear before Start

You might be wondering that this is wrong advice because laser tag missions involve lots of running so you might be sweating inside the indoor arena. But that is not true. You do not need to wear light or sleeveless clothes, because when you will enter the indoor arena, it will be cold at first.

So it is a better approach if you wear a light jacket on your casual wear to avoid catching a cold. This way you will also not shiver in the first part of the game, so it will not affect your performance and you will start the game in the best form right away.

After some time, you will start sweating because of the running and moving, so when this happens you can take your jacket off.

Choose Loose Clothes:

When you are in the arena, what matters the most is your ease of movement as it also helps you to play to your limits. If you have a competitive sportsman spirit, you will get more tactical with your movements in the arena, such as crouching and crawling, etc.

Once you completely get immersed in the game, you want to give your best and anything that keeps you back is not appreciated. So wearing tight clothes will be a huge hindrance to you during the game, and might not allow your body to fully exert its tactile movements. This can also lead you to your defeat in the laser tag game.

So apart from keeping a jacket to avoid getting cold or shivering, it is better if you choose loose clothing because that will be helpful to you in moving easily, even with the vest on. So better safe than sorry!

Outdoor Laser Tag Game:

Now that we have completely discussed the intricacies of indoor laser tag games, and how to choose appropriate clothing for them; let’s talk about outdoor laser tag games and what to wear to laser tag if the arena is big and outdoors.

If we talk about gameplay, then outdoor laser tag is just like indoor laser tag. There is not much difference in the gaming style, selection of players, and gaming rules. The main difference between both these games is, however, that you do necessarily have to wear dark clothes or stick to dark-themed colors when playing outdoor laser tag games. And in this section, we are going to talk about what to wear to laser tag if it is being played outdoors.

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Camouflage Colors:

Now that you are in the open arena where everything is visible, you should choose clothing colors that provide you a natural camouflage, and can easily blend with the color of your surroundings. For instance, if you are in the park or a field, the best color to wear is camouflage.

Because the camouflage patterns and colors will help you blend with the shrubs and trees in your surroundings, and if you are out in the arena during the daytime, it is better if you learn how to hide because this strategy will help you win. And if the players of the opponent team are not looking too closely, they might even miss you even if you are right there in camouflage clothes.

Now you might think that this implies “no colored clothes in the outdoor arena”. Well, that’s not true. While you can wear dark-colored clothes in any kind of game, the only downside of this practice in outdoor laser tag game is that it increases your risk of being seen and tagged by your opponent players because the laser tag game is often played in broad daylight, which makes it easy for the players to identify dark colors.

Lightweight Clothing:

In the outdoor laser tag, you are most often directly under the sun, unlike the indoor laser tag arena which has an air conditioner blasting off cold air. So by running and moving in the ground directly under the sun, you are likely to get sweaty in the first few minutes of the game.

So it might not be a good approach to wear a sweater or a jacket unless it is very cold outside, but it is better to wear tops with full sleeves so even if it is hot, you do not get sunburn.

Lightweight clothing will also help you move comfortably and you also will not be too exposed to the weather.

Comfortable Shoes:

Just because there are fewer chances of randomly placed obstacles in the outdoor arena and you have fewer chances to stumble upon them, it does not mean you should wear uncomfortable shoes to the outdoor laser tag game.

Sandals, heels, or any similar kind of shoes that you cannot move comfortably in, should not be worn. Instead, choose sneakers or rubber boots so you face no difficulty in moving fastly and running, and there are fewer chances of you tripping.

Because the outdoor laser tag demands you to constantly move, run, crouch and be more agile, heels and sandals are out of the question and it is better if you wear something comfortable.

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Wearing Sandals in Laser Tag Game:

Just to be on the safe side, you should void wearing strappy shoes or sandals in the laser tag game. One major reason for this is that sandals or strappy shoes are not very reliable when it comes to running or constant walking, and they are not made for these activities either.

In the laser tag game, players run, hide, squat, crouch and move a lot, and the sandals are not a suitable choice for these movements. In short, sandals are not laser tag friendly so it is better if you do not wear them, and here’s why:

Sandals are made for slow walks over smooth surfaces. Laser tag arena is trippy, if it is indoors, the arena floor is laden with different obstacles, and even if it’s outdoors, the floor is not very smooth. Therefore, wearing sandals in such places only increases your chances of getting stepped on, tripping, and feeling uncomfortable and uneasy throughout the game.

Are Closed-Toed Shoes Reliable For Laser Tag?

Yes, closed-tag shoes are reliable and a perfect choice for laser tag games, but not any kind of closed-tag shoes, rather rubber shoes or sneakers. The aim here is to wear shoes that are comfortable and make running easy for you.

Sneakers and rubber shoes are considered the best footwear when it comes to active and competitive games like laser tag games. Apart from being comfortable, sneakers or rubber shoes also save your feet from unnecessary pain if somebody accidentally steps on your toes.

So these two shoes are the best choice for your laser tag game.

Laser Tag Gear for Girls:

Laser Tag Gear for Girls

When it comes to basic clothing, there is not much difference between men’s and women’s clothing. And when it comes to physically active games, most basic and plain clothing is considered the best choice.

Now if you are a girl who loves laser tag games, but also loves wearing accessories, chime bracelets, frilly clothes laced with colorful hues, then you might have to consider taking a break from these articles because these are not compatible with the laser tag game.

If you mean to win the laser tag game, then follow the same dress code that we mentioned above. Dark and loose clothes, comfortable shoes, and keep a jacket to avoid cold if it is an indoor laser tag game. You can surely wear loose pants, long-sleeved blouses, and boots to avoid being looking too bland. You can also wear a wristwatch if you want to as long as its needles do not glow in the dark.

But to avoid getting caught or tagged easily, you must avoid dangling earrings and bracelets as their beads jiggle and make noise. Heels, skirts, and purses, however, are not allowed so you must avoid carrying them. Because these articles only make you uncomfortable and are not suitable for a physically active and competitive game, and if you want to win the game, you must avoid these.


In this article, we talked in detail about What to Wear to Play Laser Tag and what are the requirements of indoor and outdoor laser tag arenas. Indoor laser tag arenas have an AC running, so you must dress in layers to avoid catching a cold.

Similarly, outdoor laser tag arenas are usually under the direct sun so your clothing should be loose enough to not make you uncomfortable when it gets hot and sweaty.

So dress according to the game requirements so you are comfortable and easy throughout the game, as it ensures your win too. Hopefully, this article will answer all your questions about what to wear to laser tag.

Thank you for reading!


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